Forex Hercules System review – avoid this poor SCAM

In this Forex Hercules System review we have a look at the latest scam of Rita Lasker.

What it is about

Forex Hercuels System reviewLasker is offering you her trading system called Forex Hercules. She says that it can make you hundreds of pips per day and thousands of pips per month.

The system will generate trading signals that allegedly can make you more than 4000 pips per month. Forex Hercules is sold together with Forex Info-Master for $99. Is it worth it?

Forex Hercules System scam

No, the system is not worth a penny, because it is a scam. There are two big red flags that we will go through.

Fictitious results

Forex Hercules System scamLasker says her Forex Hercules System can make 4000 pips per month. Well, you don’t really need to read any reviews to see that it is total BS.

4000 pips mean 40,000 dollars with just one standard lot traded. Say you risk 20 pips per trade, so to risk only 2% of your capital per trade, you need 10,000 dollars to start.

So, Lasker is basically saying that even with a conservative risk strategy her system can make you 400% per month. This is something that the best investment funds won’t make in a year! Yet, you are supposed to trust this anonymous woman on the internet that she is the best trader in the world?

Will somebody who is able to make 400% per month be selling their trading secrets for $99? Of course not! Forex Hercules System is a scam!

Rita Lasker is a scammer

Rita Lasker scammerThe second red flag is the name Rita Lasker. It is not her first fraud, we have already reviewed the Forex Daily Robot scam.

What is important here, is that Rita Lasker does not exist, it is a fictitious character. The real identity of scammers who are behind this system remains hidden.

Take a look at our picture to see that the alleged picture of Lasker is in fact a stock photo that anybody can buy.

Forex Hercules System review conclusion

Rita Lasker is a scammer, Forex Hercules System is a scam, don’t throw your money out of the window by buying it!

No free or cheap trading system will make you rich quickly. Profitable trading is something that you have to learn, always start on a demo account and practice with virtual money.

You have to remember that trading with real money is risky, so be careful and build a solid strategy.


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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 76-81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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  • The version of Rita is a scam indeed. I’ve been scammed as i thought i would buy the popular HerculesFX indicator from the guy Hercules de Vries. Rita offers a one time fee and HerculesFX a monthly subscription. The version of Rita does not come even close to the real version. I compared both and once again: if you want the real deal, buy/subscribe at the original website! Be aware for Rita and her scams!! I have confronted her with all this and i still have to wait for a refund!!

  • Mr Hercules de Vries is the real deal, Rita Lasker is the real scammer here. She uses his name to get advantage of what he offer. How can it be that i wasn’t profitable with Rita at all and suddenly with the real Hercules indicator from mr Hercules i am!? Rita = scam!! I did not get my money back as well. Here my advice as well, go to mr Hercules de Vries himself instead of getting scammed. The famous scammer Karl Dittmann also scammed using the name of mr Hercules de Vries. Shame that there are so many scammers above honest ones….

  • I purchased the Hercules indicator and the assistant. To discover there is no indicator trailing stop. The assistant will open a window in the middle of a chart. Making it difficult to view the chart. With the price WHIPS in the market. Trading with out a trailing stop, is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. I requested a refund. Received a refund on the LESSER amount . She has been stalling on the HIGHER refund amount. I do not believe she is dealing in good faith. SO MUCH FOR THE 100% refund policy. My credit card company gave me the refund amount. Lesson learned. Have good credit card company

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