FILTHY SCAM: Troncase review [Beware]

Troncase review

This review reveals that Troncase is a horrible scam that is destined to fail and lose your money in the process.

What is Troncase

Troncase is an online investing program that supposedly runs automatically in a blockchain. It uses a smart contract that allegedly cannot be altered by its authors, therefore it is supposed to be completely secure.

The Troncase smart contract is therefore the only entity that has control over money in the program.

The most interesting part is of course the rewards. With a minimum deposit of 100 units of the cryptocurrency tron (TRX) you will get 0.0416% hourly return, which means a 1% ROI every day.

On top of that you can get additional bonuses and commissions for referring other people to the system.

So, is Troncase legit, is it a safe investment platform that you can use?


Troncase scam

The truth is that Troncase is just a filthy scam that you have to avoid. It was meant to collapse one day, so if it has not happened yet, it will happen soon. In this review we explain why.

Smart contract BS

Modern investment scams like to pretend that they are secure and meant to run forever thanks to the security provided by blockchain technologies. But these are just fancy statements that cannot hide the ugly truth.

Troncase tells you only a half of the truth. They say that only the Troncase smart contract controls the entire program and the money. But a smart contract is just a piece of software that somebody wrote and published in the blockchain.

People who created Troncase can also alter it, or even delete it. They did not provide a single proof that would show that they have lost control over the smart contract they created.

So even if you see a program running in a blockchain, it does not mean that it is completely secure. It still can be used by its author to scam people. It is called a rug pull, when it happens, when funds are removed from the contract.

The so-called audits Troncase provides on its website are a joke, written by people who run this scam.

99.9% of people can’t verify the contracts that are used to run the investment program they are in. They will just send money to whatever address they are told and they have no knowledge needed to verify that everything is running as it should. And it is only normal, we are not all programmers.

Troncase security? BS with fake audits. So, a scam.

Absurd returns

One big giveaway about the true nature of Troncase is the promise that it will pay you 1% daily. Because it’s a number that is not achievable by any legit business. You can’t make 1% daily, every day, period.

You can be sure that whenever you see an offer for a 1% daily return (or higher), you are facing a scam.

Troncase does not even bother with an explanation about how the profits are supposed to be generated, which exposes its true nature. You can clearly see that it’s an illegal financial scheme.


How Troncase really works

Troncase is a scam that started as a Ponzi scheme. This means that deposits of new members are used for payouts to older members. It is just a mechanism for a redistribution of money between people. There is no real investment activity, no real profits are created, it’s just an illegal game with money.

It might be running in a blockchain, but it still is based on a scam scheme. So, Troncase is sure to fail. The only question is when?

Either the entire scheme can stall because of the lack of new money coming in, but more likely there will be a rug pull by the people who created Troncase. If they have not done it already, they will just pull out all the money remaining in the system and disappear.

In other words, blockchain adds no benefits, it won’t protect you against these scams. If the code was created by scammers, it was designed to rip you off.

Authorities over the world have already made clear that if you promote scams like Troncase, you can be prosecuted. In other words, just joining and referring people to these programs can put you in big trouble.

You have to realize that even if you join early and manage to get some profits, they will always be losses of somebody else who had to be scammed. So it really is not worth it.

The scam

Troncase review – Conclusion

Troncase is a scam. Don’t let them fool you with fancy statements about blockchain technologies, it is an old-fashioned Ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail and make your money disappear. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit investing, just get a free demo with a regulated company and start practicing with virtual money.

Should you later decide to invest real money, please be sure to understand the risks.


100 TRX

Smart contract







  • Blockchain awareness


  • Scam
  • Illegal scheme
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Comments 42

  • So this whole thing is a scam?

  • What about tronvest

  • So is everyone other crypto currency project..If people are doing well in it so be it if they lose don’t say they were not warned..This whole space is a scam and we’re all making money from it…Thats the main thing DYOR is the key if you lose it’s your own fault..

    • There are legit crypto projects out there. But every crypto project promising you steady daily returns like 1% or more is a scam.

  • Rug Pull has been done. Watch out for tronscam V2 Bu!!shit

  • Stop misleading people this just a review of your own opinion about TRONCASE how comes after posting negative about TRONCASE at the end you post your stupid link for people to join your fake company,don’t spoil for others to advertise your company,just market your scam well without attacking other programs to gain

    • Man, the rug pull has already taken place with Troncase, money is gone, so what are you talking about?

    • I have the Proof that funds where drained from the creators wallett

    • It’s a scam. Today I withdrew 2000 tron but it never went to my tron wallet. Orginally Invested 5700. Withdrew 3100 earlier. So have lost the remaining 2600 due to my own dumbness from watching some guy on utube recommending troncase and not doing a google search review. Lesson learned !

