GramFree review – a TOTAL scam [warning]


In this review we reveal that GramFree is a scam that has nothing to do with Telegram and the TON blockchain.

What is GramFree

GramFree is presented as an online program that rewards its users with the cryptocurrency Gram that runs on the TON blockchain, which was created by Telegram.

Telegram is a popular messaging platform and it created TON to enhance its platform with blockchain technologies.

GramFree allows you to earn Gram tokens by doing simple tasks, such as watching or creating videos, signing smart contracts, participating in a lottery etc. You can increase your earnings by referring other people to GramFree.

As its name suggests, GramFree is free, so you supposedly don’t need to deposit any money and you can start earning Grams right away. Grams can then be converted to dollars or other fiat currencies.

Is there a catch? Unfortunately yes, there is.

Is GramFree legit?

Gram tokenNo, GramFree is not legit. GramFree has nothing to do with Telegram, it is not using the TON blockchain and it is not trading or exchanging real Gram tokens.

First of all, Gram tokens have never been available for public trading, which is a fact clearly stated by Telegram. Even though Telegram did an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in 2017, it was not selling real Gram tokens, because the TON blockchain did not even exist back then.

Telegram then went on and started developing the TON blockchain, but in the end it was forced to shut it down. It was because the US financial regulator SEC said that Telegram performed an unregistered sale of securities and took steps against it.

Yes, you read it right, the TON blockchain went only in a test mode and it is now being shut down, while real Gram tokens have never been available for public trading.

This means that GramFree is lying, it is not associated in any way to TON and Telegram. And it certainly is not using real Gram tokens and exchanging them for real currencies.

The GramFree scam

Now that we have established that the TON main net does not even exist, it is obvious that GramFree is a scam. The Gram tokens it is giving you are fictitious, just numbers on their servers, they are not real tokens in a blockchain.

We have seen many scams like this one, they claim to be associated to big brands, they run their closed systems and pretend to be using a real cryptocurrency. But they never are.

You see, a real cryptocurrency has to have a real blockchain that is running in a network of computers. The TON blockchain was supposed to be public, therefore you would be able to check transactions, literally see the network running, you could have independent wallets etc.

Have you seen anything like that with GramFree? Of course not, because it is not using a real blockchain. It will just show you some numbers on your dashboard, but nobody can verify them because scammers who run GramFree are the only people who see what is going on behind the scenes.

Nonsense activities

When we checked the activities that GramFree will reward you for, we had a big laugh. Especially in the Smart Contracts section. They want you to believe that by clicking here and there you can somehow sign contracts in the non-existing TON main net and earn money. It’s totally ridiculous.

Smart contracts don’t earn money per se. Smart contracts are programs running in a blockchain, they can do many things, but certainly not earn money to random strangers who click on buttons on a obscure GramFree dashboard.

Absurd economics

GramFree wants you to believe that you can earn money by basically doing some ridiculous tasks and by participating in a lottery.

It is true that some crypto projects did airdrops, but only with small amounts of tokens and you could always see them on the public blockchain.

Giving away tons of money like GramFree suggests is a nonsense. What is more important, as we have already proved, Gram is not a real cryptocurrency, it is not traded on a single exchange, therefore it is not something you could exchange for real money.

Yes, we know about these so-called proofs of payments that some GramFree users post on social media. But they are either faked or paid for by GramFree. Ordinary GramFree users just can’t make money in this, because it is a scam. You can’t be paid for something that has no value (the Gram token).

How GramFree works

GramFree is a scam that was created to make money to scammers. Who by the way are anonymous, it is not clear who run this dirty scheme.

The first thing we noticed is that GramFree has a deposit function, so this is a way they can get your money. Be sure not to send them anything, because it would be a sure loss.

Secondly, GramFree is gathering a massive database of users that can be sold and abused for other investment scams.

And they also can have other sources of income, like sending their users to visit websites and watch videos monetized by scammers who run GramFree.

And there is maybe even more, it is always hard to see the entire malicious intent of scammers, their whole picture, they can hit you from any side. This is why you have to stay away from GramFree, don’t even sign up, don’t deposit any money.

GramFree review – the conclusion

We have proved that GramFree is a scam because the real TON blockchain is being shut down, the Gram token can’t be traded and because Telegram has nothing in common with GramFree. Stay away from GramFree.

If you want to trade real and legit cryptocurrencies, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to see how everything works and to learn trading.

Be sure to understand that financial trading is risky. You need a solid strategy before you start trading for real. Always use only money you can afford to lose.










  • Free


  • Scam
  • Not using real tokens
  • Not using real blockchain
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Comments 658

  • Thank for this info.i never knew of this before because it looks real

  • I’ve a question : why they have so many videos with withdraw proof????

    • Because they want to get as many new victims as they can.

      • I have been on it for a while now. I have never been asked to deposit any money

        • Have you withdrawn?

          • Gramfree is legit, first of all the the rules and how it works. If you have one referral 5 gram will be added to your balance which will not reflect to ur available balance till your referral completed level one (1), then the 5 gram will be added to your available balance. If you have 500gram in your balance and 300gram in your available balance you can’t withdraw till your available balance get to 500gram. Go to withdraw, you will see your available balance which is your withdrawable gram not the balanc

        • For all I know, gramfree is not scam cos facebook and instagram has been eating my MB also without paying me anything,I’ve watched several videos of withdrawal and I believe in the testimonies cos my video has been approved in the system also,and two videos was rejected, which means people are handling the account well, also those people complaining their account was blocked when they get 500gram,they should come and show me their account and I’ll tell them what they did wrong,you can’t outsmart them in anyway, I’ve talked with many of them and all faulted the rules of gramfree ,I can show you if you want to see 09057114926, for me I’ll follow the rules and see what happens, have never seen anyone who worked genuinely in gramfree that complained about blocking,they all tried to scam the system and when they block them they start calling it scam

          • Thanks for the reassurance. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

          • Good day, my name is Michael , please my gramfree is not opening always said page not available what will I do all though there was a time I mistakenly open another account Bet I have to closed it, I am approaching 500 , I am confused is there another option ? Please help thanks. 08060197679.

          • Seriously, I don’t even know what to do about this am still having double mind.

          • Hi thank for give me knowledge. Did you can withdraw and get the money into your wallet already? I also want to know because right now many peoples on facebook fighting with me about this

          • Gramfree is legit because someone that invited me to site her friend have cash out.

          • I enjoyed your response to thier fu*king review.
            My account was once blocked evn twice but later open when they realized I wasn’t cheating the system.

          • Hello,
            My account was suspended, will it be unlocked?

          • Pls explain how they scam their system..
            Cos I wanna know more about Gramfree and withdraw without being faulty

          • You had better back out while you still can… I was just like you; till yesterday when I realized that the platform is not genuine… if you are doing something wrong shouldn’t a system that cares for his customers send a warning message or something to you to put you back on track… it is until you apply for cash out that you will be banned.
            Here is what I saw this morning after I requested for cash out on the 8th of November, 2020, and I saw this message 14th of November, 2020
            “Your account has been suspended
            Reasons you have been suspended may include, but are not limited to:

            Use VPN, proxy, tor browser and other tools with hiding your real data.

            Screwing referrals;

            Motivated referrals;

            The spread of false information;

            Use of third-party software;

            Insult administration;

            Any attempt to fraud the system;

            Manipulation of content ad units;

            Use spam to attract new participants to the system;

            At will of the user;

            Create multiple accounts in the system.

            We are very focused on the value of our customers and are well encouraged. But also we have a very strict policy when it comes to stopping publishers who do not play by these rules.”

            Please be guided and don’t fall prey to their deception.

          • Have you withdraw the money? That is the question no long story

          • Have you been paid or have seen anyone in real life gotten paid?

          • Thanks for the information provided on Gramfree. I’ve been able to make the minimum figure of 500 grams on the program. However, I’m having some few challenges with the site. For the past few days, I experience TIMEOUT ERRORS on the site. These are Error 524, 523 and 522. Logging into the program has been made impossible to me. I’m confused and do not know how to reach them to make this complaint to have it corrected.
            I hope and believe u can assist me to solve this ERROR message.
            I wish i can call or whatsapp u directly but do not know the Country Code
            Trusting you to help me. Thanks

          • Hi GentleWolf…… My available is showing 452 Grams. But am a bit scared cus I’ve spent so much data on this. Please add me up on Facebook let’s chat. Derrick Hezron. Am on Blue shirt and black Trouser.

          • Why the you suspended me I reached 500gram

          • Hello I would like to know if u ended up withdrawing and getting the money

          • Are you on Facebook?,I want to ask you some questions on the gramfree site

          • But I withdrawn on 19th December 2020 since then no payment has been made

          • Really why mine is still pending? I withdrew my 500 gramfree is still on pending. I was not block why pending for withdrawing?

          • I don’t what to have a double mind because I didn’t see it ask a fake honestly

          • Can you view your support site

          • I used it i my withdrawal request is pending since 29 september 2020, so its almost 5 months, so it is a scam for sure, my friend also requested withdrawal on october 2020 and his is also pending, i requested through payoneer and my friend requested through bitcoin, so it’s surely a scam and just wasting people’s time and they are getting free money by getting people on their website and getting clicks.

          • I have not been blocked but I withdrew 24.12.2020 and payment is still pending, my friend is waiting for her payment 3+ months. So NO ONE is gonna be paid. Simply because it’s a scam and everything was explained here very well..

          • But apart from multiple account, is there way to commit crime on gramfree? I just want to know. Thanks

          • How is it real where by, some pple that withdraw since they haven’t paid them and us that is trying to reach 500gram , but we are still in 326gram every time they reduct 10gram , that is y we said is a scam guy.

          • If u didn’t invite any body and ur gram complete 500 gm will the pay you pls

          • Oga, na scam joor. I withdrew 524grams from my available balance ( I have 48.9grams in my pending balance) since 22nd February 2021. I haven’t received any money till now.
            Na only Indians dem dey pay.

          • There are people who genuinely follow their rules till the end and yet haven’t been paid…..When we checked the activities that Gram Free will reward you for, we had a big laugh. Especially in the Smart Contracts section. They want you to believe that by clicking here and there you can somehow sign contracts in the non-existing TON main net and earn money. It’s totally ridiculous.

