Furio review

In this review we have a look at the Furio investment program, at is mechanics, and we explain why it is a fraudulent platform that you should avoid.

What is Furio

Furio is presented as the future of investing. Its main feature is that it offers up to 2.5% daily returns on investment.

You are supposed to use the USDC crypto token to buy the FUR token. Then you have to deposit FUR to the Furvault staking contract and wait for your rewards.

The rewards are again paid in FUR and the platform encourages you to compound them to earn even more.

There is also referral system combined with Furio NFTs that will reward you for referring new investors to the platform.

But should you do it, is Furio legit?

Furio is a scam

We examined Furio in details and found out that it is a typical Ponzi scheme. Which is a type of scam based on an illegal financial pyramid. That is why you should avoid it. In this review, we explain all the details.

A Ponzi that is not hiding

You don’t have to look at Furio for a long time to understand that it is a Ponzi scheme. It means that it has no real product, it is not building value, it has nothing.

It is built on a financial pyramid scheme that is illegal. It just transfers money from new to old members, that is the basic principle.

Furio takes some enhancements to the game, it has some mechanics that are supposed to discourage people to dump the FUR token, but this can only delay its inevitable collapse.

Participating in Furio isn’t as easy and safe as it might seem. Because your rewards will be paid in the FUR token, which has a value that is fluctuating wildly.

So users of Furio have to think hard what to compound and what to sell before FUR collapses and they are left with a worthless token. And that can happen any time, because the token runs on a contract that is not locked.

Furio scam

Dangerous smart contract

FUR is a cryptocurrency token based on the BEP20 standard, which means that it runs in the Binance blockchain.

The main problem is that the ownership of the smart contract isn’t renounced, which is a warning that you will see even on Coinmarketcap, look at the picture below.

It means that people who run Furio, can modifiy the contract’s behavior, like disable selling, change fees, mint new tokens or transfer tokens.

So it does not really mean that much what Furio is saying or promising on its official website, because a lot of these things can change and completely kill the entire project.

That is what we always stress in our reviews, something running in a blockchain doesn’t automatically means that it is safe and honest. Because it’s always just a piece of software code written by people who can make mistake, implement backdoors, etc.

FUR token

How Furio works

As we have already stated, Furio is a Ponzi scheme. But a modern one, because it has its own token.

A Ponzi scam of old would take USD from you and pay you your yield in USD. So if the scam lives at least until your first payment, you would get at least something back.

Modern crypto Ponzi scams like Furio pay you your yield in their own token, which has no intrinsic value and is not widely traded on different exchanges.

So when the thing crashes, you can end up empty-handed even if you were in for a year. Because if you just compound FUR and don’t withdraw any USD(C), you will be left with a worthless token that you can’t sell.

The all time high of FUR was 20.19 USD in July 2022, the all time low 5.56 USD just a month later. So roughly 4 times less.

As you can see, even a 2.5% daily ROI can make you lose money. If you bought 100 USD worth of FUR in July you would have got 4.95 tokens. Even with the maximum ROI you would have 8.66 FUR tokens one month later, and their value would be 48.15 USD.

So in one month, despite the 2.5% daily ROI, you would have lost 51.85% of your initial investment.

Do you now see how tricky these crypto Ponzi schemes are?

Furio crash

Furio will collapse, it is inevitable. Either fraudsters who run it will do a rug pull and destroy the value of the token, or it will die in a typical Ponzi fashion, meaning that deposits will slow down, people will accelerate withdrawals and FUR will crash.

The thing with Ponzi schemes is that for a few people to make profits, a lot of others have to lose, they have to get scammed.

That is why you should not participate in Ponzi scams even with the hope to be fast enough to profit. Because no profits can be legit, if they come from Furio or any other Ponzi scheme.

Furio review – Conclusion

Furio is an illegal investment scheme and a Ponzi scam. Its collapse is inevitable, it is just a matter of time. That is why you have to avoid it.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, do your due dilligence, find legit projects with a real purpose a real team of developers, etc. Search for tokens that solve real problems, that generate real values.


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