    • Hey Maxwell, try withdrawing some of your Tron and then you will soon see it is a scam !

  • Sooooo, guess what?? It happened. No more Troncase.

  • Before joining these opportunities, doing a simple search can beneficial. Unfortunately after cash is when most of find out more info about it. It’s now with my trons!!!!! Trading as you suggest, is the worst scam

  • They saying not a rug pull as the main addresses hadn’t pulled it out.
    Erik said he was putting 5 million in. When you can only deposit 5 million.
    Full of sh*t.
    So they didn’t setup another account to do the rugpull.
    Pull your head out your arses and open your eyes, it another was another scam.

  • It ran for over 6 months and plenty of people profited, including me. I know the risk of these contracts and if people think these are money trees they are stupid. It was not a rug pull as I got TRX out until the last minute, it can only last for so long with 1 going in and 1.5 to 2.5 going out yet everyone says scam or rug pull. I have seen a couple where the money just disappears but not any lately. Check the contract and the trends before you invest and know you could very easily lose it quick. Funny you would post this when the contract was already tanking!!!!!

  • Ryan Conley is now pushing NFT. He was one of the leading scammers in Troncase and has now escaped to Brazil with his girlfriend. Lead scammer #ryzeup

  • If something doesn’t happen to get people the money we were promised then we have no choice but to call it a scam. I initially invested $100. After 45 days the amount of Tron in my wallet doubled. On July 3rd I invested $5,000. I saw returns that were on track to double in 45 days. A week later I got the announcement that there was no money in Tron. If this is a scam may God have mercy on those involved.

  • The truth is written here. Troncase experienced a collapse and a lot of people have left without funds.

  • Here comes the tronscam v2,
    Blaming the community for this is shit and that prick broaden grist is the one blaming you for taking out. You can bet he had his money out. Would like to see proof he didn’t. Along with that other guy saying he only just got up Micheal Williams. Sal Khan you dick couldn’t even look at the camera saying how sorry he was.
    All them 3 made make no mistake. Bunch of chunts

  • Tronscam v2 has begun. Already over 900 joined idiots.
    A fool and his money is easily parted. The same risk again for less bonus, less profit. Hahahahahahaha
    If you join then you really are gullible to the max and clutching at straws.
    Erik Martin and Sal. Now I didn’t know he was involved in the program itself confirmed tonight.
    Anyone of these 3 if not all of them walked away with funds make no mistake. They are involved with to many of these scams. Each one improves on the last scam.
    Who can audit a contract that quick. Bullshit. Hope you all get the justice you deserve one day.
    Braden and Micheal you pair of fools. Your videos give people hope. You no fucking different to the other 3

  • So Sal Khan made a huge deposit to this new contract. Hahahahahahaha. Just put himself to the top of the food chain. He will get all your TRX, don’t be fooled by this guy, serial scammer.
    If anyone had lost as much as he did in tronscam amateur, then his video would have been of him crying.
    None of the 3 twats and the other 2 idiots have put up a video of a live troncase contract showing they lost. I don’t see that ever happening.

  • Sal Khan been outed you got made fu*ker.

  • Is Ryan Conley still peddling his FAILED PONZI SCHEMES

  • They have the nerve to set up another scam V2 without not giving any notice to v1. I moved home and took eye off the ball! serves me right. lost but lesson learnt within crypto. I will only ever go with regulated businesses. The quicker regulation is in force the quicker the scams will decline. The whole crypto is a total mess that really needs clearing up! I have other schemes that I am visiting asap to clear my coins before they disappear.

    Do something about it and file a complaint to get them locked up in jail. We all have to come together as a community to stop this from happening and not let them get away with it. If you see any other sites with it copy and paste this link to force them to be investigated and shut down

  • TRONCASE IS A SCAM! Do not use it.
    they will let you withdraw first 2 times, after that when you withdraw your money gets sent to their wallet and you receive 0 – that is how this fraudulent schema work!

  • yes Troncase was an exit by the users panicking …but a 4million deposit max was WAY too high if you ask me …i’m currently using ******* …it has a max 500k deposit and it’s listed on DappRadar, it’s way more sustainable!

  • yes Troncase built up the Earned TRX.
    One time I did do a “withdraw” and I was able to take out the TRX totally out to Exodus.

    There is NO way to touch your base. No buttons for it, no way to do it. The button is for the “earned”.

    The second time I had earned 10,000 TRX. I clicked withdraw and now the TRX does not show on the Earned side or my Wallet. Nowhere to be found. Lost.

  • Guys be very careful. Do not invest in they scammers too. I lost $5000

  • It’s really a complete scam, all widrawals never reflect on my wallet. Ended being charged for the transactions.

  • Troncase is a complete scam, all my widrawal was not reflected in my wallet. I was charged for the transactions.

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