HEAL Estate review – Pure Ponzi SCAM [beware!]

HEAL Estate review

This review explains why you should not invest any money into the Heal Estate scam as it is a house of cards destined to collapse.

What is HEAL Estate

H.E.A.L. is presented as a crowdsourcing wealth platform that will allow you to earn money. It is a decentralized platform built on blockchain technologies.

It supposedly will provide you with prime education in financial literacy and decentralized business.

Heal is built on a referral system. You have to invest your own money, the minimum amount is 11 USD, payments are made in cryptocurrencies. Then you have to refer people to the system and when they invest their money, you will get a referral commission.

There are several levels of investment and depending on how big your downline becomes, you allegedly can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

All is happening on the blockchain, it is driven by a smart contract, so it supposedly is safe and nothing bad can happen. Really? Is HEAL Estate legit?

Supposed platform features

Heal Estate is a scam

The truth is that Heal Estate is a pure scam, it is not legit at all. It is a typical illegal financial pyramid with no real product, it just redistributes money among its members and it is sure to collapse. In this review we explain all the details.

Pure Ponzi scheme

H.E.A.L. is not even trying that hard to hide it, it obviously is a Ponzi scheme with no real product. There is a short talk about education, but all the presentation materials are dominated by the pyramidal structure of this program.

It is very simple, the more you invest and the more people you referred to Heal invest, the more you make money.

There will be some downloadable worthless products at each level you purchase but they won’t change the fact that Heal Estate is a pure Ponzi scheme. The whole program will push you to invest and to build a downline.

A quick reminder: Ponzi schemes are illegal in every country of the world.

Ponzi compensation plan

Not safe

HEAL Estate runs in a smart contract in the Binance Smart Chain. So its official website says that it is transparent, autonomous, safe, fully automatic etc. But is it really? Let’s have a look at some important aspects.


It is true that smart contracts are transparent. Because in fact they are programs which have their source code public and anyone can read it.

But, will you understand it? Are you an expert in smart contracts programming so you can have a look at the contract and say that it really is safe?

It’s like when you use open-source software on your computer. It’s nice that anybody can have a look at the source code, but the vast majority of us are not programmers, so looking at a source code of a program won’t reveal anything to us.

Independent audits can help in this area, but Heal Estate has no audit whatsoever. So there is a big caveat to the transparency of its smart contract.

H.E.A.L. platform

No security

HEAL says a smart contract is totally safe. Because they say so? We have to come back to what we explained earlier, as we are no programmers, we can’t check the code to see if there are no errors or backdoors.

Scammers often put backdoors in their smart contracts to perform rug pulls, which means that they just take all the money from the system when they want to do so. This happened so many times and with way, way bigger projects than H.E.A.L. Estate.

Also, there is another potential security problem. Because you will be using the Heal web platform to interact with the smart contract. And the website is completely centralized under the control of people who run this scam.

So they can feed you whatever data they want and you won’t even know something is wrong. When you click anything on the HEAL platform, they can feed your Metamask wallet instructions to send money to their wallet and you probably won’t even notice it.

You have no way of knowing what wallet address belongs to whom. So HEAL fraudsters can alter their website any time and make people send money directly to their wallets.

So in reality there are no security guarantees whatsoever. Just because something runs in a blockchain smart contract doesn’t make the platform and program around it safe. There can be backdoors in the smart contract and you can get scammed via the website that generates transactions for the smart contract.

Dangerous for you

Ponzi schemes are illegal, which people tend to know. But they tend to forget that the promotion of such illegal schemes is illegal too.

And because H.E.A.L. is built on a referral system, you have to refer people to it in order to make the most out of it.

Which puts you in a very dangerous position, because you will be promoting a scam, which is punishable by law. Authorities in different countries are going after Ponzi schemes, so you never know when they might come after you if you participate in H.E.A.L. or any similar scam.

Referral system

How HEAL Estate really works

HEAL Estate is a Ponzi scam. It will take your payment and divide a part of it and send it to other members above you. A classical illegal financial pyramid that is destined to collapse.

And you can be sure that is going to collapse. It is being promoted in the same circles as the recently crashed COTP scam, it seems that it might be run by the same bunch of fraudsters.

A sort of rug pull is very probable in this case, payments can be redirected by the platform to any wallet without you even noticing it.

But even if HEAL stayed completely honest with the payments, since it is based on an unsustainable pyramid, at best it will just stall and no payments will be made.

So don’t participate in the hope that you will make some profits before it collapses. It is a scam and you have to stay away from it.

HEAL Estate review – Conclusion

HEAL Estate is a Ponzi scam, a pyramid that is not safe and that is sure to crash hard. You don’t want to have your money in it, you should stay away!

If you want to try legit crypto investing, you can do it on a demo account on a regulated platform. Making money in crypto trading is possible, but it certainly is not easy. Keep that in mind.

