FX RobotiX review – a simple SCAM, beware!

In this FXRobotix review we explain why this trading system is a total scam that cannot earn you anything.

About FXRobotix

FX Robotics reviewFX Robotix allegedly is a high-frequency trading (HFT) algorithm that will provide you with trading signals with high accuracy. It supposedly is suitable even for novice traders.

So, a profitable system for financial markets. How much does it cost? Nothing. Doesn’t it look suspicious? Well, it should.

FX Robotix is a scam

There are simple rules that can help you stay away from scams such as: money is not free. So, anytime anybody is offering you free profits, it should ring the alarm bells.

Because that is what FXRobotics basically promises, free money, which of course is a total nonsense. Common sense alone says that it is a scam, which it is.


Losing signalsFX Robotics is using fancy trading terms to make you believe it really is something, but it is all BS. They say it is a high-frequency trading algorithm, which it obviously is not.

First of all, have a look at the definition of high-frequency trading, it is extremely fast trading that happens within seconds, it is done automatically by extremely powerful computers that have the fastest connections to exchange servers, they often are in the same building, because every millisecond plays an important role here.

Do you think that an anonymous and unlicensed system located who knows where like FXRobotics has all these attributes and technologies? Of course not.

Not to mention that a risk to reward ratio of 1:2 with a 80%+ win rate as they promise is pure fiction, just totally impossible in real trading.

Secondly, FX Robotix shows signals that you have to execute manually, which excludes HFT, because HFT can be done only automatically.  Moreover, according to the signals trades are supposed to last tens of pips and the signals have expiry times in minutes, so again, it just cannot be HFT. So they tell you fairy tales, that’s all.

How it really works

ScamWe have reviewed hundreds of scams like FXRobotix, we have a lot of testimonials and we know exactly how they work. They certainly are not profitable, because if they were, their authors would use them to make money and they would not be giving them away for free.

FX Robotics signals are losing money, but they have a hidden purpose. You will get them only if you deposit money with brokers that these scammers have partnered with, most of them will be unregulated and shady as hell.

We see that one of the brokers they will send you to is 24option, which is regulated, but certainly cannot accept clients sent by scams like FX Robotics. Should the regulator CySEC learn about this, the broker would be in trouble.

But back to the hidden purpose of this scam. They will push you to deposit with certain brokers, because they are getting paid for every depositor they send. This is why they will not let you try the signals on an independent demo, they don’t want you to see they are losing before you deposit and before they get their commission.

FXRobotix review conclusion

FX Robotix is a scam, the trading signals are losing money. Don’t deposit any money to trade these signals, you would lose it.

There are no free profitable trading signals or systems. Profits in financial trading come only with learning and experience, you can start on a free demo account and see if you are able to learn the profitable way.

Don’t forget that in real trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful if you switch from the demo to a real account.

FX Robotics


Trading results


HFT algorithm





  • Known scam


  • Full of lies
  • Losing signals
  • No real algorithm
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Comments 5

  • Thank you You have made a lot of people to save their hard money

    • I have watched your comments on all these profitable softwares which are all scams according to you, so which one is legit? You are really big haters of saccusse, what have done yourselves to help traders to be profitable? Where is your legit profitable software? You should be ashamed of yourselves

      • The thing is, money is not free, nobody is giving away money for free, not even in the shape of a profitable system. Scammers who created FX Robotix have a history of releasing scams, their latest one is called Copy Soros. Should only one of their programs work like they say, they would be millionaires as well as everybody else on the planet. The reality is that profitable trading systems are kept private, because if they goes public, it would destroy their profitability.

        • i have already lost my money to copy soros . i though it is profitable since all reviews were positive about it so i was convinced and if you check reviews from binary options on you tube doing live trades, they show positive results i do not know how do these guys bling fold the public. i do not know if i can recover my money.

          • I am sorry, unfortunately scammers post a lot of fake reviews of their products. This is why we ask people to share our reviews, to make more people aware of what is going on.

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