            Smart contracts don’t earn money per se. Smart contracts are programs running in a block chain, they can do many things, but certainly not earn money to random strangers who click on buttons on a obscure Gram Free dashboard. if they are not scam, let them pay off their clients that have worked tirelessly

          • I’m at 493 Grams as of 03 April 2021,started in September 2020. The -20 roll got me 4 times. I’m afraid my referrals don’t reach even level 2 which poses a challenge for me to earn as I’ve come to learn that they must also reach level 2

          • i withdrawn 500 grams last month, not yet on my skrill, how long will it takes

          • Please I have placed a withdrawal since 28/03/2021 but it’s still on pending, what is the solution please

          • Stfu you liar and you’re Nigerian

          • Withdraw on 4th of this month to payeer wallet and still pending, any help pls?

          • Thanks well said

          • Thanks for the reassurance

          • This comment section is full of people saying they are not getting paid, that GramFree is a scam. And you choose to believe this one guy?

          • Can one use MasterCard to withdraw from the site

        • Have u been paid on that patform.

        • Have you catch out but before?

      • And if I may ask, what victim? Did you invest your money on it? Why should it be a victimized thing when you didn’t invest a dirm in gram free. So why would gram free be looking for a victims when you didn’t invest with them?. Please answer me.

        • They can make money out of their victims in many different ways, like when they make them watch videos (which they do), they can earn thanks to ads on these videos, they can sell your personal data etc. I will say it again, I don’t care about how they intend to scam people, but Gramfree is a scam, because it is lying about its blockchain and connection to TON and Telegram. They are abusing the identity of a blockchain they have nothing in common with, so it’s a scam. Period.

          • James, I’m glad to inform you that “you’re talking in the rubbish” #Lol

            Cos I got paid this morning…

            You’re one of those focusless bloggers that blog rubbish. Better go get a better job.

          • Conversations with scammers are always funny.

          • Yes it is a scam when i reached 500 gram they block my account

          • Guys this dude is 100% right, I’ve been seeing different proof on YouTube, Google etc as regard suspending ppl. It happened to me this morning. For those still doubting if it legit or scam, search for moibi bamidele on YouTube to see for yourself. I was warned by a lot of ppl, not until I saw it. Good day guys.

          • The videos you watch on gramfree has nothing to do with ads cause the videos are directly from YouTube and any video that is not associated with gramfree will be rejected

          • I don’t understand what you are saying.

          • The thing is what do you stand to loose when you dont put in any money except data which you use your data on other apps that dont pay you a dime

          • And what about your time? It is a very expensive commodity, it is what people need to make a living.

          • I couldn’t agree with more, cos I am a witness to all what you have said. I mastered the Gramfree TOS before I invited more than 50 people, I trained them how to follow the rules. I, and some of my referrals sent our withdrawals for more than four months, non of us were removed from the program which proves Gramfree has nothing against us, but still non of my referrals got their payments.

            So please you have made your point, you do not have to waste your time on those who are blind enough not to see the truth.

            Let anyone that has a genuine withdrawal proof show us, period!

          • My question is why has teligram done nothing about it if it’s using them as a cover

          • It’s very difficult to do anything about scammers that abuse your identity.

        • They want to sell you to others internet scamer

        • U are right dear

          • I was introduced to gramfree by a friend. I decided to try it because she showed me a screenshot of N450,000 recieved by the person who Introduced her to it. We waste our data watching other peoples progress on social media without getting a dime, how much more this one that promises a reward. I also noticed many adverts from other sources popping up once in a while, that could be where the source of the money paid to ppl come from from. We don’t pay anything to join gramfree so what the heck.

        • What of the time and mb wasted, and d truncated hope…do u how long it takes to achieve 500grams

          • Why is my balance showing 0.1gram instead of 1.0 gram

          • I agree with you, one should value time and if GramFree doesn’t pay & you’ve wasted data & time that’s a bad & evil scam. Time alone is a great commodity in this world. I’ve been doing GramFree for close to a year now & stand at 493 Grams as of 03/04/2021 with 28 referrals pending. My greatest fear is perhaps i won’t be paid even if i reach 500 Grams because of my referrals not reaching Level 2…after spending so much time & hope to change my life.

        • Have you withdraw your money before?

        • Yes You invested because you have been subscribing to carryout everyday activities. Like right now the website can know longer Access. I have spend six months on this gramfree now am close to withdraw

        • If truly gramfree is a scam project, indeed we were deceived.

      • But, we don’t pay anything for it…?

      • What will.they do to the victims as you call them?

    • Tbh they got ppl that already withdrawn

    • Yeah
      My big brother withdrew cash yesterday and he was paid???
      Am confused now!!!

      • Foe real??

      • You don’t need to be confused if u already had a prove of ur big brother withdrawing from it. Can I see the probe too please

        • Plz what will I do if do to correct this , every 2 days if I do free roll they will reduct 10gram from my balance, plz help me cos I dont know what is the wrong, here is my no 07064582490

      • With what method he got paid please; Mastercard, Visa or Bitcoins?

      • What method did he use to withdraw the money pls

      • Please send me your contact so that I can Know the truth well from you.

      • I withdraw yesterday still waiting for my money to be paid

      • You are lying show us the proof. A website without feedback for me is a scam.

        • Yes he’s lying you can’t Withdraw just yesterday & be paid there & there at GramFree. They no longer do that. It’s like 2 months now that’s if they still pay.

      • Are you sure about this?
        How long did it take him to get paid after he applied for withdrawal?

        • I am on the gramfree journey myself and have watched the videos thoroughly which no one seems to have done. You can always get answers without talking or making a sound.

          When a user hits the withdrawal button on say, the 15th of month A, the user will wait for the money to drop in his account. Now most times, the money doesn’t come in until the 20th of month B. Now, calculate. We are talking of a month and 5 days. Some is a month and two weeks. But the thing is, like a woman who has just given birth after labour pains when the money hits your account you forget the wait.

          Don’t bother. Just go about your everyday business. Visit your facebook, your instagram, check your emails, watch your Youtube then disconnect your Internet….. ahh. Wait.. Reconnect your Internet, visit the gramfree do all the tasks and rolls you can and disconnect. Don’t cheat. Don’t put your mind to it. When its time tap withdraw, enter your 16 digit mastercard/Visa number on your ATM or use your paypal, bitcoin address. Forget about the payment and continue the second phase. You’ll get it. All this hullabaloo about scam or hoax always comes in when people feel that this could be questionable journey of about 6 months. Another thing don’t connect via a VPN. If you are using a VPN, disconnect it. visit gramfree, then after you are done reconnect it. This is because they have different value points for different regions. Don’t worry. Just keep an open mind. You didn’t invest anything so what is there to worry about?

          • yes…as far as they didn’t demand money from me… performing tasks can’t stop me …no deal…patience is what it takes…

          • You said it all, Tobe. Thanks aplenty. Nothing lost and besides truth is many of us just press watch and allow the timer countdown without actually watching the videos, some persons have different names, emails, mobile contact that may create verification discrepancy. Some people may even register various people in the family just to get the grams bonus….. Well, even if i don’t get paid or it takes so much time….. Let’s still be happy nothing taken else so long you use the web or surf online,,,,,You have your accessible info online just like me. My advice remains no sensitive or classified info should be released anywhere if not sure or if requester is unverifiable.

          • Well said Tobe but we just want to be clear of our doubts and know what we have ahead of us

          • Please how do I know if I’m using VPN? and please how do disconnect it?

          • I made a mistake when filling for withdrawal, please is there any way I can correct this,it is about my wallet address.

          • I need gramfree support contact information…they deduction about 10 grams of my balance with no reason

      • Can I see your big brother proof of payment please. Am almost 500grams

      • Hi Yusuf please kindly drop your WhatsApp number please so we can chat up so that u can send me the screenshot of your brother that got paid please

      • How true is wot u said?? I just got to 500grams, with pending 28grams so I wanna know how tru wot u said about Ur brother is??

        • Hi tosin, my question for you is that if you have experience a limitation of your referral program, I mean that 5.0grams turns to 1.0grams right on your dashboard, have you noticed anything like that…???

      • What means of withdrawal did your big brother use to withdraw from gramfree mr yusuf

      • Hello Yusuf, can you get a screenshot of the cash withdrawal your big brother made?

        This will serve as a compelling proof.

      • Can we get proof?

      • Are you being serious?

    • The writer is stupid ,Gramfree doesn’t require you to pay in money to sign up or Withdraw. Go and do your findings well.

    • It’s already proved to you that they are paying for those fake videos…

    • I have questions, can I buy or sell Gramfree right now? If the the answer is no when can we start buying and selling of Gramfree?

    • Why do they have so Many video proof

      • They might pay some of their affiliates who are influencers and can do good marketing for the company. The second thing is that everything can be faked.

    • all videos come from single-use youtube accounts and the voice on the background is mostly the same. all accounts fame fake names

    • Is anyone Here make video in gram free

    • Please, how can i withdraw my gramfree after reaching 500gram, kindly contact me on 08054531444, thanks

  • Gramfree is a scam. I participated and was suspended after reaching 500gram

  • I’m also into gramfree.And ever since, i have been looking for someone who got up to 500 available grams on their account and confirm if they could withdraw it or not but i never saw anyone.
    Did you have up to 500grams available in your account and couldn’t withdraw it?

  • Gosh, early today i saw a message that my account was suspended, i never knew what i did to get that, after getting to 500grams and wasting 4 months on it, this is what i get, thank you for the info, my only regret is that, i wish i knew about this too early, i would’ve never wasted my time here on gramfeww

    • Pls for everything u say here i would like to see proofs.Dont just say i cashed out or i was suspended.HOw do u expexct ppl to be convinced if they do not see multiple proofs.If u really care about sharing ur experience to others,do that with a proof,dont just blab.The writer presented a proof and if u want to prove him wrong u post a proof.I dont like nonsense talks.#WE NEED PROOF#

    • You can’t achieve 500grams within 4months on gramfree without scamming the system ..

  • Chaii, this is pathetic, I have been on this 2 month and I have only 250 grams, but have seen someone close to me that have withdraw, it sound confusing

    • The person that withdraw close to you,did he/she show you his withdrawer

    • PLEASE who is that person and where? I don’t want to waste my time on any useless programme

      • Gram free is real, there are set rules you need too follow to be able to make withdraw succesful.

