EXPLOSIVE SCAM: Bitcoin Boom review

Read this Bitcoin Boom review to understand that this cryptocurrency trading system is a total scam.

Bitcoin Boom reviewBitcoin Boom is supposed to be an automated trading app that will trade bitcoin for you and make you up to $5,000 per day.

This app is free, so you are supposed to believe that you can make thousands of dollars per day on autopilot for free. Will you?

Bitcoin Boom scam

Bitcoin Boom scamThe truth that we reveal in this Bitcoin Boom review is that this investment app is a scam. In fact, the entire concept was just copied from the Crypto System scam.

As you can see on our picture, both systems use the same website, only the name has changed. This scam is well-known, and we have seen and read a lot of true Bitcoin Boom testimonials that confirm that this scam is losing money.

This app was designed to make you lose money, it does the opposite of what it promises.

Scam software

Scam softwareThe way Bitcoin Boom gets your money is through the trading software. Once you sign up, you will be told that you have to deposit at least $250 with a certain broker in order to start earning money. But don’t do it!

The broker will be unregulated and if you send it your money, you will never get it back. The trading software will trade your account to zero pretty quickly.

On our picture you can see that this same trading software is being used by many scams, it was designed to lose money!

Lots of people have reported huge losses with this software. Sometimes it might show you some fake winning trades so that they can persuade you to deposit more, but you will never be allowed to withdraw anything.

Bitcoin Boom review conclusion

Bitcoin Boom is an explosive scam, it can only lose your money, be sure to stay away from it!

If you want to try to make money in cryptocurrency trading, begin with a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You first have to learn to trade and understand the risks before you can start investing real money.

Bitcoin Boom









  • Nothing


  • Scam
  • Fraud
  • Losing money
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