Ethereum Code Bot review – just an OLD scam

Within this review we go through the details of this Ethereum Code Bot scam.

About Ethereum Code Bot

Ethereum Code Bot reviewEthereum Code (Bot) is a trading robot that is supposed to trade the cryptocurrency ether on your behalf. Doing this it allegedly will be able to make you thousands of dollars per day in profits. At least this what the creators Mark Weston and Jad Baker say.

Perhaps the strangest thing is that they offer you this robot for free, so you are supposed to believe that a free software will make you tens of thousands of dollars per month. Will you?

Ethereum Code Bot is a scam

Terms and conditionsFree money does not exist, and you probably guessed it, the Ethereum Code Bod is a scam. The first thing we noticed is that even though the robot is supposed to trade ethe cryptocurrency pairs, it trades everything else, mainly fiat currencies.

In fact, most things you will see in the Ethereum Code video are fake and lies. They tell you that you are guaranteed to make money with this software, but in their terms and conditions they say the complete opposite.

Also, they used stock photos to portray the alleged creator of this system, it is a completely fictitious person!

Ethereum Code Bot testimonials

Ethereum Code testimonialScams like this one operate with fake reviews and testimonials to persuade their victims. This case is no different, the Ethereum Code Bot reviews presented in its video are totally fake.

We have a proof. Do you see the man on our picture? He is a paid actor who can be hired by anyone for just a few bucks. He is lying in front of the camera for money about his fake experience with Ethereum Code.

Known scam app

Fraudulent robotLast but not least, we tested the Ethereum Code Bot software to see how it works and we could confirm that it is a fraudulent app.

In fact, we have seen this same app being used by many different scams that have defrauded a lot of money, you can see a few examples and a comparison on our picture on the right.

The dirtiest feature of this robot is the demo mode that fakes results and generates profits that would not happen in real trading. It is very misleading, because in real trading it loses money, we know it from real users!

The truth

Finally, let us explain how the Ethereum Code Bot scam works. The lies about potential earnings, the fake demo and fake reviews are presented to you with one purpose: to persuade you to let the robot trade with your money.

If you sign up for it, you will soon see that they will push you hard to deposit money with a certain unregulated broker. It will be a broker they have partnered with and they will share all the money they manage to steal from you. This is how it works.

Ethereum Code Bot review conclusion

Ethereum Code Bot is a scam running on an infamous software that is losing money in trading, stay away from it! Forget about free miraculous trading robots, they all are scams.

If you want to try to make money in crypto trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker, see how it works and whether you are able to build a profitable strategy.

A solid strategy and an understanding of the risks is what you need to start trading with real money.

Ethereum Code Bot

250 USD

Trading algorithm







  • Known scam software


  • Fraud
  • Losing system
  • Fake reviews
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