Fentech Investment review – A bold scam, beware!

Fentech Investment review

In this review we expose the Fentech Investment scam that is ready to empty your wallet.

What is Fentech Investment

Fentech Investment is a company that is said to be trading on financial markets. Lead by Frank Edward, the company allegedly uses proprietary technology to trade currencies on Forex.

Fentech supposedly also invests in new technologies and companies in various industries. Which allows it to achieve big profits.

On the official website there are two investment plans for the public with 3 to 5% daily returns. The minimum investment amount is 100 USD for the lower plan and 5,000 USD for the higher plan.

The company claims to be registered in Belize, there is even a certificate of incorporation on its website. But is it legit, can you trust Fentech Investment?

Fentech Investment scam

Unfortunately Fentech Investment is a scam, we prove it in this review. The company is not legit and you should not trust it with your money.

Fake company

Let’s start with the fact that the Fentech Investment company is fake, it does not exist, at least not in the presented form.

The certificate of incorporation from Belize is fake. You can make a search in the companies register and you will see that there is no company of this name. You can also see it in our picture.

It means that people who really run this Fentech Investment program remains hidden, we don’t know who they are. But we know they are lying to us about their company. Which always is an alarming sign.
What is certain is that Fentech Investment has no authorization to provide investment services, therefore it is an illegal offer.

Non-existing company

Fake CEO

The official Fentech Investment’ website says that the CEO of the company is Frank Edward, it even shows his photo. The problem is that it is a stock photo, see our picture below.

It means that the CEO’s profile is fake. Which is not surprising, since we have already proved in this review that the entire Fentech Investment company is fake.

Using stock photos to portray fictitious members of the team and satisfied customers is very typical for this kind of fraudulent investment programs.

Fake CEO

It’s in the plans!

Last but not least, one way to quickly see that Fentech Investment is a scam is to look at the investment plans. Because no matter if you like it or not, 3 to 5% daily is something that no legit investment company can do.
Simply put, nobody is able to predict the future in such a precise way to be able to make 90 to 150% per month. The best investment companies in the world will be lucky to achieve these numbers in one year.

Looking at the investment plans and comparing them with reality is an easy way to uncover scams in most cases we have seen and reviewed.

Sometimes it take more digging, but most of the online investment scams promise outrageous returns that are not possible in the real world. So how do they do it, how do they operate. Continue reading to see an explanation.

Investment plans

How Fentech Investment works

Scams like Fentech Investment often start as Ponzi schemes, so they can be very confusing because at the beginning they will pay their users. But in reality they will just take money from new members and give it to older members. That is how these illegal schemes work.

But sooner or later the house of card will collapse and people will realize it was a scam all the time.

So it does not matter whether Fentech is now paying or not, because we know for sure that it is a scam. We have proved it in this review. You have to stay away from it.

Fentech Investment review – Conclusion

Fentech Investment is a fake company and a scam. It was made to separate people from their money, don’t be one of them and stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit investing, you can start on a free demo account with a regulated company. You will be given virtual money to try everything and learn.

Should you at a later stage decide to invest real money, you have be sure that you understand the risks.

Fentech Investment

100 USD





Investment plans



  • None


  • Scam
  • Fake company
  • Fake CEO
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  • I’m in debt because of this kind of investment of bitcoins especially on the telegram app.please everyone do avoid making an investment to any person whose offering big returns.All of their proof of payouts are false.they use other people’s identity to convince the investors.

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