ILLEGAL SCAM CLONE: Glencore Capital Invest review

Glencore Capital Invest review

This review explains that Glencore Capitalinvest is an illegal clone and an investment scam that is dangerous for your bank account.

What is Glencore Capital Invest

Glencore Capitalinvest is presented as a multinational commodity trading and mining company based in Switzerland and United Kingdom.

The company says it can make you money thanks to Bitcoin investments. There are three plans for you to choose from with daily returns between 2.8% and 3.5%. The minimum investment is $100.

Is it really that easy to double your money every month, is Glencore Caital Invest legit?

Glencore Capital Invest scam

The truth is that Glencore Capital Invest is a dangerous scam that can only lose your money. In this review we explain why.

Illegal clone of Glencore

Glencore Capital Invest is an illegal clone of a legit company called Glencore. In other words, scammers set up a fake company and they are abusing the identity of another company that is not connected to them in any way. Glencore has nothing to do with Glencore Capital Invest.

Illegal clones are very dangerous because they use names of legit companies to look legit. But Glencore Capital Invest is just an anonymous scam that has nothing in common with a real company, let alone Glencore.

Not registered

Glencore Capital Invest says it is registered in the United Kingdom. But again, it is not the registration that belongs to, it belongs to the real company.

But the most important thing is that Glencore Capitalinvest is not authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide investment services. So in any case is an illegal investment service.

But even if a company with this name was in the register of the FCA it still would not be the one that is behind


The plans tell the whole story

We needed just a few seconds to see that Glencore Capital Invest is a scam. Because all we had to do was look at the investment plans.

2.8 to 3.5% daily is a ridiculous number that is not achievable in any legit business. You can be absolutely sure that when you see such an offer, it is a scam. It really is that easy.

You have to know that making around 3% daily, which basically means doubling your money every month, is impossible in the real world. If you are lucky with your investment, you can double your money in one month, but you will never be able to double your money every month.

The same way you will never be able to make 3% daily every day. That’s just impossible because financial markets don’t behave the same way every day.

Fake investment plans

How Glencore Capital Invest works

Glencore Capital Invest is a scam that has nothing to do with the real company Glencore, it just abuses its identity.

It might have started as a Ponzi scheme that was paying, but now it certainly is not paying. It is just a simple scam that will take all the money you deposit and give you nothing in return.

And because this scam is transacting only in cryptocurrencies, you won’t be able to get your money back. It will be extremely difficult to trace these fraudsters and find out where your money is.

This is why you have to stay away from Glencore Capital Invest and don’t invest anything with it.

Glencore Capitalinvest review – The conclusion

Glencore Capitalinvest is an illegal clone of the legit company Glencore. These two are not connected in any way. Glencore Capitalinvest is a scam that you have to stay away from!

If you are interested in legitimate investing, try a free demo with a regulated company. You will get virtual money to try everything risk-free.

Should you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and to have a well-thought strategy.

Glencore Capital Invest

100 USD

Crypto trading







  • None


  • Illegal clone of a real company
  • Fraud
  • Losing money
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