Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin – Stop the nonsense! [the truth]

Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin

We expose all the hoaxes and lies about Gordon Ramsay being involved in bitcoin investing and promotion.

There are a lot of articles and ads on social media about how Gordon Ramsay made a fortune thanks to bitcoin and various bitcoin trading systems. But what is the truth?

Did Gordon Ramsay invest in bitcoin?

Articles talking about Gordon Ramsay’s investment in bitcoin are fake. They claim that the celebrity chef is making millions thanks to bitcoin, but it is not true, it is a hoax.

The same applies to the articles about Ramsay buying a new car, a Ferrari thanks to his bitcoin investment, it is a hoax.

We made a research about Ramsay investing in bitcoin and one thing is clear, he has never publicly associated himself with bitcoin investing in any way. If he bought some bitcoins, which we consider not very probable, he has never talked publicly about it.

In fact, The Guradian has confirmed that investment schemes connecting bitcoin to Gordon Ramsay are scams.

Does Gordon Ramsay use bitcoin?

Maybe Ramsay is not investing, but just using bitcoin? This is not true either. At least according to information available in the public domain.

Just to be clear, we cannot completely exclude the possibility that Ramsay did privately trade bitcoin, but we know for sure that he has never promoted bitcoin publicly and he certainly is not associated with any crypto trading system.

In fact, ads claiming that Ramsay made millions thanks to bitcoin are confirmed to be fake by The Times.

Don’t get us wrong, bitcoin is a legitimate cryptocurrency. Some people have made money with it, some have lost. In other words it is similar to any other investment asset, money can be made with it, but it is not easy and nobody will do it for your for free.

Ramsay and bitcoin in the media

There are a lot of fake articles about Ramsay discussing bitcoin and different trading systems on TV and in other media. Let’s have a look at some of these hoaxes.

Gordon Ramsay and bitcoin on This Morning with Holly Willoughby

Has Gordon Ramsay ever promoted bitcoin on This Morning show? No, he hasn’t. Holly Willoughby has never asked him a single question about bitcoin.

Therefore, asking when did Gordon Ramsay feature on This Morning discussing bitcoin leads to the inevitable answer: never! Nobody could see him talking about bitcoin on this TV show, because he didn’t do it.

As we have already explained Ramsay has never publicly talked about bitcoin, let alone promoted it.

Gordon Ramsay talking bitcoin on Good Morning Britain

Did Gordon Ramsay appear on Good Morning Britain promoting bitcoin? No, he did not. The team of Piers Morgan, Charlotte Hawkins and other presenters of this TV show on ITV have never invited Ramsay to talk about bitcoin.

In fact, there are a lot of cryptocurrency scams falsely claiming to be endorsed by Good Morning Britain. But this show has never promoted bitcoin investments nor any automated trading program.

BBC News about Gordon Ramsay and bitcoin

Where is the BBC News interview with Gordon Ramsay about bitcoin? Nowhere, because it does not exist.

Ramsay was never invited by BBC News to talk about bitcoin, since he is not a bitcoin investor nor user. Every article stating otherwise is simply a scam, a hoax.

Daily Mirror about Gordon Ramsay and bitcoin

Did you see Daily Mirror’s article about Gordon Ramsay making a fortune thanks to bitcoin? Well, it is fake.

The Daily Mirror has never published anything about the chef trading bitcoin or any other cryptcurrency.

Evening Standard about Gordon Ramsay and bitcoin

London Evening Standard publishing an article about how Ramsay made millions in bitcoin investing? Just another hoax, it is absolutely fake.

Scammers just copy the design of reputable journals and publish fake article with fabricated content. Unfortunately, they do it very frequently.

Sky News about Gordon Ramsay and bitcoin

Last but not least, did Gordon Ramsay speak about bitcoin on Sky News? No, he did not. Again, he is not a crypto investor nor user.

Sky News has never asked him a single question about bitcoin. Which of course does not stop fraudsters from publishing fake articles and claiming the opposite.

