Global Wise Wealth Cooperation review – a HORRIBLE scam [beware!]

Global Wise Wealth Cooperation review

This review proves that Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is a cloned scam that you have to stay away from.

What is Global Wise Wealth Cooperation

The official website says that Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is an investment management firm that provides financial services to the public. Allegedly it is investing in various assets such as stocks, commodities and real estate.

Global Wise Wealth Cooperation offers three investment plans: Premium, Gold and Platinum with daily returns on investment of 2.5%, 3.0% and 3.5% respectively.

The minimum deposits for each plan are $100, $30,000 and $60,000.

You are supposed to deposit money and just wait for your profits, the company will do everything for you. Can you double your money with Global Wise Wealth Cooperation every month like they promise? No!

Is Global Wise Wealth Cooperation legit?

No, Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is not a legitimate investment service nor company. In fact, it is a scam.

It is a cloned scam that was called Pennywise Wealth Management. We warned against this scam in our review while it was still running. A lot of people attacked us because of that in the comments section, but time proved us right.

Pennywise Wealth Management crashed and disappeared. And at that time Global Wise Wealth Cooperation appeared with the exact same website and investment offer. It is obvious that scammers who were behind Pennywise Wealth Management just opened the same scam under a new name of Global Wise Wealth Cooperation. See our picture.

Also, you can see on the Global Wise Wealth Cooperation’s website that they even use the same video that still has the old name.

Comparison of scams

The Global Wise Wealth Cooperation scam

Here we provide more tangible proofs that Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is a scam.

Illegal copy of another company

Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is an illegal clone of a legitimate company which is called Pennywise Investments. This real and legit company even has a warning on its homepage about its illegal clone so that you know that they have nothing in common.

This is common practice, scammers copy websites of legitimate companies and abuse their details such as the name, address and license number. They want to confuse people and make them believe they are dealing with a legit company. But Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is an illegal clone and a scam.

Illegal clone

No license and lies

Terms and Conditions of Global Wise Wealth Cooperation say that the company is based in London, United Kingdom, and that it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. But it is a big lie.

Not only Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is not based in the UK, it is not regulated at all, certainly not by the Financial Conduct Authority. See the proof in our picture.

This means that Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is an illegal investment service. Deposits with this program are not protected and can disappear any time. Just like they did with Pennywise Wealth Management, everything just disappeared one day without any warning.

Global Wise Wealth Cooperation scam


When you invest money, you should make sure that you invest with a reputable and reliable company. The first thing you need to know is who runs the program, but with Global Wise Wealth Cooperation you won’t be able to find that information.

This is because Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is completely anonymous, people who run it are hiding. There is no real contact information on their website. For a good reason, because they are scammers who plan to disappear with your money.

If you can’t find who is behind any given investment offer, just stay away from it, it always is a red flag. Because when Global Wise Wealth Cooperation collapses, you won’t even know who to complain about and where.

No contact information

Stolen testimonials

While copying the old version of their scam, fraudster have yet again used testimonials stolen from the website of the other company that we have already mentioned in our review.

The Global Wise Wealth Cooperation testimonials you can see on its website are fake, they belong to another company, scammers did not even bother with changing the name of the company, see our picture!

Testimonials are fake

Impossible returns on investment

In an ideal world everybody should be able to see that Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is a scam just by looking at the numbers. Because 2.5% or 3.5% daily is a ridiculous number that cannot be achieved in any legit investing. Only scams promise this kind of numbers.

Should anything like this be possible, you would be doubling your money every month without lifting a finger. Nobody would be working, everybody would be living of their Global Wise Wealth Cooperation profits. And media all around the world would be talking about this miraculous investment service that outperforms the best investment funds by a mile.

But that is not happening, because Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is a scam.

Impossible plans

How Global Wise Wealth Cooperation really works

Finally, let us explain how Global Wise Wealth Cooperation works in the real world. It is a Ponzi scheme, which means that it even might be paying its users for some time. Scams like this collect money from people and they redistribute it on profits.

In other words, Global Wise Wealth Cooperation takes money from newer members and give it to older members. As simple as that. There is nothing else going on, no investing, no trading, no real economic activity.

This illegal game with money can only collapse, it always is only a matter of time. Because withdrawals will always exceed deposits, the only question is when. When problems happen, you can expect downtimes, management fees that you have to pay and all sorts of delaying tactics. But a total collapse is inevitable. When it happens, Global Wise Wealth Cooperation will disappear without a warning and you will be left empty-handed.

This is why you should never invest money with scams like Global Wise Wealth Cooperation. They can disappear any time and even if you manage to get some money out of them, it will mean that somebody had to get scammed for your profit.

Global Wise Wealth Cooperation review – the conclusion

We have proved that Global Wise Wealth Cooperation is a cloned scam that has a terrible history of ripping off people. Stay away from it, it is going to crash, the only question is when.

For investing you should always use only regulated companies. You can start on a free demo account and see for yourself how legit trading works. Use virtual money to learn.

Don’t invest real money until you have a proper strategy and an understanding of the risks.

Global Wise Wealth Cooperation

100 USD



Investment plans





  • Clear clone


  • Investment scam
  • Illegal
  • Doomed to crash
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  • Thank you James for exposing these online financial criminals. I was a victim of PWM and that was clearly because I was introduced to it by a very trusted friend and confidant, but i now know better.

    Please look up and notify me on what you find. I would appreciate if my ID remains anonymous.

    Thanks again for the great job you’re doing.

  • Penny Wise Management scammed us, by fading out of the internet with investors hard earn money, now it has shifted its domain name to: Global Wise Wealth Cooperation.

    Avoid Global Wise Wealth Cooperation at all cost.

    Just find another investment now.

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