PURE SCAM: Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform review

Galaxy Quantitative Trading review

In this review we have a look at the Galaxy Quantitative Trading platform and we explain why it is a scam that you have to avoid.

What is Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform

Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading is said to be an investment platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and quantitative methods for financial trading.

While the platform is focused on trading and generating profits, it is planning on adding mining, NFTs, the metaverse and other products related to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It should even issue its own GQT token.

The main offer consists of the so called pledging of the USDT crypto token which promises daily returns from 0.2 to 2%.

You can also increase your revenue by referring other people to the program, you will earn commissions on their deposits/profits.

The platform supposedly is run by the Galaxy Digital Group, which is a famous name in the cryptocurrency world. But is it true, is it really legit?

Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading scam

The truth is that Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading is a pure scam that is going to leave a lot of people with big losses. It is not doing any real trading or any other real activity, it is just a typical Ponzi that is going to have a very limited life.

A cloned scam

The first thing you should know about the Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform is that it is a carbon copy of another scam called Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading, which has already failed and left a lot of angry people behind.

That fraud had the exact same narrative about profits from trading, a new token, NFTs, the metaverse, arbitrage trading, etc. It also claimed to be backed by big companies. But it all was a lie, the house of card collapsed and a lot of people lost their money.

As you can see in our picture below, they even have very similar websites.

Scam comparison

Nothing in common with Galaxy Digital

The whole trick of Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform consists of abusing an established name in the cryptocurrency space, which is Galaxy Digital.

Let’s put this straight: Galaxy Digital has its official website at galaxydigital.io and it has absolutely nothing to do with Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform.

The same way as the mentioned Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading had nothing to do with the real Coinhub or Coinbase.

These fraudulent platforms just use names of other companies without having any right to do it whatsoever.

Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform is even going as far as releasing fake press releases about the platform and making it look like they were released by the real firm Galaxy Digital.

In reality any positive article about Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform was paid for by the very same scammers who run this giant fraud.

You can contact the real Galaxy Digital Group on the link above to get a confirmation of what we say in this review.

Fake investment plans

The simple giveaway that Galaxy Quantitative Trading is a scam is in the investment plans. Because the offered returns are ridiculously high.

Up to 2% daily is something only a scam can offer, because it is unsustainable for any legit company, no matter the industry. Nobody is able to generate such returns on a daily business in financial trading or any other real activity.

Any platform that is offering steady daily returns that add up to tens of percent per month is a scam. That’s a fact that you have to accept, it will help you avoid many online investment scams. It really is that simple.

Take a look at what happened to platforms like Celsius or Terra, they were trading billions of dollars and they were not able to sustain 20% yearly. So don’t believe for a second that anybody can do 20% monthly.

Proof of scam

Beware of the GQT token

Should Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative really release their GQT token, don’t buy it! It will just be another tool to get money from their victims.

Scams use their own token to pay out profits, they artificially set the price of the token high to create the illusion that money is there. But it is not.

When they shut down, you will see that you can’t sell the token anywhere and that it is completely worthless.

How Galaxy Quantitative Trading really works

Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform is a typical Ponzi scheme. It is just redistributing money it gets on deposits.

In other words, when a new member joins and deposits money, this money is divided among people who joined the structure before and are above.

Such a scheme requires a growing inflow of money, which is unsustainable, and that is why every Ponzi scheme always collapses in the end. It is only a matter of time.

Don’t even thing about joining Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform because it can collapse any time. And even if you manage to pull out some profits before it crashes, it will be money stolen from somebody else under the false narrative about a legit trading platform. You don’t want to be involved in something like that.

Typical Ponzi structure

Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading Platform review – Conclusion

Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading is a scam that has nothing to do with the real Galaxy Digital Group. It is a Ponzi scheme that was built as a clone of an already failed platform. You have to satay away from it if you don’t want to lose money.

Should you be interested in financial trading, you can try it on a free demo with a regulated platform. You will get virtual money for your testing.

Don’t start investing real money until you are absolutely sure that you understand the risks and you have a solid strategy.


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Comments 11

  • Everything reported in the article is factual. It’s a SCAM!

  • As soon as you “pledge” money to their Dapp they can access ALL your USDT!!!! Cash out now if you can!! Revoke your contract immediately!! This is a total scam!!!

  • Pure scam they took all my money reported them

  • They are a SCAM. They took 8k out of my Coinbase wallet! Now they are saying my funds are frozen with them due to their involvement with FTX. Probably will never see a dime of my money in their wallet of mine! I do not see why the real Galaxy Digital hasn’t found out about them yet and sued them. SMDH

  • We invested around 3.5k usdt and we asked for a withdraw and we didn’t get anything.
    The customer support was initially always online and available and few days ago the customer is never online anymore.
    This “company” is scam and they asked me few thousands of usdt in order to withdraw a small amount.
    Never invest to any platform!

  • I invested also, now my account also is frozen i need to pay first 2000 to reopen, it but i do not pay ,i think many people loose a lot of money

    They just froze all withdraws for 2 weeks because they are being “audited” lol!! No warning nothing, like an normal
    Year end audit falls out of the sky.
    I lost a bunch, I I knew it was 99% a scam, I’d hoped to get and get out before it collapsed but hey that’s life.!
    It’s a very well built mouse trap, beware, very convincing!

  • In December 2022 they made a API fee requirement of 2000usd to be able to continue. Though having earned more than 2000usd in the program it was still required that the members should pay the 2000usd fee to be able to use the program fully. Talking with a representative from the program she claimed 95% has paid the fee, which I don’t believe. I was threarened and told to pay fee or my account would be blacklisted and given a 600usd fee that I had to pay to get my account unlocked.

    Now only a few days ago i see the platform isn’t running through standard url’s and can’t enter so it seems the program has now dissapeared and none of their members can get their funds.

    Can’t find any news about it anywhere to confirm

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