Forex Crusher review – ruthless SCAM gone wild

This Forex Crusher review is a warning against a trading scam that can only lose your money.

What Forex Crusher is about

Forex Crusher reviewForex Crusher is an automated trading system for Forex. With this system it allegedly is easy to get rich. You just have to let the program run and collect profits. It supposedly works in all market conditions and at all times.

The system is said to have turned $10,000 into $114,501 in who knows what time with an 87% win rate. Can you trust it and buy it for $97?

Forex Crusher scam

Forex Crusher scamThe amateurism of the Forex Crusher scam is so obvious. They don’t even tell how long it took to achieve those 1000%+ gains. Also, a 87% win rate does not mean anything, it is all about the risk to reward ratio (RRR).

Because you can win 90% of trades and still be losing money, if you set your stop loss at 100 pips and take profit at 1 pip.

Forex Crusher is making ridiculous claims, should the system be as performant as advertised, the owner would just use it to make money and he would not be selling it to anybody.

Illegal system

Forex Crusher testimonialForex Crusher is supposed to trade for you on autopilot. It means that it will be making trading decisions on your behalf, which makes it an investment service.

Investment services are heavily regulated, and since Forex Crusher has no license whatsoever, it is an illegal service.

They admit their lies

Terms and ConditionsYou should always read disclaimers and terms and conditions, you know that. Well, it is a funny exercise with Forex Crusher.

Because you will learn that you cannot rely on what they say, that you can end up by losing money with their system. This is what will really happen if you use it.

Forex Crusher review conclusion

Forex Crusher is a scam, it certainly won’t make you 1000% on your investment, stay away from it!

No free or cheap robot will make your rich, profitable trading is a skill you have to learn, you can try it on a free demo with virtual money.

Never forget that trading with real money is risky, so act accordingly.

Forex Crusher

97 USD








  • Laughable


  • Fraudulent
  • Cannot deliver
  • Lies
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