Forex Daily Robot of Rita Lasker review – this scam is so obvious

In this review we show that Rita Lasker and her Forex Daily Robot cannot be trusted.

What is Forex Daily Robot about

Forex Daily RobotRita Lasker says that her Forex Daily Robot will trade Forex markets for you on autopilot while making you up to $800 in profits every single day, which is more than $17,000 per month.

The robot will trade three pairs on hourly charts: EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CAD. With an alleged win rate of 88.9%. The robot costs $99.

Forex Daily Robot scam

The typical question is: how probable is that a trading robot that costs $99 will make you $17,000 per month? Does this offer make any sense? Of course, that it does not!

We say it all the time, people who have profitable trading systems use them and make money, they don’t sell them for a few dollars.

Rita Lasker

Rita Lasker is a scammerRita Lasker is not only selling the Forex Daily Robot, but also other trading systems via her Green Forex Group. The question therefore is, who is Rita Lasker?

The answer is: a scammer. Check our picture to see that she uses a stock photo while claiming the it is her own.

Because she is selling trading system that will trade on autopilot on your behalf, she is selling investment services. But Lasker has no licence to provide this kind of services, so she legally cannot sell her product in most countries.

Should her trading systems work like she says, she would be a millionaire and not be selling them.

Fake awards

Fake awardsThe website of Forex Daily Robot features several awards that allegedly belong to this robot. But if you look closely at them, they all are fake.

The funny one is from the Green Forex Group, because it means that Lasker awarded herself.

There is no real independent award that the Forex Daily Robot has won, everything is fake.


The Forex Daily Robot of Rita Lasker is a scam, it for sure cannot make you hundreds of dollars per day. Stay away from it!

Profitable trading is a skill that you have to acquire by learning. Start on a free demo and practice until you manage to be a successful trader.

If you don’t manage to build a profitable strategy on the demo, don’t start trading with real money.


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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 76-81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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  • Rita Lasker has been less than honourable with me. I bought her Forex Olympus software and have had nothing but bad trades. Each trade it gave went south. There was not one positive trade. However, the worst part is that when I asked for a refund, well within the 30 day “Money back guarantee”, she has completely ignored my request. Initially, she offered me the Olympus robot for free which I haven’t accepted, but have heard nothing further from her despite numerous emails sent. One begs the question “Is she just a great scam artist????”

  • Hi Everyone, I have purchased & used Eas over the last few years, eg Fapturbo, Scientific Scalper & a few more, with mixed results however I bought the Latest Rita Lasker AstroBot & Ultimate Bullshit & tried to Activate Licence No Luck! Sent off several emails No Response & Also she has a partner in Crime who goes by the name of Karl Dittman who is in Cohorts & No Response from him either, they are Selling Eas through a company called Intoris, INC however cannot make contact with them either, will have to go through Pay Pal So Yes Lesson Learned FIRST & Last Time Ill be Scammed, I Will Alert Australian Traders.

  • I was also cheated by Rita Lasker. I bought Forex Astrobot and Astrobot Ultimate and had most of the losses. Rita promises money back guarantees and disappears when I ask for a refund. Even Karl Dittman is more honest because I once got a refund from him. Rita is a cheat the police should have seen.


  • I am writing a correction. Rita finally refunded my money, but it took a long time. It only worked when I directly requested a refund via Paypal. Writing many e-mails to her to different e-mail addresses does not help. You have to pay via Paypal right away. And frighten. This is advice to others who purchased the product from Rita.

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