GramFree review – a TOTAL scam [warning]


In this review we reveal that GramFree is a scam that has nothing to do with Telegram and the TON blockchain.

What is GramFree

GramFree is presented as an online program that rewards its users with the cryptocurrency Gram that runs on the TON blockchain, which was created by Telegram.

Telegram is a popular messaging platform and it created TON to enhance its platform with blockchain technologies.

GramFree allows you to earn Gram tokens by doing simple tasks, such as watching or creating videos, signing smart contracts, participating in a lottery etc. You can increase your earnings by referring other people to GramFree.

As its name suggests, GramFree is free, so you supposedly don’t need to deposit any money and you can start earning Grams right away. Grams can then be converted to dollars or other fiat currencies.

Is there a catch? Unfortunately yes, there is.

Is GramFree legit?

Gram tokenNo, GramFree is not legit. GramFree has nothing to do with Telegram, it is not using the TON blockchain and it is not trading or exchanging real Gram tokens.

First of all, Gram tokens have never been available for public trading, which is a fact clearly stated by Telegram. Even though Telegram did an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in 2017, it was not selling real Gram tokens, because the TON blockchain did not even exist back then.

Telegram then went on and started developing the TON blockchain, but in the end it was forced to shut it down. It was because the US financial regulator SEC said that Telegram performed an unregistered sale of securities and took steps against it.

Yes, you read it right, the TON blockchain went only in a test mode and it is now being shut down, while real Gram tokens have never been available for public trading.

This means that GramFree is lying, it is not associated in any way to TON and Telegram. And it certainly is not using real Gram tokens and exchanging them for real currencies.

The GramFree scam

Now that we have established that the TON main net does not even exist, it is obvious that GramFree is a scam. The Gram tokens it is giving you are fictitious, just numbers on their servers, they are not real tokens in a blockchain.

We have seen many scams like this one, they claim to be associated to big brands, they run their closed systems and pretend to be using a real cryptocurrency. But they never are.

You see, a real cryptocurrency has to have a real blockchain that is running in a network of computers. The TON blockchain was supposed to be public, therefore you would be able to check transactions, literally see the network running, you could have independent wallets etc.

Have you seen anything like that with GramFree? Of course not, because it is not using a real blockchain. It will just show you some numbers on your dashboard, but nobody can verify them because scammers who run GramFree are the only people who see what is going on behind the scenes.

Nonsense activities

When we checked the activities that GramFree will reward you for, we had a big laugh. Especially in the Smart Contracts section. They want you to believe that by clicking here and there you can somehow sign contracts in the non-existing TON main net and earn money. It’s totally ridiculous.

Smart contracts don’t earn money per se. Smart contracts are programs running in a blockchain, they can do many things, but certainly not earn money to random strangers who click on buttons on a obscure GramFree dashboard.

Absurd economics

GramFree wants you to believe that you can earn money by basically doing some ridiculous tasks and by participating in a lottery.

It is true that some crypto projects did airdrops, but only with small amounts of tokens and you could always see them on the public blockchain.

Giving away tons of money like GramFree suggests is a nonsense. What is more important, as we have already proved, Gram is not a real cryptocurrency, it is not traded on a single exchange, therefore it is not something you could exchange for real money.

Yes, we know about these so-called proofs of payments that some GramFree users post on social media. But they are either faked or paid for by GramFree. Ordinary GramFree users just can’t make money in this, because it is a scam. You can’t be paid for something that has no value (the Gram token).

How GramFree works

GramFree is a scam that was created to make money to scammers. Who by the way are anonymous, it is not clear who run this dirty scheme.

The first thing we noticed is that GramFree has a deposit function, so this is a way they can get your money. Be sure not to send them anything, because it would be a sure loss.

Secondly, GramFree is gathering a massive database of users that can be sold and abused for other investment scams.

And they also can have other sources of income, like sending their users to visit websites and watch videos monetized by scammers who run GramFree.

And there is maybe even more, it is always hard to see the entire malicious intent of scammers, their whole picture, they can hit you from any side. This is why you have to stay away from GramFree, don’t even sign up, don’t deposit any money.

GramFree review – the conclusion

We have proved that GramFree is a scam because the real TON blockchain is being shut down, the Gram token can’t be traded and because Telegram has nothing in common with GramFree. Stay away from GramFree.

If you want to trade real and legit cryptocurrencies, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to see how everything works and to learn trading.

Be sure to understand that financial trading is risky. You need a solid strategy before you start trading for real. Always use only money you can afford to lose.

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  • I’ve really been sceptical about gramfree and I wonder how the website can go on and on for years without being shot down. The truth is that telegram management knows about gramfree and their claims of operating on the TON network, my question is that why can’t telegram go after gramfree for impersonating and malicious damage to their reputation. I also know that there are international regulatory bodies that inspect and scrutinize websites for fraudulent activities, so why have they not bring the anonymous scammers behind gramfree to book.

  • I need my money from gram free account

  • On 24.09.2021 had to spending pending I’m so waiting always I am see my website I hope please help me please pay my money why you are do like this around the world using in this website what’s happening what’s wrong I hope you all know please help me please pay my money please please always I’m using go to roll watching video and upload video unfortunately you are not in my money and also I register my account bank I didn’t receive my money please help me please I hope

  • Good evening this website I hope your help me unfortunately I did not receive my money from this website I’m using and gram free for 2 years always listening to my times about that why this website not pay me my money I hope you are no I hope you are paying my money thank you so much

  • I have been on it for Almost over 5yrs ago b4 i lost my phone and I stopped at 110 gram, now i continued on October last year, now my available balance is 462 now

  • I worked hard for one year.Where is my money?gramfree real game …..?

  • Take it from me or leave it, Gram Free is a total charade… 08181951696 my WhatsApp digit, I’ve got alibi. I’ve put in for withdrawal twice, both still pending… I followed their pros & cons to the latter.



  • I withdrew on 14th Feb 2022 up to now is still pending. It’s shocking given time and data I have waste on their project

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