FxMode review – BEWARE of this utopic system!

FxMode review

In this review we analyze the automated trading tools from FxMode and we conclude that you should stay away from them.

What is FxMode

FxMode is presented as an automated tool that will allow you to earn money in Forex trading. This tool will do everything for you, so you don’t have to have any prior experience with trading or to learn anything new.

FxMode is supposed to provide you with a totally passive income from financial markets. It allegedly is able to generate thousands of pips per month in profits, which means tens of thousands of dollars with just one standard lot traded.

FxMode is a paid service, you can pay either 295 USD per month or 1,995 USD per year. It is sold by David Vlas and Kirill Radkovich. Is it worth it?

Passive income

Stay away from FxMode

To be able to judge an offer like FxMode, you either need experience in financial trading or ask for professional advice. Although we are not investment advisors, we have been trading financial markets for over a decade and here is how we see FxMode.

We are pretty sure that FxMode can’t deliver what it promises. Making thousands of pips per month is a dream, but an unrealistic one. Such a performance would make you a millionaire in no time even with a small starting capital.

Should David Vlas really be able to generate thousands of pips from trading, he would already be a multi-millionaire. Would he then be selling his secret for $295 per month? Most probably not.

But what is even more important, is that making thousands of pips every month is impossible in real trading. In our experience such results are pure fiction. You can ask other experienced traders about this to get a confirmation.

By the way, if you read the small text at the bottom of the FxMode website, you will learn that basically all the presented trading results are not from real trading.

Fake performance

Probably illegal

We are not familiar with all the nuances of investment laws in every country, but generally speaking, a lot of countries consider automated trading systems as investment services.

This is because these systems make financial decisions on your behalf, they trade for you the financial markets. Therefore, selling of these systems is a regulated activity in most countries.

But we found no information about any license whatsoever that would be granted to FxMode. Its author David Vlas is trying hard to hide is identity, although on one of his pages he left an address in Seattle, WA, United Sates.

And we know that the US regulate the offerings of automated trading Forex systems. So we believe that FxMode is illegal, because it is sold from the US without the necessary license.

If you have any doubts, contact the national financial regulator in your country and ask them about FxMode.

Kirill Radkovich

User experience with FxMode

The reason why we are publishing this FxMode review is that one of our readers shared with us their experience with this system. According to this user FxMode is not performing as advertised.

Which, as we have already explained, is not a surprising. When you read the Terms and Conditions of FxMode, you will learn that the company backs off of any promises of earnings and says that it is up to their judgement if they grant you a refund or not. Basically you are at complete mercy of two anonymous guys.

This is another big red flag and a confirmation that FxMode cannot provide you with a passive income as advertised.

Terms and Conditions

FxMode review – The Conclusion

All the evidence is here for us to recommend staying away from FxMode, because it won’t be able to generate you a passive income as its official website suggests. A real user confirmed to us that FxMode is not working.

Making money in financial trading is possible but is not easy. If you want to try it on a free demo, you can do it and see for yourself how difficult is to be profitable.

If you decide to invest real money, please be sure to understand the risks and to have a solid strategy.


295 USD








  • Paid service


  • Not performing as advertised
  • Probably illegal
  • Pretty much anonymous
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  • Mr Pinion, thanks for your work so far.

    Pls I want to know if solmaxglobal.com is legit or scam. They promise 1 to 2 % interest daily.

    • That obviously is a scam.

      • Thanks so much, that was how u warned against pennywise which turned out to be true, now it is no where.

        I’m done with Ponzi. I can’t take any stupid risk all in the name of risk taking to make money.

  • can you please refer us to another fully automated trading! I was looking online for a long time and I couldn’t find one good also I was thinking to follow FXmode!!

  • New it was a scam, but needed to make sure. Thanks for the info.

  • hey man ummmm lmao they do hit thousands of pips a month, the only reason i left was because the automation system wasn’t working properly, but they have a discord group where they give you the option to manually trade, he posts his personal trades on the group. (and graphic results, such as the total pip count, sometimes he’ll make over 1k pips in a fkn week!) its actually a decent community, i’ll get back into it once they assure me the system is working properly, i unfortunately don’t have time to look at my phone at random to follow the trades, thats why i rely on the automation system.

    • Fairy tales.

    • I am interested in FX mode..bu t i want to make sure. I just had a zoom meeting with david last week, he ask me to join the FTMO challenged for 30 days…they will make the 2500 in 30 days, then FTMO gives you 10 k trading acct. So I wouldn’t even have to invest my own money at that point. He also said that I would then would start seeing profit in two months.. What do you think Liam? In fact here is my email we can talk through this way if you dont mind. [email protected]

  • You can just use free crypto trading bots on KuCoin. I just dont have enough money to pay for the service FX Mode advertises. Never have gotten into Forex. I mostly day trade stocks and buy crypto to hold. KuCoin does have crypto trading bots.

  • my fiance signed up for fxmode, and we made $700 after like… 3 or 4 months. We paid more for their service than we earned from it, so in a way I think it is a scam.

  • How can you do a review on someones program without actually enrolling into it yourself? I managed to make profits to cover my monthly membership cost and the rest went into growing my portfolio even further and keep in mind I only started with a balance little over 1,000. It also seems like you are biased towards this service replying to other users nonsense. Again, without having first hand experience. Looking at other reviews on our website, the pattern is the same. You have no credibility as you judge the companies by the cover. I genuinely hope someone sues you for ruining the reputations of such companies.

    • With my 15 years of experience with financial trading I really don’t need to throw money out of window and enroll into every nonsense to see what it is about. The same way I don’t need to jump out of the window to see that I would die.

    • still going well a month later? What broker did you use?

  • Thanks for filling me in on this scam. I am a disabled vet ,66 years old and looking for some type of extra income as my medical bills leave me almost broke every month.I don’t need to be throwing my money out the window either,
    i saw their add on you tube and was checking the reviews. Cons really outweigh the Pros. Your service is much needed with the amount of scams out there these days. The tele-market scams alone show me how much the USA and the world as a whole is really going down the tubes fast. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP—-CAPT.SEAWEED=AKA=BOB SKOW

  • Another one to stay away from is eucryptobank.io
    I just lost all my savings due to their inept “managed” trading
    Total SCAM

  • another one to stay away from is investment center and executive pro fx.

  • calcluxfxltd.com and m.bitmarketexpert.com
    this also scam they took all my money and never return my money back

  • Honest, sincere question. Are there any programs you’ve looked at that you wouldn’t label as scams?

    • This website is about warning people against scams. I’ve seen programs that were not outright scams, like some educational ones. But almost everybody coming here is looking for programs where they would put in a few hundreds bucks and make at least thousands per month, which is pure fiction.

  • Hi there. You posted a review about this company called FxMode:

    Stating David Vlas and Kirill created it. I am contracted by that company to provide a service they needed. Therefore your statement is completely false. There are other websites who published the same thing and I am reaching out to them as well. This is a notice to remove my name completely out of the review and your website. Otherwise I will press charges, especially for defamation. As anyone who searches my name or company that can potentially bring me business sees all of this none sense. This message will be shared with my attorney and will be presented in court as evidence that I tried to reach out to you in case you choose to ignore it. You will also be responsible for any potential business I loose from scaring off clients. Amongst many other charges my attorney will find to act on. Once the information is removed, please email me as a confirmation and delete this comment from your website. Charges will be filed within one month if you fail to comply. I have attempted to reach out to you via email before but I have not gotten a response back.

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