        Gram free! Maybe scam and at the same time may not, it all depends on how you operate it or work with it! If u try to outsmart the platform, the platform will outsmart you! That is were the issue of scam! Come from! In gram free, it doesn’t really matter whether u have reached 500 gram on your dash board. What most of you didn’t know is that, when you want to make withrawer your pending balance and your available balance is what will determine you to withdraw successfully! .
        Your pending balance has to do with your referral not able to reached level two so the 5 or 10 gram that was suppose to be in ur available balance will Remain in your pending balance until your referral reach level two then it will reflect in your available balance!.please make sure your referral reaches level two so that u won’t have problems with withdraw, even when it showing you 500 or more gram on your dash board.. U still won’t be able to withdraw it! All pending balance that prevent your available balance from reaching 500 gram must be completed,, WhatsApp me for more info! 08139009429.

    • The same experience with me…..

    • Pls let’s chat on whatsapp 08087545489

  • Does it mean that all those withdrawal that am seeing are fake …?

  • Thank God. I was about to delve into gram free but decided to go online and ask about them cos Free on the internet has become almost impossible rn. Many thanks to TBBOB for this info. You saved me a lot of time and stress over nothing.

    • Supposing there is customer care service or support service that handle people’s complains, such would have been better. The penalty of offenders shouldn’t be waiting for withdrawal period or offenders could be penalised by deducting few grams at withdrawal period which will make them to spend more time to work for the gram deducted. I always browse with suscribe data bundle, I once saw “error: suspicious activity, bot detected ” on my account of which i can’t perform any task during the error msg, Then after 24hours, I do not experience it again. So I don’t know who to ask question or what to believe genuinely. But am moving ahead to meet the minimum withdrawal amt of gram

  • Its well oo, I’ve been on it for 1½ month now I really don’t know it has dark story but the person that iintroduced it to me has withdraw successful within 3weeks
    Am really weak right now

  • There is two sides to the story. Some people have seen their close friend/relatives withdrawn money; that got to tell that Gramfree can be real. Let’s continue doing the work until we reach 500grams and see if the grams are withdrawable.

  • Bt people here are testifying dat their close friends withdrew na
    Wat d fu*k us going on here
    Dis stuff might be legit

  • I was blocked when I was close to make 500 grams, this sh*t is not paying guys.
    If there’s someone who got paid on this, please come out and tell us the truth.
    There’s always a friend who knows a friend who was paid. Waste of time.

  • I try login to Gram free today from my Facebook account it is telling me my URL is blocked I now used my Gmail now is open but am starting affresh, after making 40gram u what me to start again I don’t understand, that is y I want to see somebody close to me that Ave withdraw before I believe, when something is free I doubt

    • I experienced the same today, telling me that gramfree has been blocked by Facebook, and u have about 115 grams. It’s so frustrating!

      • It was a technical issue and it have been resolved, don’t be scared, gramfree is not fake, don’t mind fake people poisoning the minds of others,but don’t break the rules by registering more than one account,they will notice it and fcuk you up

      • This might be real guys so let’s just give it a try.
        After all they don’t demand for money it’s just data which I know how much data I waste on WhatsApp and Facebook chatting and viewing posts that don’t even add anything to my life

        • Thank you very much for your comment. That’s exactly what I’m thinking too. I know exactly how much data I burn watching videos on Facebook. What more will it take?. The fact still remains, as far as you’re not depositing any cash, I don’t see a need to give up yet. Besides, if we’ve got time to go on Facebook to pass time, it won’t take much to perform few simple tasks and see how it goes.

          • When you watch videos you want, it’s one thing. When you watch videos you are not interested in, but someone promised they will pay you for it, it’s another thing, especially when they don’t pay you in the end and keep the money for themselves. Your time and attention are money.

    • I hv seen someone with an issue peculiar to urs. If u didn’t really commit against their rules then, check back ur old account and once it open up for u, stop using the old one immediately because it be considered u are using two accounts.

  • You actually don’t know what you are saying

    • I know exactly what I am saying and as will my reviews time will prove me right.

      • I understand what u mean but nobody is planning on stopping till they see evidence.Not just on the blockchain stuff but on the gramfree.

      • James leave them they are just deceiving themselves, gram free is a correct scam you will only be hearing my friend this, my friend that,
        All of them here have been seriously blinded by greed if you go and search on block chain network you will never see anything like gram crypto currency
        Leave them lass lass when they waste their time and data and effort and it is not fruitful they Will l understand

  • Why I say this is because people are withdrawing with proof. I know one Indian man who has made video to discourage people just because his account was placed on pending when he requested for withdrawal for a month, but he later made another video telling people that he eventually got the money and reversed every bad thing he had said about them. Is that still a scam?

  • OK say another thing to convince me. Ponzi scheme is a platform set up to fraud people by paying the early participants from the fund they made from the new participants. Good, but in the case of gramfree, it is stipulated in the terms and conditions that all forms of monetary deposits are not required, we don’t need to pay anything it is totally free. So tell me, what do they stand to gain from scamming us and we the participants what do we stand to lose by participating? Now answer me please.

    • Yeah, so Gramfree is giving away money for free. Sure. Look, I am not here to convince anyone. I published a fair warning and it is up to everyone to make up their own minds. I said what I had to say and I know time will prove me right.

  • Yes time will prove it, gramfree is a free platform, we help them develop their project by using it, they reward us with token. Just $1000 for a whole 5 sometimes 6 months. Should that be a huge money to them to reward people?

  • I don’t think that gramfree is fake, because it’s not easy to be editing those proofs and sending them online moreover those withdrawing means are too much to be fake

    • I tire o. Also look at the people producing those videos. how much will they do that for

    • I’m a living testimony… It is 100% Scam. I worked hard to accumulate 500grams like four months ago. I placed my withdrawal and later I got suspended. So, don’t waste ur time and if u feel like am lying, you can go ahead

  • people spend time charting and watching videos daily without gaining or benefiting anything but just for fun. If truly Gramfree is a scam I consider one of those things but I will continue till I see how scam/real they are before I can believe anything.

  • My friend go get yourself a work stop being an enemy of progress

  • A friend of mine told me about it 3months ago but I doubted and said it’s a scam last week Wednesday he called me and show me screenshot of payment of his friend that told him about it….that my friend has not lied to me before….so I don’t understand what is going on here…that my friend is in 350gramfree now…so hopefully by 2months or more he will reach 500gram so then I will see it with my two eye if it true or not…mean while will be doing it on till it happens

  • On point

    I exhaust my data on things that don’t profit me sef

    Lemme assume Gramfree is just a website I’m surfing daily for fun

    If it pays, good
    If it doesn’t, … The data it consumes is negligible sef

    Let’s see for ourselves

  • Have you guys ever thought of the fact that the same scammers that developed the site could also disguise themselves rn convincing you to continue participating in the gram stuff? Many thanks for this info, I will be more careful rn with them. Anyway, if you still wanna continue, fine, bye.

  • Tell me, what will they gain by doing that, the whole stuff is free, yet you think they are manipulating the people participating, isn’t that amount to lost for them.

    • I don’t see into the dark minds of scammers, but it is a scam, because it has nothing to do with Telegram nor the real TON blockchain and token.

    • There are not loosing anything, u are the one loosing, because as u login there get paid, and also as u refer the link to friends there also get paid when ur friend login. Nothing is free in Nigeria okay Especially the internet, u must invest money to make money

    • The same thing Facebook and other well visited sites get when you use them. The traffic of people (who they may not deserve and shouldn’t have any biz there) using their site generate money for them.

  • james, i dunno why u r trying so hard to convince pple that gramfree is farcical/ is it ur data they r using? go n sleep joor

    • When I see a scam, I warn against it. I have done it more than thousand times.

    • Actually, they are not connected to telegram and has nothing to do with the TON blockchain, they are only using it as a trademark. However, the platform is legit, and they are only paying users a fraction of the money they generate on the site. They generate money through various means like; *Traffic ( 2$ for every 1,000 visits) *Ads ( They get paid for every Ad displayed and clicked) * YouTube Views (3$ for every 1,000 views) * CrytoMining (Each Row you click every hour, you help them mine and process a crytocurrency). So all the site is doing is actually paying its users a fraction of the money they make through them. Have you ever wondered how facebook is making money without taking anything from its users? its something similar but GramsFree pay her users. Hope i’m making sense…

  • U guys should follow the rules given to you, till the end of withdrawal, some of u , bcos of big eye u try to create double account in order to make more money, which is against of their rule, I ve seen a guy who ve made withdrawal , check on how bitcoin trade, etc work, it not scam.

  • Okay what if is true and now you have come out to tell us is a scam? what then do we do to you if i finally withdraw mine?

    • If someone is able to withdraw does not mean anything. GramFree is lying about being the original TON blockchain made by Telegram, therefore it is a scam. Period. I don’t care about what their motives are and how they proceed.

      • I will do it to the end.
        I didn’t register with money.
        I will come back here and testify if i were
        Paid or not.

      • The reality can not be hiding in protect environment, it is a crystal clear u and I knows exactly what gram free is all fake or legit ,I had much about the testmony that many people testified,, so job me through their persuasion, I am always in the system, I staff and link my self rolling, invitation,contractions and watching video in the name of gonna want to get the fu*king paid ,my experience after I have reached to 510 gram I am unable to paid,their are asking me ur gram is not enough,why?

        Now with whan u to understand something since I started watching gram free videos someone has never impressed me like the other guy ,in his impressive statement he said their are too type of account bance in gram free
        1: gram balance
        2: available balance,
        Now gram balance I have pass the maximum of grams balance why I was unable to fu*king paid
        2: available balanced, my available balance is not ought to humdren, so in the guy statement he say u much reach the minimum of 500 gram on the available balance before u can withdraw
        1:,to me is not each to reach on the available balance,
        2: I am on 510 on my gram balance why my available balance is 78 now before I will reach 500 gram on my available balance it will take me about 5000 gram

        Now my question is that where when how,why and what can I do will boarst my available balance to 500 grams my WhatsApp number 07062324678/08060143373, if gram free is a scam I have made a historical unforgivable and unforgettable mistake.

        • The yoi take note of your referrals mayne they I’ve gotten to level teo

        • Why u hv up to 510 grams on ur gram balance and have very small amount on ur available balance could be the fact that u made much referrals who have refused to work as u hv, to take their level to level 2. All u need to do is to encourage ur referrals to countinue so d can get their account across to level 2. Each time any of the referrals get to level 2, 5 to 10 gram will be move from pending balance to available balance and before u knw it, the pending balance will be empty or smaller than the available balance. When ur available balance is up to 500 u can now make ur withdrawal.reach me(08148438804)if u still need help

      • I have proof here on my mobile

      • Okay James. I guess the word you’re holding to is that the block chain is a scam. And that’s the only thing you’re sure of. We get it. How about the fact that it pays??

