FX Coin Bot review – an infamous SCAM

In this FXC0INBOT review we expose this unscrupulous investment scam that is targeting your wallet.

What FX Coin Bot is about

FX Coin Bot reviewFXCoinBot is presented as the best performing trading platform in 2019 which will help you to make money in financial markets trading. The robot allegedly is endorsed by the trading community, so you can rely on it.

The first 500 members will get access to the robot for free, so do you have anything to lose?

FX C0IN Bot scam

The unfortunate truth is that FX Coin Bot is yet another scam from an infamous group of scammers. It won’t make you any money. In fact, it will do the opposite, it will lose your money.

Lies, lies, lies

FX C0inbot scamFXCoinBot supposedly is the best performing robot of 2019. But it is a lie. The robot is only one month old, see our picture. So it certainly cannot have any relevant statistics and results under its belt.

There are no proofs provided about the performance of the robot. Normally you need results from at least one year to be able to get an idea about the performance of a robot.

Also, there is nobody real endorsing this robot. It is being promoted in fake FX Coin Bot reviews by websites notoriously known for promoting scams, that’s all. This is a new product created for one purpose, to enrich scammers who run it. You won’t find any real positive FXCoinBot testimonials.

It won’t last for long, it will be around for a few weeks or months, then scammers will ditch it and create a new scam with a new name. They have been proceeding like this for years.

Illegal investment service

Every software that is supposed to make trading decision on behalf of traders, is considered to be an investment service that is subject to regulation. In other words, you need a license to be able to provide a robot that will trade automatically for people.

But FX Coin Bot is anonymous and unregulated, therefore it is an illegal software in most countries.

How it really works

FX Coin Bot testimonialIn this last part of our FXCoinBot review we will explain the true nature of this system. The only real purpose of FXCoinBot is to make money to scammers. How do they achieve that? They say their software is free, but it is not. You will have to deposit at least $250 with a broker of their choice in order to activate the robot.

And this is how they make money, they are paid by certain brokers for referring new depositors. At this time FXCoinBot is sending people to Europe FX, which is a regulated broker that will get in deep trouble once the CySEC sees that it is accepting referrals from scammers. The second one is Globalix, which is an unregulated broker that you have to avoid in any case.

FXCoinBot review conclusion

FX Coin Bot is a scam, it is not a proven robot. It is a new worthless and illegal software that loses money in trading. Stay away from it!

Every time you want to try something new in financial trading, you have to verify it on a demo account first, so that you don’t risk your own money.

Only when you have a system that is proven to be working in testing, you can carefully switch to real money trading.










  • Transparent scam


  • Scam
  • Not performing
  • Lying
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Comments 24

  • any recommendations for a legit auto trader

  • But have you test it? Or just screaming scam left and and right?

    • FX Coin Bot was made by known scammers and is promoted by known scammers. And its website is full of lies, read our review. Or throw your money out of the window by investing with FX Coin Bot, it won’t change anything for us.

      All serious people considering FX Coin Bot should at least ask their national financial regulator about this robot. You don’t have to trust us, trust your regulator.

  • I find it quite strange that the critics of this software cannot say that they have tried it and lost money as a result. More so, the very fact that the software is relative new to the industry I was expecting them to talk about the strategies incorporated in the software and the functioning or non functioning of the same. My advise to you guys is this: before you criticize an Eskimo you must first walk in his shoes. Condemn only on concrete evidence.
    Alternatively, say what you have to offer or recommend.

    • When I see people who are scammers for years promoting a new software, I don’t need to try it to know what is going on. I have been warning against scams for 6 years, wrote more than 1000 reviews and not once I was proven wrong.

  • But what about all the videos on youtube showing consistent, daily profits? Have you even tried it before you calm it a scam?

  • How are videos fake? How can you tell if the videos are genuine or not?

    What about binbot pro, or the calloway crypto? Scams too?

  • “Normally you need results from at least one year to be able to get an idea about the performance of a robot”.

    “It is a new worthless and illegal software that loses money in trading”.

    I have not heard you say that you have tried it and justify your negative comments on the software.
    I think you have commented of so many in the past that you are becoming a Armchair Philosopher.

    • I have to repeat myself: When I see people who are scammers for years promoting a new software, I don’t need to try it to know what is going on.

    • By the way, you don’t see anything wrong when a trading system that is only one month old is declared by its authors as the best performing system of 2019? Really?!

  • I take your point. The person who declared that it is the best performing System after just a moth of existence of the Fx Coinbot did the application an injustice with nothing but hype and hot air. Until we experience profitability, consistency, accuracy, reliability and most of all longevity, no one should bring out champagne Glasses. It must prove itself or die a natural death.

  • Be careful with Andre/BinaryOptionsArmy. The most scam guy ever

  • i just notice lately binbotpro give you 60% commtions for every deposit made via your referral link. LOL

  • This review site looked legit at First With detailed reviews exposing scam sites.
    Then I started looking into reviews of the trading bots, the site recommends and came across several sources claiming that e.g. FX Coin Bot is also a scam.
    Do you think that scammers are behind this review site as well?

  • Can you list a few auto and semi autotrading software which you review and endorse as legitimate and profitable.

  • Thx James I was nearly sucked in

  • I’d like to point out that there exist a
    fxcoinbot.com (created 2019, Sept 10)
    and a
    fxcoinbot.co (created 2019, Aug 11)
    where this last one redirects to algo-software.com, a not-HTTPS site create on 2018, Sept 26.
    The coinbots sites look the copycat one of the other, but the .com has a “recover pass” and a captcha check that are missing on the .co version.
    The odd thing is that the “newer” one sounds “more legit” than its older brother.
    I got an account on the .co, but am not willing to invest a single penny on it – expecially after this… rather confusing discovery.

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