Fundrise Global review – Massive scam, stay away

Fundrise Global review

Read this review to understand that the Fundrise Global investment program is a dangerous scam that you have to avoid in order not to lose money.

What is Fundrise Global

Fundrise Global says about itself that it is a a firm that is active in cryptocurrencies, Forex trading, assets speculation and cryptocurrency mining.

The company supposedly is very profitable, so it can offer two investment plans to the public. Daily returns are either 20% or 50%, depending on the investment plan.

The minimum investment amount is 100 USD.

Fundrise Global claims that it is registered in the United Kingdom since 2017 or 2018. Is it a legit firm that you can trust?

Fundrise Global scam

Our investigation of Fundrise Global clearly showed that it is a scam that you have to stay away from. It is a fraudulent investment platform that makes people lose money, not earn. And it certainly is not registered nor authorized.

Illegal investment offer

Let’s start this review with the claim that Fundrise Global is registered in the UK. Because it is not.

You can see on the official website of the Companies House that there is no Fundrise Global company registered in the country.

Which means that Fundrise Global is lying on its official website. But there is more. The lack of registration also means that its investment offer is illegal, because it is not authorized by the financial regulator.

In fact, UK’s financial regulator, the FCA, has already confirmed that Fundrise Global is offering financial services without being authorized.

So the company is lying and breaking the laws in the UK at the same time. This alone makes it a very dangerous investment platform that everybody should avoid.

The company is fake

Impossible investment plans

Even without investigating the background of Fundrise Global, we could tell it is a scam. How? A brief look at their investment plans tells the whole story.

Like it or not, 20 – 50% daily returns are something that no legitimate company can offer. It’s simply because there is no legit commercial activity that can generate such returns.

Should it be possible to make 50% daily like this in a passive way, anybody could become a millionaire within a year, the size of the starting capital would not matter much.

This really should be part of basic education, when you see an investment offer with tens of percent ROI per day, you can be sure that it is a scam. It really is that simple.

Accept it as a fact and it will help you avoid many scams in the future.

Investment packages

How Fundrise Global works

Fundrise Global is one of many, many online Ponzi schemes. All they do is they take money from new members and send it up the pyramid to older members.

As you can certainly guess, such schemes will always die in the end. The higher the daily returns, the shorter the life of the scheme. Since Fundrise Global has outrageous daily returns, it probably is already dead and all new deposits get lost.

No profits in a Ponzi scheme are legit, that is why you should stay away and not even try to quickly make something out of it.

Fundrise Global review – Conclusion

Fundrise Global is a pyramid scam that is not registered nor authorized. In fact, the financial regulator in the UK has already warned against it. Stay away from it.

Nobody will make you 20 or 50% daily because it’s just impossible. Making money in investing is possible, but it is not easy. Nobody will earn you money in investing for free.


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  • Might be worth noting that that there is a legitimate real estate investment platform in the US known as Fundrise (Rise, Inc.). that offers SEC regulated private REIT products to both accredited and non-accredited investors. The “Fundrise Global” scam may have used that name as an attempt to hitch their wagon to a reputable, legitimate brand name.

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