Every Tron Cloud Mining is a scam – review

Tron mining review

This review explains that every Tron mining app and website is a scam that you have to avoid.

What it is about

Cryptocurrency network have various methods of validating transactions. The one pioneered by Bitcoin is called proof of work or mining. It needs computers to solve difficult tasks and the reward is new coins (bitcoins).

On the internet there is a lot of different websites and apps that invite you to participate in Tron mining. Tron is a different cryptocurrency than bitcoin, but the important thing is that those cloud mining programs offer substantial returns, mostly 10%+ per month.

All you need to do is to buy some trons or usdt, deposit them in the platform and wait for your returns. But is it really that simple to make money in tron mining?

Tron Mining is a scam

Unfortunately, every single Tron Mining website and app is a scam. And we can say it even without seeing all of them. Why? Because Tron is not based on mining (proof of work)!

The Tron blockchain uses a different method for validating transactions that is called proof of stake. You can see the proof on the Tron official website.

It really is simple as that, since Tron can’t be mined, every Tron Mining service is a scam. All the tron tokens have already been minted, no new ones are created through mining.

Crypto mining

Tron staking

As we have explained, to validate transactions the Tron network uses proof of staking. To be precise it is delegated proof of staking.

Simply put, you can make money in Tron staking. You just have to deposit (stake) trons with a validator.

But the real APY currently is about 5%. Which means that you can make 5% per year. Compare that to those scam mining programs that promise more in one month.

Also, you have to realize that staking is done with the cryptocurrency. So you will get 5% returns of the same cryptocurrency per year. But if the value of the token goes down more than 5% in a year, you will effectively lose money. It can also go up and make you even more, but you never know.

As you can see, real Tron staking is a whole different game, nominal returns are pretty low and you never know if you’ll make money at all.

How most of crypto mining programs work

There is a ton of crypto cloud mining services on the internet and most of them are scams. How to spot them? If you see 10%+ monthly returns with any established cryptocurrency, the mining program is very probably a scam.

It is very similar to crypto investing programs, the easiest way to spot them is look at returns they offer. 100%+ a year? You can be pretty sure that you are facing a scam.

Real crypto mining results are pretty unpredictable. Because you don’t know how the mining difficulty, price of the token and electricity cost will evolve. All these factors play a role in what your net financial result is going to be.

This is why no legit crypto mining service can promise fixed daily, weekly or monthly returns. They can only tell you how much they will charge you per unit of computing power and that’s it. The rest depends on the above mentioned factors that nobody can predict with certainty.

Tron Cloud Mining scam

Tron Mining review – Conclusion

Every Tron mining app and cloud service is a scam because Tron can’t be mined. The Tron blockchain uses proof of stake, which kind of is the opposite of mining. Stay away from every Tron crypto mining program!

You can’t mine new tron tokens, but you can trade with them. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated company.

Before investing real money in cryptocurrencies you have to make sure that you understand the risks.

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