        • Blockchain is a technology, it’s not a scam. Gramfree is a scam, it is not even a blockchain, it does not use any real cyptcurrency. A lot of people are complaining here they they are not getting paid.

  • Okay I now get where James is coming from. He is calling GramFree scam because they allegedly lied as per connection with Telegram and stuff, not that they are not paying.
    Anyways, if they lied, how was that supposed to be my headache. Let them lie but let them pay.

    • Well, for example Ponzi schemes start by paying their members. But they always crash in the end and people lose money. Since GramFree is lying, it is a scam and you can’t expect anything else than a crash. The only question is when.

      • Dear Suporter,
        WIsh you be Healthy and doing well ,
        In instead of entering my master card number, I have entered the debit card number
        So I want to change the wallet address
        is it possible ?
        I need your cooperation please
        I want to change the wallet address because I have not received any money from your site for about 21 days.
        When I went to the bank, they told me that I had entered the debit card number, not the master card
        Please show a solution
        I am looking forward you

  • Hát én már nem tudom mit higyek el , de nagyon bízok bennünk hogy ez nem lesz átverés szorgalmasan csinálom és ki fízetnek mikor el érem az 500 gramot bízom hogy nem csalók ha nem becsületesek lesznek a ki fizetésnél mikor a visszavonást kérem amúgy szeretem az oldalukat minden nap ott vagyok reményketek nagyon .

  • My friend withdraw 470,000 life direct to his account

    • People were withdrawing from Pennywise too until it crashed and disappeared.

      • Bro you’re now saying another thing entirely, fine, if they will crash let them crash in as much as I don’t invest on it and besides, even before they crash I would have make my own withdraw.
        Please enough of this James.
        I also waste data on unnecessary things too and if this really turns out scam then I would consider it “unnecessary thing that have waste time and data on but to catch fun unlike some other things.

        • The same narrative was there in the comment section under the Pennywise review. When Pennywise crashed, a lot of desperate people came asking questions. This is my website, I warn people against scams. If you don’t like it, just leave. But don’t tell me what I should do.

          • You are busy looking for traffic, why are you spoiling people’s blues with your reggae. Gramfree is legit, i will show you proof that i was paid (credit alert).

    • Did u see him do that? Cos I’m from Nigeria too and I withdrawed 500gram only to receive a ban

      • Hi. Can we have a private chat? I wanna know more about this gram thing. I’ve been on it for months now. This is my WhatsApp number 07011917088

    • Seriously

    • Why can’t U present ur friend here to prove him self than U to be his presenter

    • Please Mr. Kehinde, can you help us with your friend prof of payment. Kindly help us with that information, at least to make us have rest of mind.

    • Please we need proofs here kehinde please provide proof for us

  • Feel me james if gramfree is scam , which one now is legit?

  • Why you guys playing with your mind,life is full of doubt..gramfree free or not …what I know about scammers there are after your money..but gramfree is different, it doesn’t take u anything..for me I will see the end ..tell yourself you must see the end..

  • Why are they saying this about gram, does it mean that the world government body is not seeing what is going or people want to bring down this company, well I don’t know much but can you show us that what you are saying is correct

    • I said what I had to say in the review. Now it is up to everybody to make up their own mind. What they decide won’t change a thing for me.

  • I also agree with continuing to work until we reach 500 grams and we also have to take into account that when withdrawing that the 500 grams are really withdrawable, because one thing is to have 500 grams, for example; me at this moment
    I have 169.5 gram but when I want to withdraw only 154 gram is available, it is for example; If you have referrals and they give you 5 to 10 grams per referral but even if it is on the board added to your total account, those are pending until that referral reaches level 2
    and so on etc.

  • It is because he failed, that’s why he is calling it a scam, with these million proof of withdrawal I am seeing, I will not consider it as scam. Even gramfree is not free because you invest your time and data.. Once you understand how it work, their rules and never break their rule then you will be able to withdraw successful. Ask him the question, has he done the gramfree himself to see the proof by selfexperimenting it? I only believe in what I have selfexperiement.

  • As for me i’ll continue and i got more than 4 accounts but i dont they will find out

  • Do you have free time? Make money! Earnings for all comers! I earned my first minimum withdrawal amount in three months, without experience working on the Internet, without investing in my free time. A great way to make money!

  • My fear is they shouldn’t hack our master or visa card oooo.

  • Hi, I want to tell you my opinion about the project. Many say that the project pays. Many argue that the Scam project. I want to say that the project is excellent and I withdrew the money from it. The project pays and I checked it myself. And those who say that the project does not pay, simply did not try to earn money in it or violated the rules and the project did not pay them. I am very pleased with this project.Best project!

  • thank you so much. i knew it this gramfree is just s***y scam things. God bless you guys.thank you.

  • My own take is this, do they require for ones ATM card details like the numbers at the front and back of the card? If yes, I’m Afraid.
    But also come to think of it how can someone pay u such an amount of money for sitting at home watching just their videos. How did they amass the money they are dispensing.

  • I didn’t earlier knew about it until my friend introduced me to it, in as much I’m trying to hit my target, I’m still looking forward to him to serve as an evidence because he is much way ahead of me!

  • Everything in life is virtually a scam. You are living in an economy that promised you heaven and earth and delivered little or nothing but you are still living.
    GramFree to some people is a money prayer answered, some says it’s a scam. We spend hours online eating our time on social media and gets nothing from it. I don’t mind waste my time on the GramFree site to get to 500 grams. From there I will see what happened.
    I have seen with my own eyes someone who was paid by them. It took 15days before the guy got his money.

  • This pal after balasfeming and scamming gramfree leave a link for you to try a real cryptocurrency. You also have to leave your name and email address before you can post a review here. Can you judge something out of this? Think about it guys, and shine your eyes! And please, ask any gramfree user whose account was suspended, ‘how legitimate he/she performed activities on the site.’ In my experience, mostly are those who tried to cheat the system in their quest to hastly reach the withdrawal amount.
    On the other hand, gramfree can use your data for other purposes as the pal indicated (though they promised not to do so without your consent in their terms and conditions). Well, before I post this review I also must give out my name and email address. How safe is my data here? Must someone attack his competitor before he can win market. I think concentrating on development and improvement will be a better option. Let customers see the difference, and let them judge out by themselves.
    Finally guys, in my opinion, we all have nothing to loss by participating in gramfree projects. As a gramfree user, endeavor to reach withdrawal level(500gram) by performing activities properly. Then judge by yourself whether its legit or not.
    Thank you!

    • I don’t care about your name and e-mail address, you can fill in on this website whatever you want, no can cares if it is fake, no one is ever going to do anything with it.

      If you choose to ignore the Gramfree scam that is pretending to be the official Telegram crypto project while it is not, you of course can, I don’t care about this either.

  • Leave people alone !! Nobody is putting their money on GramFree they are only doing task online to get paid without investing a dime. Why are you so bitter about all this things.. it’s better I waste my time doing that I would get paid online with than wasting my data doing useless things online. If it crash let it crash so far our money wasn’t invested in it. But before it crash I would get paid too because someone who withdraw to his Bitcoin account and got paid refer me. So stop this rubbish and go and find something to do with your life. Enemy of progress.

    • Gramfree is a scam, I prove it in my review, it pretends to be based on the TON blockchain of Telegram, while it is not. Its website is full of lies, therefore it is a scam.
      Now, please realize that you are on my website, so if you don’t like anything, just leave.

  • Do you all notice that James get paid on every click on his website?

    • LOL, what? How? There is nothing on this website that would earn me any money per click or per visit.

      • James, Please help me do research about lootbull because I have been on that site since July ending abd I’m not sure if it is real and I don’t even care about gram free because I know that they can’t scam me through e-mail because nothing is connected to my E-mail I can delete right now if I want to… So james please help me check lootbull.

  • I am writing this review and I want to say that this is a very best project!

  • Hey. Today I want to talk about a new project that many already know and earn in it. Like many people, I learned about the project Gramfree by accident. I looked at the reviews on YouTube and realized that the project was paying. I also looked at negative reviews and realized that people who write or record videos with negative reviews are not familiar with the project. They did not even go in and check the operability of the project. And all those who say that the project is a hoax say that the project lures money from you and then blocks you. But I want to clarify, the project does not require any investments. You do not need to invest any funds. On the contrary, the project gives you the opportunity to make free money from scratch. You get a bonus for registration and immediately get to the tab of the smart contract and already start earning. I also want to note that the project does not take any payment for withdrawing funds. He takes a commission of 1-5% for the withdrawal, it is debited automatically. I myself checked the performance of the project. The project pays.

    • I don’t know about grams free at the first time. It’s was a friend that introduced me into. So my question is , how sure for this grams free? Because my neighbor as reach 492 grams instead of her to reach 500 they reduced 10 grams from her balance and she continued doing it, they reduced another 10 grams making 20 grams and she didn’t give up and they reduced another 4 grams making 24 grams as a total. Now her balance is now 488 grams. Does it’s mean, she will not reach 500grams or how will she get up to this 500grams when they kept reducting the grams?

      • I hv seen someone with a peculiar issue. Probably, ur free roll mode has changed and the deductions are always noticed when doing ur free rolls. I advised u stop doing free roll still u get to 500 on available balance

  • lets just gv it a try…though it converts our data to its own earnin…but to proof that its a scam we need to test it first…tnx
    wish u all luck

  • James, why did you dropped a link on your website after your review?

    Do you have proof of people been blocked or scam since the project started?

    Is the link you dropped for people, is it a paid version, because you said no free thing on the internet?

    • The link is to a free demo because people keep asking us what is a legit way to trading. The demo is free and I don’t get paid a single cent if anybody gets a free demo this way.
      Concerning Gramfree, all is said in the review. You do whatever you want.

  • Someone should bring proof of payment just one will do

    • 1) Anything digital (statements, pictures, videos…) can be faked
      2) Scam projects can pay a selected few members and make them their ambassadors so that they can recruit a lot of victims

      So no, anybody saying or showing they got paid doesn’t mean anything. The fundamentals are wrong with Gramfree, it is lying about TON and Telegram, it has nothing to do with them, so it is a scam.