Should you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and to use only money that you can afford to lose.


BrokerRegulatedFree demoLink

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 76-81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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  • Thank you for doing a write on on Heal.estate, several red flags went off for me when I saw yout.ube reviews about it claiming it was real.

  • WOW! You must be a lonely person to do all this about a smart contract. Being in HEAL personally I am able to click on anyones ID number and see what the person who referred me is making so the issue about the back eh ok. But see HEAL doesn’t promise anyone money. I didn’t join for the money to be honest. I actually left an ACTUAL scan before my money was taken. Have I grown as a woman, ABSOLUTELY, have I met some amazing people that I can now call family, ABSOLUTELY! Network Marketing is surely not for everyone but a Ponzi scheme is one thing I won’t allow it to be called. People have taken the forex courses, and proof has been made readily available for the public to see and they started their trading accounts with $50!!! I was in a program where I was paying almost $300 a month and learned nothing. I went to a convention and one of the main leaders had an argument with someone else in the company and threatened her and her unborn child! Everything I’ve been promised I have received. Plus more actually. This is the United States and everyone has their right to their opinions but I can assure you that you are so far from the truth. My opinion isn’t even based off of earning money. My opinion is based off of the people that have been there for me in situations where my own family and friends couldn’t help. The platform is about HEALing and that doesn’t always mean finances. So people can read your article and just like you come up with their own opinions and thoughts but those of us who are truly in it and have been putting in the work know exactly what God has put in our lives. I pray for nothing but blessings to you but remember God doesn’t like ugly and you posting this is only helping us so thank you for your thoughts. And from myself and everyone at HEAL we wish you nothing but a prosperous life and continued success.

  • Heal Estate is a scam:
    First off, pyramid schemes are illegal. We all know this. It is a referral platform but it is not required to bring people in. Its a way to share the exceptional education and yes, you get paid to coach them thru the process.

    Not safe: Transparency
    Smart contracts are safe and transparent. And the safest way to assure your safety is to set up all your own accounts your self. No brainer!! You clearly have never seen inside of the HEAL platform if you are making false accusations that we have no real product. That is the dumbest statement that an un educated or ignorant person could make. All smart contracts are transparent. I doubt you even know how to look at a smart contact. But that is the least important thing.

    No security:
    Everyone knows that blockchain is blockchain and the way the world is moving. Why? Cause it is safe and smart contracts are on the blockchain so your point is mute. But lets keep going, I might give you a A for effort. Hence your whole ridiculous point about the security. It’s block chained. It passes over hundreds of thousand of servers. Please explain to the fellow readers how that is not safe or secure! HEAL is a consciously curated, Invite only Crowd-sourced Smart Contract.

    Dangerous for you:
    Like I said, you absolutely do not have to refer people into to the platform. You can just take advantage of our top notch education and money making products and leave it at that. It is 100% your choice. But, being a REFERRAL platform, you can make money off coaching others like you got coached and giving them the same money making opportunity that you got.

    How HEAL Estate really works: COTP Scam
    Let me educate you for a moment on this. I would hate for you to look dumb and so people do not make the wrong choice to follow you in your ventures you are promoting with this silliness.
    We cant get shut down like other crypto platforms, COTP for example. I know a lot of people lost everything when they got shut down. See HEAL was so meticulously curated that there no way for that to happen. There’s absolutely no way for any govern body to come in and shut us down and you loose your money you invested. The problem with those platforms is that they pooled everyone’s money and it was invested as one. They were always robbing Peter to pay Paul. And the people at the top got the most. Then they run out of money or get flagged and BOOM. Shut down. The reason that can not happen with us is because you have to set everything up for you, you have to fund what ever it is that you want to do here. You are in control at all times and you are the only one that has access to your wallets and accounts. You are the only one that gets to trade your money for product, services or trading. Make sense? So, now that who ever is reading this is getting the real education that is deserved for HEAL, Blockchain and Smart contracts, I encourage you to take a look at HEAL and all we have to offer and make an educated decision for yourself and not the un educated OPONION of the author of this blog post.

    ****affiliate link deleted**** @Misty Styren

    • Transparency and security: As explained in the review, yes, smart contracts are public for anyone to see. BUT, are you able to understand the programming language of a smart contract? There have been exploits of even audited smart contracts! So a smart contract does not mean security. It means anybody can check it, but I am absolutely sure that 99.9% of people who join HEAL don’t have a clue about programming smart contracts, so it won’t help them in any way. A step forward would be an audit from a reputable company, but HEAL has no audit whatsoever.

      About HEAL that can’t be shut down: First of all, did you see how the US government basically shut down Tornado Cash and started prosecuting people who programmed it? The lesson is that anything, even a blockchain contract can be basically shut down.
      Second thing, HEAL smart contracts will gain control over your money, so they can do anything they want with your tokens.

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