Fundsz review – Ponzi scam hiding behind charity [Disgusting]

Fundsz review

This review is a warning against the Fundsz scam that is promising to make you money while giving money to charities.

What is Fundsz

Fundsz claims to be a blockchain platform the empowers individuals, charities and organizations to raise recurring, unrestricted and sustainable income. The platform supposedly is decentralized and publicly available to view.

Fundsz emphasizes the charity aspects of its platform, citing clean water, humanitarian aid, health aid, education and disaster relief among financed programs.

The main offer of Fundsz is a staking program that is supposed to earn you an average 3% weekly return on you investment.

Can you trust the platform, is Fundsz legit?

Fundsz scam

Fundsz is a scam

We researched and analyzed Fundsz, and our conclusion is that it is a scam. It is a fraudulent platform built on a Ponzi scheme that has nothing to do with real charitable work. Here are all the details.

Where is the platform?

Fundsz claims to be based on a platform that is “decentralized and publicly available to view on the corresponding blockchain”.

But where is it? Fundsz provides no technical information about the platform, no public code, no software, etc.

All we can see is that it uses the USDT (Tether) stable coin in the Tron network for payments. But that brings nothing new to the table, it is just using another blockcahin, it has no proprietary solution.

In other words, Fundsz has not come with any new solution, it has nothing of its own in terms of technology.

Nonsensical returns

There is no secret that what makes Fundsz attractive to people, is the staking/investment plan that generates 3% weekly returns on average.

But how is that profit achieved? The platform again fails to explain where the money comes from, what is left for charities etc.

The truth is that no legit platform can generate 3% weekly to its users, it’s just impossible. 3% in one week, yes, it is possible. But 3% weekly all the time? That is impossible.

Even less in USDT staking. In reality there is no such thing as USDT staking, because it is a stable coin issued as a secondary token on different blockchains. So it is not used to secure transactions in proof of staking, we can’t really talk about real staking here.

Some platforms are willing to offer yield for USDT lending, but you will be lucky to get 10% in a year, while Fundsz is promising more in one month.

We know that it is impossible, yet the platform seemingly is still paying. So where does the money come from?

Fake investment returns

How Fundsz really works

If it walks like a Ponzi, swims like a Ponzi and quacks like a Ponzi, then it probably is a Ponzi scheme. This is a test that Fundsz passes 100%.

The unrealistic returns and the vast pyramid structure enhanced with many bonuses shows that Fundsz is a Ponzi scheme that is doomed to collapse.

It is paying profits that it can’t achieve in a legit way. So it is clear that it is just taking money from new members and giving it to older members.

It also strongly incentivises referring new people to the platform, which shows that it is heavily dependent on new money coming in.

And so that is how it works. It does not generate profits in any legitimate way, it just redistributes money among its members, like a typical financial pyramid that has to crumble one day.

No profits in such a system are ever clean, for you to make money, somebody else has to get scammed. Plus, you never now when a fraudulent platform like Fundsz goes down, so in any case you’d better stay away.

When Fundsz collapses, there will be no easy way of getting your money back because all transactions are done with cryptocurrencies.

Once you send a crypto token out of your wallet, the transaction can’t be reversed. So it is very difficult to get your money back, your only chance basically is to report the scam to law enforcement in your country and hope they will manage to track down and bring to justice those who run the scam.

Ponzi referral structure

Fundsz review – Conclusion

Fundsz is a financial scam, it runs a Ponzi scheme that is sure to run out of money and collapse. That is why you have to stay away from it, no profits from this system are legit.

Don’t join the Fundsz platform and don’t refer other people to it if you don’t want to be supporting a scam.


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