      • Chairman the fact is that they are not asking anybody to invest their money so leave am like that…fake or not fake..if you want to see it to the end Na choice
        ..if you are don’t want then abandon it right away


        Hey! Mr James Opinion Master… You keep repeating only one Statement… that “Gramfree Is Not Related to TON or Telegram” or whatever u call it.. That’s not even a way to prove whether a platform is Legit or Not. I’m sick and tired of reading one same Statement of Evidence of yours. At least when we see a Well-Scrupulous-Researcher… Their Review will be able to trash out a Comprehensive Proof for Advance use. I’m sorry to say.. Your Review is very Poor, Weak and still with a Local anchor. No Weight at All..!
        Here’s my Advice for u: … If u really want to be a Successful Blogger or if u really want to affect ur Generation with a Comprehensive Info, then u need to Study Harder before Commencing with ur Work.
        Note: (Never Skip A Single Detail)
        Pls reason this well, whether Gramfree is really related to Telegram/TON or not,, Such a detail first-of-all Is not even the type with an established ground enough to tell if a site Is Legit or Fraudulent… Perhaps It’s just their own Idealized way or Strategy to get people involved in Digital Life.. One strong and number 1one Reason is because there’re many Layman inside this century who can hardly just “BELIEVE” that things can work out.
        Now my Opinion: … I know very well that every Platform must have a Strategize way through which they too can generate their Income. Nothing really goes just for Free as every Civilized Thinker knows, that’s why Gramfree has to earn too from the Platform they’ve created. And reason this also… Gramfree did not Absolutely present Itself as a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme. Rather In Gramfree you really need to do the Job plus it’s very clear that you must reach the 500Grams including your charges/their commission on top and properly before you can even claim the Rewards. Cuz it’s not easy to be such Innovative to bring out such a Platform that can really change the way someone used to live after their successful First Time Withdrawal alone. So Gramfree also have to make sure that they’re very delicate with it… And so as to also generate money to Themselves from the Platform in variety of dimensions perhaps.

        So, Dear James Opinion! Opinion right?!! Pls Study really Hard in order to be a Successful Blogger or Digital Influencer/Entrepreneur. Thank You.

        • If abusing the identity of a famous blockchain project is not a scam for you, then I have nothing to add.

          • Hey James… Once again, using Names of Well-Known-Reputable Projects or Brands as means of Making one’s platform appears Franchised Worthy to the Public and to derive Maximum Traffic is not what u call “SCAM”… that’s what is known as “Lamba” in this part of the World, if u’re a Nigerian or an African at all. Many companies in the World today both Physical and Online, especially real physical companies has Succeeded in taking their Company and Objection to the next Level today,, just with the common Trick known as “LAMBA”… It’s even absolutely different from Impersonating or what they also call Piracy. That’s why no Company can by law Sue anyone for using Names as Umbrella to Fast-Track His project.
            These are just simple Business Techniques.. And you’re in a World of Businesses!!

            About Rising & Falling: … Any company can Rise & Still Fall again. It doesn’t Literally mean it’s not from a Genuine Setups.. They probably lack Scrupulous Planning or Arrangements for their “Gud-To-Go”. However, a lyfs of them are truly “FRAUD”

            But Pls Think nd trace deeply Literally into everything u set up to give Reviews

            Always work very Hard before putting out any of ur Reviews. Thank You.

            The Grand Review: Gramfree Is LEGIT.

            Your Info: I’m a
            Six6year Experienced-Research-Entrepreneur

          • Wrong, abusing the identity of another company/project is illegal and punishable by the law. Intentionally misleading people is simply a scam.

          • #James_Opinion!!!!

            Look there’s absolutely nothing like Abuse there… In as much as the name is not being used for FRAUDULENT activities or steeling real money from people. And that’s why they’re allowed for continuity. Also, Even if Telegram stated that “Gram tokens have never been available for public trading”… It literally means they’re officially getting their users Informed on the fact that whatsoever u Do is Solely on your own Detriment.. Which is in Emphasis literally more of a call to Awareness unlike u may reason it to be
            (The Phrase)… And so Telegram does not in any way stand to Victimize any site or Conclude their Actuality.

            Who even knows if Telegram granted them the use of that “Lamba”. Primarily I do not think u’ve ever got to know or have even a 0.1 script of whatever happens behind Scenes.
            Hey Man! You’re just an upcoming Blogger here, right?!

          • Wrong. You can’t use the name of another company no matter your intent. You can for example try to use the name of Microsoft to raise money for charity, which is a very good cause, but they would sue the hell out of you. So please stop your nonsense.

        • So @starhope reviews analysis, did u got paid after withdrawing or what’s the brag about
          If you’re among those that didn’t get paid after withdrawing then you’re also pointless

  • Oga shut up Jare….are you paying any money to the website?…did they ask you to pay them your money?….so what do u mean by it’s a scam?….it’s not a must to participate in it…even if I get to 500grams and they don’t pay then it’s OK because I didn’t pay them one naira so I don’t need to fear anything simple…’s fake leave it like that….Na free your money no dey inside….as long they are not asking me or anyone to pay our money all your write is as stupid as it is….keep your opinion to yourself…..telegram dis and day….when Satoshi created Bitcoin he handed it to someone else how sure are you that TON is abandoned?…for all I know the project could be sold or handed to someone else…so just shut the hell up….scam is when your money is involved and you can get it back…so only an illiterate will call grantee a scam because he has no idea what scam really means…go get a dictionary and see the meaning of scam…..MMM was a scam because people invested their money so how can you compare it to grantee where you don’t pay? for email and info been sold that is why creating an email is very easy u can create one and use it to register it doesn’t mean you use your regular email for it…so I don’t get your whole story

  • Scam or no scam. I won’t blame anybody. But I want you to know. ”Life is all about taking risk. He who refuse to take risk, have nothing, gain nothing, die as nobody and buried as nobody”
    If you want to quit now because u think its scam and it turn out to be legit, how awful will that be. If you are in it for at least a month, why don’t you see it to the end? Your ultimate measure is u seeing it to the end. You have two results. It’s either u gain the $1000 or you know whether it is scam. You want to try it don’t look back. If not, think well about it

  • Gud mrning guyz i heard u discussing about gramfree. Gramfree is legit by eyes wtness, am among the beneficient

  • I stumbled upon this quite by accident when I was looking for work for a living. Prior to this, I did not even read such articles to the end. The article said that “YOU CAN EARN MONEY WITHOUT INVESTMENT.” I thought that this should be another scam or a fraud, but I decided to read it all the way to the end once and find out what is being offered there. The article said that you need to get the cryptocurrency grams to your balance in the project, and then you have the opportunity to convert it to another currency and withdraw to an Internet wallet. As a result, I decided to try it, watched the video reviews in the project and realized that the project is really cool and it really pays. I thought and thought that, in principle, I have NOTHING ANYTHING. And I decided to try. I earned 500 grams in two months, put the money for withdrawal to my online wallet and after 10 days I was very surprised when I saw them on my balance in my online wallet It is really cool that such projects . The best project

  • Somebody mistakenly opened two accounts. Is there any way out on this

  • Funny how it’s hard to believe anything anymore. I guess one just have to find out for themselves.

  • Mr Ben please which withdrawal method did you use I have 463 on my available balance.

  • Actually Mr James I don’t really know ur motive buh me wasting my data is same as gramfree.all we know is that they don’t request for money whether they pay or not plz mind ur business maybe Go find a better handwork than this whole shit plz I beg u live gramfree alone, they haven’t pay me buh at least I didn’t deposit my money mr

  • Gramfree is scam or no scam I must see the end my self,have started like two month ago and I have 210 on my balance.but for me as am looking at it is legit because..
    *If u off your rolling you will got -10 grams
    *if you sign risky contract and you forfeit one day they will deduct 4 grams
    *for you to chat with their customer service you have to reach level three and they will deduct 10 grams from your balance for you to be able to chat them
    *if you refer someone before they can credit your main balance that person has to reach level two
    *you must not register more than one account on one email or Facebook account,by doing this your account will be blocked…
    So tell me how is it fake or scam,they protected their website in full security…For me no going back because the whole life is full of risk

    • Funny how all the comments that support the scams we review talk about how life is risky, so you should take risks with scams. So, again, scams are not about risks, they are about certainty of failure.

      • You what pple ar callin sef James or jeans
        See i don’t even care. Bcus real player just withdraw 400.000. 70.000 for my gis I mean for my boy .and chick……… No need for eny investment ooo. Don’t let enyone to deceive u guys. Gramfree is real. ….see even though its a scam but this scam is paying that why I love this scam

    • Oh my!
      So what if the person I referred doesn’t reach level 2 I can’t withdraw

  • A lot of stories, don’t know what to believe anymore. However, if it is another way to scam people, why would Facebook and Google still allow people to sign in through their platform.

  • Hello dear friends! I started to practice the robot on the platform. In general, the project is cool, but correctly you say that without activity nothing will work !!! But you don’t need to invest, if you want to make money on the Internet you can and really good money, but you need to dig in and develop!

  • james was here to discourage people ni, please don’t mind him.

  • Hello good and wonderful people, i also followed up gramfree i referred 12 people, i rose up 500. but till today i have’nt receive money in my wallet. it pained me because of the time and data i wasted, what i discovered is that they pay few people so as to lure more victims to keep it going. i just need help on any site that can pay, i got 1 anyways just survey. Drop ur emails so that they would send you a registeration mail. but please i.would be grateful if u have any site too

  • are you a victim also?

  • James pinion I think you are sick, then what is the importance of your stupid site, and why are you deleting my post?

  • Hello guys,
    James Pinion gets paid for writing all these bad things about others.

    Why do you think he could be here writing all time? Gramfree is farcical he says, it’s fine. But you James pinion you’re also farcical because you’re here not to help but to spoil and then get paid for it.

  • I read the reviews here, in principle, the majority writes everything about the case. There are dissatisfied ones too, I look, but without them there is no way. The project is cool, you’ll earn 100%, the main thing is to follow the recommendations and rules, I really do not force anyone to do the same, or even vice versa, rather, I advise you to listen! Then you can earn without investments!

  • Hi everyone! Gram free is not a scam. My cousin who started January got paid in June. And he told me that it’s demand patient and when you get to 500 grands, your account will be suspended for about 2 weeks or more before you will be paid. So,bad Belle make una keep quiet. We no get any thing to losen even if na scam.

  • Please someone should tell us about who withdrew naa. So many stories here and there.

  • Why GramFree has so many websites like ???????????????

    Total scam …….

  • I started to practice the robot on the platform. In general, the project is cool, but correctly you say that without activity nothing will work !!! But you don’t need to invest, if you want to make money on the Internet you can and really good money, but you need to dig in and develop..

  • Hello guys cool your mind,gram free is not a scamm site , I withdraw my money two weeks back ,and I received alart in my account for N470

  • Okay guys, I stumbled upon this fake claim when I was making my research on the grams and TON, gram free is 100% legit, I have withdrawn last week and I’m still having 100grams left on my gram balance.