Investment programs

Now let’s address some scam investment systems that are claiming to be endorsed or directly used by Ramsay.

Bitcoin Loophole

Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading system the allows its users to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is supposed to be earning thousands of dollars per day to everybody who uses it, for free.

You will find articles claiming that Gordon Ramsay is recommending Bitcoin Revolution, but it is not true, because it is a scam that it losing money.

Bitcoin Lifestyle and Gordon Ramsay

Bitcoin Lifestyles allegedly is endorsed by Gordon Ramsay because it has made him millions. But it is a hoax, it is not real.

It is another system that is supposed to take advantage of bitcoin and make money to anybody on autopilot. But in reality Bitcoin Lifestyle is a scam that is doing the opposite, it is losing money to people who invest with it.

Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is a big scam and Gordon Ramsay is not associated with it in any shape or form. It is as simple as that.

Articles connecting Ramsay to Bitcoin Trader are fake. Scammers who run Bitcoin Trader create these articles to promote their scam, there is nothing else behind it. They are abusing many celebrities and they keep making up new stories.

Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is just a slight evolution of the investment scams that we have discussed above. It promises the same nonsense about winning 99.4% of trades with bitcoin and making thousands of dollars in the process.

The truth is that Gordon Ramsay is not using Bitcoin Evolution, nor is he recommending this system.  The reason is simple, it is a fraudulent program that he has nothing in common with.

Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is an embarrassing scam that says that there is a loophole in the way Bitcoin works and that it can take advantage of it. In reality, there is no loophole in Bitcoin and this program is a simple scam designed to transfer money from ordinary people to scammers.

And of course, Gordon Ramsay has nothing to do with Bitcoin Loophole, he has never used it nor promoted it.

Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code is one of the oldest cryptocurrency scams, almost all the others are just its copy. It promises huge earnings on autopilot, while in reality it is about getting money out of people’s pockets. It will push you to send money to a shady broker, which means that you will lose it.

Bitcoin Code was never discussed nor endorsed by Gordon Ramsay, all the articles stating the opposite are simply fake.

For scammers it is easy to create an almost perfect illusion. They can get pictures of celebrities on the internet and place them in their fake stories on websites that copy the design of renowned media. You have to look at the details to see that the articles are fake. The domain name will be different, all links will lead to the registration page, comments will be locked etc.

Bitcoin Profit and Gordon Ramsay

Bitcoin Profit is a trading software that allegedly can earn you more than 400 dollars in cryptocurrency trading. The problem is that in reality it is a dirty scam that will make you lose money.

Gordon Ramsay has nothing to do with Bitcoin Profit, he probably does not even know that such a program exists. Fraudsters just take his pictures and create fake stories about him recommending this system.

Bitcoin Rush and Gordon Ramsay

At this point you can probably guess that Bitcoin Rush is just another investment scam promising you big profits in bitcoin trading. That’s exactly what it is. It is a worthless piece of software that trades with losses.

Just to be sure, Gordon Ramsay has never promoted Bitcoin Rush, he has nothing in common with this investment scam.

Brexit Trader bitcoin and Gordon Ramsay

Brexit Trader is one of many investment scams. This one is specific, because it claims it can take advantage of market movements caused by Brexit, and therefore make you money with bitcoin.

It would make sense for Gordon Ramsay to use such a software, since he is directly affected by Brexit, right? But he of course is not using Brexit Trader, because as we have mentioned, it is a scam that is losing money, it is all it can do.

The conclusion

Gordon Ramsay has never publicly talked about investing in bitcoin, using bitcoin or any automated trading software that was designed to trade cryptocurrencies or other financial markets. Every article talking about Ramsay making money with bitcoin is fake.

On a more general note, all trading systems promising you big profits without risks are scams. There are no shortcuts. People interested in trading should start on a demo account and test and learn with virtual money to see what they can do.

Only if you manage to build a profitable strategy and when you understand the risks of real trading, you can start investing real money.

