FasFXtrade and Fast FX Way are scam brokers – review


FasFXtrade review

In this review we warn against two very dangerous brokers – Fast FX Way and FasFXtrade. We explain why you should avoid them.

What is FasFXtrade and FastFX Way

Fast FX Way and FasFXtrade are binary options brokers. Binary options are financial instruments that allow you to speculate on prices of different underlying assets, such as commodities, stocks or currencies.

Therefore FastFXWay and FasFXtrade allow their clients to trade financial markets while using binary options. The minimum deposit and the minimum trade amount are not known, because these brokers don’t provide this information on their websites.

Both brokers claim to be based in the United States – Fast FX Way in New York and FaxFXtrade in California. Moreover, both brokers claim to be fully regulated. Can you trust them?

Fast FX Way and FasFXtrade scams

Unfortunately, both FasFXtrade and Fast FX Way are total scams. They lie about everything, they are not regulated and every deposit with them will be lost.

Scam clones

First we started to review FasFXtrade thanks to one of our readers that made us aware of this broker. Our research led us to Fast FX Way, which is a clone. Websites of both brokers are identical.

Which in itself is a proof that they are scams, because they claim to have the same management, same investors etc. But they are supposed to be two different companies. See our picture for the proof.

Fast FX Way review

Fake team

We have already mentioned it, both brokers show on their respective websites people that supposedly are in their teams and some investors.

Not only it is impossible for two different companies to have the same management and customers, but also the leading team is obviously fake.

Take a look at our picture. They say that Roger is their general manager. But do you know who the Roger in the picture is? In reality it is Roger Ver who is the founder of Bitcoin Cash. He most certainly does not have anything in common with Fasfxtrade and Fast FX Way.

They just used his picture without his permission. It is a huge lie and the entire team of both brokers is fake.

Also, all the investors are fake. There are no successful customers of FasFXtrade and Fast FX Way. Any positive review or testimonial you find about these to brokers is fake, because both are scams.

Fake team

Unregulated and illegal

Fasfxtrade and Fast FX Way claim that they are fully regulated. Which means a license in the US, since one is supposedly based in New York and the other in California.

But in reality both brokers are completely anonymous and they have no license whatsoever, you can verify it by yourself.

It means that both Fast FX Way and Fasfxtrade are illegal brokers. We are pretty much sure that in reality they are not located in the United States.

Clients of these brokers are not protected in any way. Deposits you make with these companies will be lost and you will have a hard time finding out where is your money and how could you possibly get it back.

This is why it is extremely important not to get involved with Fasfxtrade and Fast FX Way at all. Don’t open an account, don’t send them any money. That way you will stay safe.



Fasfxtrade and Fast FX Way are scam brokers. They are not regulated at all, their teams are fake and all the money deposited with them will be lost. Stay away from them!

If you want to try financial trading, do it with a regulated company. You can start on a free demo and test everything with virtual money.

If you later chose to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and to have a strategy.

Fasfxtrade and Fast FX Way

250 USD








  • Absolutely none


  • Scam brokers
  • Not regulated
  • Lying
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