    My friend that we started together also withdrawn same week because we were hustling together.

    The error that people have falls here, maybe you try to spam the system because I remembered one of my friend I referred also experience this issue of reaching 500grams and was suspended, he confesses that he was registered himself multiple times.

    Secondly, maybe your dashboard balance was 500 grams while your available balance was like 300grams, you’ll not get paid. This happens when you are referring inactive users or having a risky contract pending.

    You’re using vpn to login to the platform;
    change of IP address also make it looks like bot. If you’re a web programmer you’ll understand what I’m talking about when you’re facing Adsense policy violation or ads limit.
    Or you always recently visit your Cpanel statistics page to check the bot filter.

    So this people that are giving fake testimony, go and review your activities again, I understand that people will not talk about the error they made, they’ll tend to paint people black. The company cannot pay over 800 users to make fake videos, because in my dashboard have watched about 800 different videos from different countries and different languages.

    So please stop condemning people’s business…

  • Scam or No Scam…Brothers and Sisters Hustle Ohhhh!
    You’re not being asked for a penny, you’re not asked to invest nofin…so fuck with gramfree till the very end guys and see for yourself. If it pays, Wallah you’re a $1000 rich, if it doesn’t pay, shake your head and try some other venture. Don’t just sit your ass down and do nothing when you know you’re fucking broke.

    The GramFree project might be a scam or no scam, but Fuck it I don’t care. Just rolling with the tide.

  • My friend got paid she send me a proof myself m really confused now bcs m on it already. What shall I do to quete

  • I believe you. 100%

  • Wow, I have read all the reviews and comments here. I’m on Gramfree too. I’m of the view of seeing it through to the the end. I’d be careful. Thank you for sharing @James.

  • Hey . cool project. I do not understand people who write negative reviews. Many of them did not even enter the project. Try this way of making money and you will be pleasantly impressed.Gramfree PAID.

  • Gram Free is a legit site,don’t even comment please, because the person that post it’s scam,is achieving his target by many comments obtained from individuals, believe me,those that are relying with his bad thoughts didn’t know the actual rules and regulations governing the site.
    Thank God For Making my life So Fantastic.

    • Lol… One day is coming when you will discover that it is 100% scam after u get 500gram and they later suspend you

  • if you try to manipulate the site, your account will be banned and their will be no assurance of you withdrawing any money

  • James Pinion, your nationality please ?

  • Today I withdraw
    Have it pending, so guys let’s wait on it
    For proof whatspp=08076854999

  • Guy, am not depositing any money to gramfree and I only run my task with the little time left for me in the day. I don’t care if it’s fake as claimed. I have 350 grams and by next month I will withdraw. If it works, lucky for me but if it doesn’t, I move on with other things.
    Can the poster show me a proof that gramfree is fake?

  • You are a citizen of the world and your nationality is goodwill, so that is why you come here to discourage people? What a laughable concept !


  • Do you have free time? Make money! Earnings for all comers. I earned my first minimum withdrawal amount in three months, without experience working on the Internet, without investing in my free time. A great way to make money!

  • Well whether scam or not I will reach 500 gram first and use my bitcoin wallet to withdraw,moreover unless u have dollar account you can’t use naira master or visa card to withdraw so why should I be afraid and I did not invest deposit any amount, so why should I be at risk? From what I can deduce is probably after you started you ended up having 0.1gram while free rolling and you got frustrated and you thought when will I reach 500gram with just 0.1 thereby leading you to do this…

  • Please someone should tell us how to upload videos I’ve tried and I couldn’t ,also have not reached up to 500gram yet,untill I get to that level I then I can be able to know wether it’s a scam or not…

  • Gramfree is totally fake, once you earn upto 500grams and try to withdraw, the withdrawal status will be on pending, then they’ll block you from messaging their rubbish support, and then after some days they’ll then suspend your account.

  • Do you have free time? Make money! Earnings for all comers. I earned my first minimum withdrawal amount in three months, without experience working on the Internet, without investing in my free time. A great way to make money.

    • Based on what I see in the comments here, Gramfree makes people watch and click ads and do other things that earn Gramfree money, and when people are about to reach the threshold for a withdrawal, they get suspended and get nothing.

  • Please help I’m just registered it I don’t want to waste my time on it [legit or scam] real proof.people are say my friend of my have withdrawn please screenshot your withdrawn to prove it for us I’m waiting…..

    • I’m a living testimony… It is 100% Scam. I worked hard to accumulate 500grams like four months ago. I placed my withdrawal and later I got suspended. So, don’t waste ur time and if u feel like am lying, you can go ahead

  • Hey Mr James, thanks for this review.I got an advice concerning but I disagree with the reviewer then.When blocked me 2 days after requesting payment, then my eyes opened. Thanks for this.Trustpilot also flagged gramsfree as a scam. So if no one believes u, leave them.

  • Friends . Have you tried a new project to make money on the Internet without any investment?
    Today I want to tell you my success story related to making money on the Internet, where I earned from scratch on my balance sheet. The first thing I did was register in a very cool project called Gramfree!

  • What you guys don’t know is that the guy that post this is making money on you you people for you to make a comment on the shit he as post….the problem am having with Nigeria is that they do clam to be wise, bro there are lot of ways to make money online whether small or large but we Nigeria we keep asking to know if it’s legit or fake make your research on Google and also you can see alot of video’s on YouTube. What I we just ask you guys is…does gramfree demand for money..(no) then why are you saying is scam, GRAMFREE IS FREE AND LEGIT

    • Can you please explain to me how I am making money with people reading and commenting this review? Because I really would like to earn on this to cover my expenses to run this scam warning website.

  • Gramfree is a total scam. I registered four months ago. After I have worked hard to accumulate 500grams, I withdrew and saw pending. Today I was suspended.


  • Have you been able to withdraw from the site?

  • I wast a lot of time on gram free why I am unable to receive payments

  • The reality can not be hiding in a protected environment, it is a crystal clear u and I knows exactly what gram free is all about being fake or legit ,I had much about the testmony that many people testified,, therefore I was been job through their persuasiive words I use to be always on the system, I staff and link my self rolling, invitating,contracting and watching videos in the name of gonna want to get the fu*king paid ,my experience after I have reached to 510 gram I am unable to paid,their are asking me ur gram is not enough,why?

    Now with what I gat to understand, since I started watching gram free videos someone has never impressed me like the other guy,impressed me, in his impressive statement he said their are too type of account balance in gram free
    1: gram balance
    2: available gram balance,
    Now gram balance I have passed the minimun of grams balance why I was unable to fu*king paid
    2: available balanced, my available balance is not ought to humdren, so in the guy statement he say u must reach the minimum of 500 gram on the available balance before u can withdraw
    1:,to me is not easy to reach on the available balance of 500 gram
    2: I am on 510 on my gram balance why my available balance is 78 now before I will reach 500 gram on my available balance it will take me about 5000 gram

    Now my question is that where ,when how,why and what can I do that I will boast my available balance to 500 grams my WhatsApp number 07062324678/08060143373, if gram free is a scam I have made a historical unforgettable mistake.

  • Just reading the terms and conditions really prove the inlegitimacy of the website.

  • For those of you saying gramfree is a scam, do your research well before posting. Below is the worth of the website (you can also verify it)

    Estimated worth of this website:


    Worth Of Web Rank


    Estimated revenue per day:


    Estimated revenue per month:


    Estimated revenue per year:


    Now you see gramfree actually make a lot of money from traffic, ads, info to mention a few.

    If they make over $1,000 a day, what will it cost them to pay you $1,000 after 3-4months, do the math yourself.

    • These stats doesn’t mean anything. Services like Worthofweb have no real data, these are just estimates. And even if they were true, how much a site is getting visited doesn’t say anything about whether it is a scam or not.

      • They don’t even have a proper support (customer service) platform outside of the site. Be it via e-mail or social media account, they don’t have any… I don’t believe a proper legit paying site shouldn’t have that..

        Once they suspend your account thats all……I believe they don’t want people disturbing them after they suspend accounts. Scam suspicion

    • Nice one. As little as monster seed is, it grows to become a big tree. It has been spelt out about withdrawing from your grams. Note. Before you can withdraw your money, your pending balance MUST MOVE TO YOUR AVAILANLE BALANCE. This money has to be processed and you will get paid within 2-3 weeks because millions of people are running gramfree activities. Gram free pays…!!!

  • I mistakenly opened another gramfree with my other email when i tried to log in.
    Will i be suspended?

  • I have reached 340 grams – but now gramfree has locked the roll feature that results in a loss on every roll, the last one was -10
    I had my doubts from the beginning but now truly believe it’s a scam

  • Some people are saying its a scam! Its a scam! And few people are withdrawing every day because it takes time to reach 500 gram on your available balance!.

    For those of you who think its a scam!, are u trying to tell me that google and Facebook now promote scam site all in the name of making money or profit.
    Please let take our time and look at it from these perspective, if truly its a scam as it has been proven by james and other people,, I believe Google and Facebook would have authentically disabled it from their website!.

    As far as am concerned, gram free is real and its paying people daily! Who earn genuinely.
    Another thing I discovered is that, most of the people complaining that is a scam is due to the facts that they are operating ❌ multiple accounts! And refer so many fake accounts to get to 500 gram which reflect on their pending balance and when they try to withdraw their 500 gram which was in their Dashboard or pending balance, the system quickly detect it and automatically disabled them. That was why they became frustrated and start calling gram free scam!..
    If you want to earn genuinely and withdraw successfully when u have 500 gram on your available balance! Hook me up on whatsapp..*****contact removed*****

    Thank you!

    • There are tons of scams being promoted on Facebook, YouTube and Google. There are even lawsuits going on against those companies because of investment scams ads.

    • Please I need your help, please answer me, I am a Nigerian citizen about to widraw from please guide me, which online wallet e.g paypal, payoneer, payeer e.t.c account is accepted by UBA in receiving money into my UBA Bank account. Or should use my UBA Master card direct to order my payment from gramfree?

  • I can’t believe this

  • Today I want to talk about the Gramfree project. For 3 months, in my opinion, the project really showed that an ordinary user can be trusted in the project and there is no need to be afraid of risks. Since in this project you don’t lose anything but only earn. And the most important condition for me is that earnings are absolutely without investments. Although in fairness, I note that payments come with in 14-30 days and this is not a long time, before payments came within a day, too many users appeared in the project and now it takes a lot of time to moderate payments. Another plus to the project is that you can always earn grams. There are many ways and you can collect the minimum amount in a month. It took me 3 months. I only received my payment today, as I collected a minimum amount for a withdrawal for a very long time. But now I will try to work harder and earn more grams. Withdrawal of funds to any Internet wallet without any problems, the speed of operations at altitude. I entrust the project.

