EMBARASSING SCAM: Forex Pro Island review

Forex Pro Island review

This review is yet another warning against a new scam from a known group of scammers called Forex Pro Island.

What is Forex Pro Island

Forex Pro Island is an automated trading system for Forex. It is delivered as an expert advisor for the Metatrader platform. It will trade with six pairs: EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY.

The official Forex Pro Island’s website says that you just have to switch to advisor on and it will trade automatically for you.

The system is allegedly so profitable, that you will be able to quit your job. It supposedly is a “safe, easy and reliable” way to make money. And you don’t need to know anything about trading.

It costs 297 euros, so you are supposed to believe that for a one-time fee of 297 euros you will become financially free. Will you?


Forex Pro Island scam

We did not even need to test Forex Pro Island to know that it is a vicious scam. It is because it was released by an infamous group of scammers.

This group of scammers is releasing scams only, we have reviewed many of them, for example Copy Soros, FX Robotix, FX Autobot and BLW Trading Academy. You can be sure that every new program they create is a scam, just like Forex Pro Island.

Illegal software

The first thing you should always check about any trading system, is that if it is legal. Every system that will trade automatically for you has to be licensed by financial regulators. The reason is that it will be making trading decisions on your behalf and work with your money.

So, how about Forex Pro Island? You won’t even find who is selling it, it is completely anonymous, unregulated and illegal!

If you are considering buying Forex Pro Island, we strongly encourage you to first contact the financial regulator in your country and ask about this system. You will see that you will get a confirmation of our findings.

Fake results

The Forex Pro Island’s website and video is full of great trading results, but you should know that everything is fake.

People who created this system have a long history of faking trading results of their fraudulent programs, unfortunately it is pretty easy to do.

You cannot trust them a single word, let alone trading results. The good thing is that scammers admit they are lying to you, just check their terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

Fake reviews

A lot of people come to our website and ask us how can we say that Forex Pro Island or any similar program is a scam while there is a lot of positive reviews on the internet.

It is because scammers who create these fraudulent trading systems have a lot of websites and YouTube channels where they publish their own fake reviews.

One of their latest scams is the YouTube Andrew’s channel with a clown that keeps publishing fake videos and promoting investment scams.

Again, you don’t have to trust us. Trust independent financial regulators, contact the one in your country and ask them not only about Forex Pro Island, but also about the Andrew’s Channel and other system he is promoting.

Trading results are fake

Just think of it…

You did not really need to read our Forex Pro Island review to know that it is a scam, did you? Seriously, should it be possible to retire thanks to one-time 300 bucks fee, nobody would be working and the world would collapse.

People who are at least a little bit experienced in trading will see many more flaws of Forex Pro Island and its lousy presentation.

The say you will be able to quit your job. But how? You can start trading with 10 dollars, does it mean that you need to invest just 10 dollars and let Forex Pro Island trade with it to retire?

Also, the website of the system says it wins 74% of trades. But such a number does not mean anything, you could still be losing money with such a win rate. It all depends on your risk-to-reward ratio. If you risk $100 per trade for a $10 profit, with a 74% win-rate you will still be losing money.

As you can see, a lot of crucial information is missing, a professional and legal presentation of a trading system would look like completely different.

Because this is another thing, it is forbidden by laws to say that trading is easy, that you will make quick and big profits etc. Because the opposite is true, financial trading is never easy.

Get your money back

If you already bought Forex Pro Island, we suggest you get your money back as quickly as possible. Just ask the payment intermediary for a full refund and don’t forget to explain that Forex Pro Island is an illegal trading system and a scam.

If you already lost money in trading with Forex Pro Island, unfortunately you cannot do anything about it. Because your broker will tell you that you made the trades with your software, so you have no right to ask for a refund of money lost in trading.

You can get a refund only of the price of the software.

Forex Pro Island review – conclusion

Forex Pro Island is a scam software released by a group of known scammers. Trust us, we know it, because we have been watching them for years. Stay away from them!

Profitable Forex trading is not matter of a cheap or free system, you have to learn and build your own strategy.

Please help us to warn other people against the Forex Pro Island scam and share our review.

Frequently Asked Questions

🎯 Is Forex Pro Island a scam?

Yes, Forex Pro Island is a scam. It is a software created by an infamous group of scammers who have scammed a lot of people.

🎯 Can I make money with Forex Pro Island?

No, you cannot make money with Forex Pro Island, because it is a scam system. Don’t buy it, don’t use it, stay away from it!

🎯 Can I get back money I lost with Forex Pro Island?

You can recover money you paid for the software, ask the payment provider you used for a refund. Unfortunately, you cannot recover money you lost in trading with Forex Pro Island.

Forex Pro Island

297 UER

Trading system results




Legal aspects



  • From a known group


  • Fraudulent system
  • Illegal
  • Losing money
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  • They dont do refunds. I’ve asked it since i have many reasons. They also claim in video’s its opensource but its not.

    • They don’t do refunds because they are scammers. This is why you have to ask the payment provider or your credit card company for a chargeback on the payment.

      • I totally agree that this EA and the people behind it are scammers

        This this has never made even $1 bit losses instead

        Can people expose them

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