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  • Why hasn’t Bitcoin Revolution been taken to Court. Are the Trading Standards interested in this scam.

    • I think it’s because it is very difficult to find out who runs it. It is always the same with these scams, the time it takes to investigate who is behind it is very long, meanwhile scammers release new scams every day.

  • Due to my thinking if Gordon invests in Bitcoin I’d try it myself.
    I was contacted by Coins 247 who seem to be South African and I invested the minimum £250 and before I knew it £3,500 had gone from my credit card.

    This disappeared I was told it was a bad trade & I needed to invest more to trade out of this loss. I refused this but they got nasty wanting details of other bank accounts & savings I may have.

    They try & befriend you then before you realise it’s goodbye to your money.

    The main players here went under the following names. Lev Rosenberg, Emmanuel Logan, Keegan Stockwood, Shaun Morgan, Waheed Richler, Stuart Cooper & Emma Coleman.

    They are total thieves who I suspect are based in Capetown & Coins 247 use a London telephone number which is obviously diverted 020 8089 8690 & their email coins247.net or compliance @ coins247.net

    Stay well away from these Scammers no matter what they tell you.

  • I can 100% verify that these systems being pushed on people by email and text are total scams! For a start just stop a moment and think–why would these people be wasting their time sending you countless emails and texts trying to get you to lodge a minimum of £250 in the 1st place? Because they are so kind and helpful? Of course not-it is simply because they are either getting a % payment for each £250 they get someone to lodge or are getting the whole £250!
    You will find you have to lodge it into some brokers account that you will NOT get it back from. You are told right away (in the small print of course) that any investment can go down as well as up. So they are covered for ‘losing’ your cash.
    If it is too good to be true…..
    Unfortunately that is definitely the cade here and there are no fortunes to be made using these scamming systems.
    There was a very similar scam not long ago with ‘autotrading’ software etc only this one was trading in options. Just a another way to trade on the stock market . Like most of these scams there was a slight element of the truth. You CAN make a lot of money trading in options – but you need a reputable broker who will actually let you withdraw your money! Just like this but coin scam suddenly there were literally 100”s of autotrading systems but when you signed up you were directed to a shady scamming broker who simply kept your cash if you made any or not. Usually your £250 investment was all they wanted.
    To make money trading I cannot stress enough that you should only use a reputable fully licensed broker – and nor ‘licensed’ in some mad country you haven’t heard off before!
    Options are actually a genuine way of making some real money but I advise that you do your own research and do NOT get sucked into any schemes that promise to do it all for you.
    To make money trading options you need to understand and follow the markets. The good thing about them is that you can make money in an hour.
    Basically you are simply putting an amount on whither a commodity will go up or down over a set period of time. Which can be any time limit you set, though a half hour to an hour is what I use. Then if you choose right, if you pick up and the graph goes up you make money. If you choose down and it goes down you make money.
    It really is a simple way to trade – you don’t have to use big amounts though obviously the more you (more or less gamble) the more you make.
    The good thing is you can trade £10 and get a ‘feel’ of how it works then raise your amounts the more comfortable you feel.
    So I would forget bit coin scams and do some proper research on trading options if you want to make money trading. There are loads of autotrading systems for options as well but I would avoid these. I prefer to choose my own trades and basically can make a few £1000 in a couple of hours on my laptop a day.
    Though as I say-you should do your own research, learn how it all works. A lot of good brokers will offer a training system where you use virtual money on the real markets just like you would using real money and you can then get used to how it all works and how to place the different trades. Options are basically just that-the option to buy or sell certain shares. They vary in price but are cheap compared to shares themselves. Again you CAN make real money here but learn the ropes 1st and don’t jump in headfirst.
    Anyway avoid these bit coin scams at all cost and good luck if you choose to have a go at options.
    Pt McG

  • I suspect that a lot of these demo trading accounts, where you play with virtual money, are tweaked so you have a better chance of making a profit than you really have.

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