  • Hallo everyone. I would like to know of I decide to deposit will that money be converted into grams or will it increase the grams I have in my account

  • Those that don’t have any stuff like a video channel, a well booming blog account and so on attached to their Google accounts won’t see this info helpful, you guys can continue, for those that have reasonable stuffs that yield something attached to their accounts I will advice you to go now n change your password, bcos if u don’t you will wake up one day and shed tears… currently a popularly known YouTuber(a pesmobile youtuber) with close to 5m subscribers lost his channel, n i strongly believe stuffs as real and very convincing as gramfree made him lose it.. Thanks for this info bro. I’ll immediately put a stop to this, I’m here becos I wanted to see the true meaning of gramfree cos am currently making a video to post on my channel, but damn I’ve seen something very very helpful than the so called gramfree.. m out of here!!

  • Gramfree is a Big Scam and don’t fall for it. I’m close to 500 grams and I wasn’t able to login my server is working and my Cloudflare is working but it keeps bringing out that my host server has an error.

  • Gramfree is cool! I can say for sure that the project pays. My friend withdrew money to his wallet. I saw the proof of payment. I recommend.

  • You all should do a proper research before diving into a project… gramfree is a big fat scam… it started with which i was part of working abd hoping like most pple are now. Until they migrated the server to after which I lost access to my previous profile and was force to start afresh with balance 0 gram from 350 gram, which totally absurd and a waste of time

  • Hello dear friends! I started to practice the robot on the platform. In general, the project is cool, but correctly you say that without activity nothing will work !!! But you don’t need to invest, if you want to make money on the Internet you can and really good money, but you need to dig in and develop!

  • Gramsfree is a scam
    I had 500grams
    And I made a withdrawal on the 7th of this October 2020

    And today being 13 my account was barn

  • Pls I just want to know if this is a scam site I don’t want to waste my time pls

  • Great project. recomend for everybody . Register now.

  • To verndi
    I might say it is a lie,I started with now is
    And my account is still intact

  • A blogger earn through per click and the number of people that visits the site just as we are doing right now

  • I spent almost 2k data on Instagram,fb,whatsapp etc in a week,
    Talk more of what I “might”earn from in 5months without putting in money,and also with less data of what I spent on other social media……..
    I just dropped my email and username here just as I dropped my email and my username there..

    • You have hope and time to lose. And time is money. While you will be completing tasks for Gramfree, like watching videos and clicking on ads, Gramfree owners will get paid for your activity. And you will get paid nothing and lose time you could have used for someting profitable.

      Your time and attention is one of the most valuable assets, empires like Google and Facebook are built on that. Their services are not free, they monetize your time and attention.

  • I started to practice the robot on the platform. In general, the project is cool, but correctly you say that without activity nothing will work !!! But you don’t need to invest, if you want to make money on the Internet you can and really good money, but you need to dig in and develop! Pays!

  • i just got suspended today, will my account ever be reopened?
    pls i need an answer.

  • This Gram sh*t is scam if someone does not go legit on his account why don’t they suspend it immediately why wait till they get to 500 for withdrawal? Some are saying my friends sister cash out why not tell us about your cash out? lastly when withdrawing with bitcoin why do they need your details house address phone number…e.t.c.bitcoin does not require all that for any transaction…WISE UP✊

  • Same way people said bitcoin was a scam.

    • Bitcoin is a realy cryptocurrency while Gram is not, the project was shut down by Telegram. GramFree is just a scam abusing the identity of a no longer existing cryptocurrency.

  • Guys you need to know that technically gramfree is legit. The way they make money is not by letting us watch vids of others.
    You need to pay attention. When you are watching vids there are ads that are being displayed about other businesses in your area/country. Which are paying the per view to Gramfree.
    What gramfree does is guaranty the partner ads sites that enough of viewing time is recorded in order for them to be paid out. What they pay to us is a fraction of their earning.

    So in simple words in a clever website displaying google partner ads. Same as the floppy bird game that came out a while ago and they made millions through ads.

    Let’s hold thumbs ANd stay positive.

    Keep on trying. If we have 5hrs of being bored on the phone why not 5mins for a hope.


  • Dear James Pinion, thanks for that eye opening research. I have read through the comments – people’s experiences with Gramfree. The probability of getting ban or locked out after working hard is high. My question now is, how can one invest in YouTube, google or Facebook without creating ads, blogging or making videos

  • Gramfree is scam, the videos u see are scam, they made up vids to give you hope, I have reached my level of withdrawal and I withdraw it’s one month three days now it’s still showing me pending, but if u check the vids the interval of payer is just two weeks 07035758753, I regretted begin a part because after from the data wastage, I also paid money for ads but yet nothing came in.

  • This is becoming like a scam to me. In the last 2 weeks, 30 grams has been deducted from me (each time, 10grams) for just doing the free roll.

    This usually happens whenever I have reached over 392 grams.

    • Any time you want to the free roll.. Always check the win win roll if its win win or risky if risky you will see x.. But at win win you will have this √..and a green colour icon.
      So always observe cos it chances sometimes..

  • Pls i havent seen any video proof of someone who said that gramfree didn’t paid him……if you want to proof that the gramfree is scam….send me a video of gramfree scam on my email

  • This life no just balance at all,everyone done be confuse the site is legit.but I promise you it will take you a very long time to reach that available 500gram not that one on your dashboard(balance )before all your referrals go put head down say them one do am reach level two o boy time done go

    First I think say na the one one balance you can withdraw from but after reach that and can’t still withdraw I went to do more research on this
    It’s the one on your available balance that you can withdraw from but I see it will take a very long time for all your referrals to do that a reaches Kevel two for your pending balance to be moved to your available balance oo

  • I started to practice the robot on the platform. In general, the project is cool, but correctly you say that without activity nothing will work !!!

  • I don’t know if this gram is legit, but I’ve reached 530+grams but I only have 120+grams in mh available balance because out of 92 I referred only about 9 that has reach level two…

    So I push untill I see the end…
    I’ve seen so many withdrawal videos, but I haven’t seen even one scam proof video…

  • Ok I hear u James and I want to believe all that you have spoken to peeps about gramfree.However, there is an adage that says “experience is the best teacher”.Let me experience it so I could learn from it.For me,I have made up my mind to see this through to the end so,I can tell others about my experience!….Is your opinion based on experience or what you are thinking?Thanks

  • Please am already at 351 gram and I want to know deeply if they are scam or not,I have spend almost 7 month on this and I want to know if it’s scam or not

  • Here is my WhatsApp number +2348103503882

  • Cash out in 2 months Use EVERYDAY

  • I’ll get to 500 available grams first before concluding it’s a scam

  • My fellow Nigerians u guys ought to be wise and smarter than this, if not it will all end in tears gramfree is a website created to benefit the creators not the users Y do I say so, search on how to make Money online among them u will see create a website that uplods videos when someone wachtes it and an Ad pops in the creator gets paid immediately for accepting their advent to be played in their videos, who knows other means this guys get paid with their website. Yes maybe a few persons got paid, that’s as the result of keeping the website going that is Y u c testimonies or whatever, the fact is that u end up wasting ur MB,,time and must importantly ur Hopes. Just think about it.

  • I earn 500 gram . And withdrawal to my BItcoin wallet ! Project realy cool!

  • Hmmm!!
    I don’t know what to say for now
    But let those who have proves to support or against the website pls screenshot and let us see it

  • All comments here and there are Amazing but until there is a proof of successful withdrawal with evidence then we can have a way forward.

    Real or not I can’t say but……Let’s have a successful withdrawal with evidence

  • From what I saw here, I see a lot of people saying they haven’t seen anyone who withdraw apart from people saying my friend or my cousin withdraw..let me make you understand that people here are people who thinks that their gram isn’t going as it’s supposed and decided to make enquiries to know if the site really pays it’s members, for those of you saying it’s a scam I’m sorry for that or for your account being suspended is maybe you try to be more smart than them but with patience it can still be opened but finally gramfree pays and it’s legit, I’m a living witness

    • Please what can I do, I have requested for a withdraw for almost 7 weeks now but I haven’t gotten the money in my wallet, what could be the problem but I still do my daily task everyday since I withdraw?

  • Anyway I have not withdraw but I will continue to gram till I get to 500 grams available for withdrawing. instead of me wasting data on Facebook WhatsApp Instagram and others and I don’t get paid let me give gram the benefit of doubt. Same way someone told me wowapp is a scam but today I have successfully withdraw 200$.

  • Many people write that the project does not pay and they write bad reviews. But the project really pays. I personally checked this project myself. And after I ordered a withdrawal of funds to my wallet. A month later, the money went to my wallet.

    • Congratulations Ekise. I just join a months ago I no definitely I will withdrew because the person that refer me has withdrew two three weeks ago. Because of all these bad review about gram that is why all most people I refer stop using grams.

      • Please which medium did that friend of URS used to withdraw because I saw a blog that says that gramfree does not pay in cash to Nigeria And Ghana earners but I do not want to believe it cos I’ve already earn 412 gram. I hope you’re Nigerian so you might be able to give me answer

    • EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!

    • How did you get to withdraw yours, because I did request a withdraw for the past 7 weeks now and receive nothing yet, what can I do to get my earning in my wallet?

  • I’m already 401 gram, I want to login this morning,I’m unable to login , see what my dashboard is showing reason”:”Something went wrong.”,”error
    Hope this gram free is not a scam or what?

  • I think it’s a general issue the platform is facing as I too can’t access my account…

    Or probably, the platform may have crashed, if that isn’t the case, then, it’ll be fixed.

  • Bro am with you. Am in 422.8 and I need to know if is real or not too.

  • Let me watch and see because I have made withdrawal yesterday and it’s pending, I will update you later

    • Please share you testimony if actually you cash out I just join last two weeks. The website looks real since it does not involves any form of investment. Let me be wasting the data on grams instead of selfish Facebook and WhatsApp who never give a single cent in return.

  • Please help me
    My mobile net speed
    But my gramfree app host error
    What is this problem

  • For 3 days now when i want to log in i see ‘{“reason”:Something went wrong.”,”error”:true}. I dont know what this means.

  • End of story, Gramfree is legit,real , whatever you call it , but if you are afraid of being scammed even when u don’t invest cash , wait for testimonies from people who commented or people who are around you and never discourage others to take a step towards their turn of cashing out.

  • Ever since I reached 300 grams my grams have started accumulating by only one gram per day, even though I collect about or over 20 points every day, can someone explain, maybe I’m missing something. And yeah, the server is always down nowadays

  • GramFree is scam because I reach 500gram I withdraw them am waiting for alert but I didn’t receive the alert in the next 6days their suspended me

  • Pls does their suspended your account when u made the request payment after paying you?

  • If you don’t believe or you are confused why not continue with your GramFree to get the result yourself instead of concluding rubbish here. I have request for withdraw from on the 21/11/2020. I wait and see the next step. My account Suspicious Activity due to opening five tab to watch the videos. And today is not the first time. Thanks People.

  • i have score so many grams but it does’t show it all, only rolling score apear on dash board, what should i do

  • *Gramfree, why are you like this!!! After many months of suffering in this platform, you never suspend my account until now I placed a withdrawal request. What a hell is this. 5 months on this platform with no Result. I am so angry right now, I just wish I can see the ceo of this platform, I would have blow your ass. Just wasted my time, my money, and energy ⚡. If you know what is good for you, I’ll want to see my money. I’ve suffered enough for this shit bro.

  • I dont think one needs to suffer from Gram free rules i guess it sensitive so you need to go slow and relax on it its suppose to be an extra stream of income. Play by the rules, referrals are suppose to be organic not computer generated. I have taken my time to refer but my leads are organic real pple.

  • Have gotten 225 grams in less than 3 months ,so how is it fake am confused if it continue or stop

  • Did the Free Grams on the Win-win roll got reduced? It will be more harder to reach 500 Grams, which roll do you guys prefer? Win-win or Risky roll?

  • I want to know that “Can I withdraw from 2 accounts with the same IP Address”

  • My account was suspended 5 days after withdrawal …for no reason …am so confused here

  • Can someone tell me, who received the real money after a gramfree withdrawal?
    Because, I made the withdrawal request on 04/12/2020 after reaching 500 grams. The site shows ‘Pending’ since 04/12/2020. How long will they take to approve and transfer this to our account (Skrill)?

  • Guys please this Gramfree it’s not real don’t believe any shot of it I have pass 500gram and I withdraw since last month November 25 2020 till now still on pending pls don’t just put ur mind there it’s not real anything
    I hop all the word can see
    Been trying to get to there customer service they don’t even have any
    This is just a bullshit thy are using us to make more money
    Also wasting our time
    Even for plenty months
    Pls guys wake up

  • Incase you guys don’t know the owners or ambassadors of gramfree are in this comment section to try and confuse undecided people whether it is real or fake.
    All I have to say is that gram free is a scam and fraud the videos you watch earn them AD revenue, all those proof of payment on YouTube are people that have been paid to say that, besides gram free is not listed as a valid crypto currency in the bock chain network
    And remember there are not any ree things in this world if you read the comments here once you suffer for 5_7months and get up to 500grams they will block your account
    James is trying to warn you guys as a good Samaritan but you don’t want to listen lass lass all of you participating in it it will end in premium tears

  • Am just new here please. I have open many account up to 15 with another phone and am managing them all to reach level 2. Will my account got suspended? Cz i jst reach 150grams oo

    I don’t knw or they will banned me. Plz i need an advice. Here my Info :- +2348068416962 (Am pappy)

  • Check ur available gramfree & tell me how many u get……….just click on withdraw u will see den call or flash me 07059867781

  • i have applied for withdrawal since on 20th of january 2021,up till now i haven’t gotten my money to my wallet its still pending. please what should i do pls help

  • I have been on gramfree for about 6 to 7months now trying to get 500grams, I started having issues when I got to 450g, which they started removing 10 grams every day until I get back to 400g, and once I get to 450g, the deduction of 10 grams will start again until 400g again. With this happing, I don’t need anybody to tell me that gramfree is a total fake and scam, which I have confirmed it myself.

  • Please someone should help me out I can’t make cash out am having 567gram but can’t make cash out I don’t really know what is wrong is this really legit or scam

  • recover my Gramfree Account

  • I have wasted my time on this gramfree thing. It’s a scam. My withdrawal has been pending for 4 weeks now.

  • I have seen suspicious activity on my account once, and the account was sent for review. Please can someone tell me if my account at the end if I want to withdraw would be suspended?

  • I will chat u up now. I have reached 500 gram and have not been paid it’s still showing pending and I did this withdrawal on Dec 4th 2020. What could be d delay.
    My account is still opening and am doing all the task too

  • Since yesterday,I can’t find gramfree support,and they’re now giving me 1.0gram for referring a friend instead of 5.0grams , with this am suspecting them

  • I do not doubt gramfree..let us wait and see,i have my withdrawal pending since 17/01/2021

  • It seems that they use the site to post ads , mean of thousonds of people is doing this every day how much exposuring is their ads getting..

  • Google is posting ads on the site may be they can shed some light if the site is ligit or not

  • Why did my referral gram changes from 5gram to 1gram


  • Just check the names of those people who have rolled recently, they are almost the same all the time. And some of those names are repeated even in that period of time, which means they’re doing something against the rules!?

    Also, the names are randomly generated, you can’t find a real person with that first and last name or there!

    It’s a Ponzi scam; imagine a lot of people with deposit about 1000 Grams which is equal to 3300 USD! Let’s suppose they will keep going on this way and also pay some people through the money the others paid; so the day this process halts and not new people would trust it, it’ll go down in history!!!

    • And I notice also when you are not connected to the Internet… Or disconnected… New new names keep changing and appearing for making rolls. The very first day I saw I suspected the site to be a scam.

  • Yes you are correct. They making money with the ads displayed

  • Gram Free is a scam page what’s the meaning of your account has been ban when you work for months and you click withdrawal that’s the time they ban your account. I place my withdrawn on the 1st of march up till now today 7th of march my account was ban. Na once I sweat
    Gramfree and all the video are just people who get paid to promote other ad companies online to generate traffic

  • My smart contract bonus is not adding up can someone help me on this?

  • Sir, My withdrawal is pending before 3 three months
    I have to create a withdrawal request of 500grams (12-01-2021)
    Today I see that the requested withdrawal is pending.
    My Payoneer wallet address is ( please transfer my withdrawal.

  • hi. gram free friends if u want gramfree to paid u just sign in roll and watch videos don’t sign smart contract or buy lotter cause if u do remember any u miss to sign or buy u will loose ur gram DAT is why u are loosing gram everyday.

  • I have been pending since 28 February till nowi used MasterCard, I don’t know why is delaying

  • Why my withdrawal is pending since 30/01/2021

  • so no one here have been paid
    then who and who are the people making those videos
    am confused here now

    if u have the answer tell me here


  • I swear grmfree paid me 2times
    But now i still the in suspended and i hope the will pay me later because my friend withdraw his gram on my wallet and he was suspended since on December 2019 an he forget the acount thinking like it’s scam but i received the money this year that’s show it’s not scam it’s paying but sometimes it will take you long time to pay

  • my payment still pending in gramfree what is going on pls clear our dues

  • Plz tell me this is real or fake

  • Honestly.. I jus reached my 500grams clue of days ago and am yet to place my withdrawal, I will do it a y moment from. Now, but to join one gramfree Nigeria group a friend made on whatsapp reach me on whatsapp 09070317662…
    I have nothing much to say here., buh I will tell you all one thing, I don’t follow the multitude, this is so virtual it’s not a theory, everyone should practicalize it, if it’s true or false, we shall see… See you there… Bye

  • Why did you delete my comment admin

  • Plz send my 500 gram

  • Plz send my 500 gram payment Status pending 19-4-2021

  • my payment still pending 19–4–2021 in gramfree what is going on pls clear our dues

  • I just made withdrawal on the 3rd of May 2021.
    I don’t know if I’ll be paid or not. I’ll keep you guys posted if anything good comes up. If I’m paid, I’ll definitely upload screenshots here.
    If you don’t see a screenshot from me in two months time, then please believe the words of the owner of this website (James).

  • Gramfree has not paid me in 30 days since I cashed out my 500 Grams. Cashed out 4-7-21. Today is 5-9-21. No contact information and the videos have to be lies as well.
    Takes forever to earn this crap and now it is a scam. If I dont get my money very quickly. I will be complaining and have this site shut down. Its FRAUD.

  • Hello Mary,
    I feel your pain…considering the amount of time spent on the site.
    I don’t also think your complaints can shut the site but if really there’s a place for such complaints, you can go ahead.
    Best of luck.

  • Requested withdrawal back in Jan.

    Now still bot processed.

    Confirmed scam

  • Requestedwithdrawal into BTC on 22-01-2021 still now pending


  • Hi
    I have reached to 460 gram and when I hi free roll bottom they deducted about 10 gram of my balance with no reason!!!
    Plz some one help me how to contact with gram free support team?
    It’s been a year that I reach that balance and this act from them is very disgusting me and I’m so frustrated cause they dont honest with the client’s and players
    Why no one do any legal act against this kind of fraudulent???

  • I have seen 2 people that have collected their money on gramfree. That’s what motivated me to join. Though it took quite a while before they got it but they got paid eventually. Also note bitcoin takes more time than MasterCard.

    • @ Dammy, please can you get screenshots from those people specifically Nigerians?
      If you can’t upload a screenshots showing payment, we can’t believe you. Just take a look at the trend, it’s always “I’ve heard or seen someone”. Please where is the someone ?

    • I wait already 6months my bitcoin wallet adres is correct if they pay out you can get the other 500gram I have, but I don’t want to put a new withdrawal without beeing payd for the first 500gram

  • Hi Alex, here is what is likely you did wrong. Before rolling ensure the win-win is green. I deliberately turned off mine a while back to see what will happen and I lost 10gram as a result.

  • Guys, I am a living witness, gram free is scam, a big lie, they won’t pay you, I just wasted 8months doing this and I was not paid

  • I put a withdrawal on januari 6/2021 still nothing in my bitcoin wallet I have now again 500gram what is the place they pay out? PayPal, ETH wallet….?????

  • i never knew i was wasting my time for almost 9 months the keep deducting 10 grams each time i get to 350g for not less than 10 times now i keep asking myself what i have done wrong until came here

  • Those that says it pays ,
    Pls can I at least see an evidence ,
    Stop acting as if u were bribed pls.
    Screenshot your payment prove

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