Helex Investment review – a dark SCAM!

Helex Investment review

This review is a warning against the Helex Investment scam that was designed to steal your money.

What is Helex Investment

Helex is presented as an investment company with a team that trades currencies on Forex and cryptocurrencies.

The trading allegedly is very profitable, so the company can offer multiple investment plans to the broad public.

The minimum investment amount is 200 USD while you supposedly will earn 20% in just one day. There are also longer-term plans with 2% daily returns.

Helex Investment says that it is based and registered in Singapore. Is it legit, can you trust it?

Helex Investment scam

No, Helex Investment is not legitimate, you can’t trust it. In fact, it is a huge scam that you have to avoid, otherwise you will lose money. Here are the proofs.

Fake company

At the bottom of its official website you will find an address saying that Helex is based in Singapore. However, another place on the same page says the company is registered in Cyprus. So, what is true? Nothing, Helex is a fake company with no real address.

You can check the companies register in Singapore to see that Helex Investment is not registered as a company.

The quality certificate that Helex is displaying on its website is fake too. But even if it was real, it wouldn’t mean anything, because it is a quality certificate that says nothing about the legitimacy of any company.

The company is fake

Illegal service

Since Helex wants you to deposit money under the promise of juicy returns, there is no doubt that its core business are investment services.

Because of that the company needs an authorization from the financial regulator in Singapore. But again it does not have any registration or authorization.

You can check the regulator’s website and see for yourself. No trace of Helex Investment there. Which makes it an illegal investment offer that offers no protection to investors.

It’s the plans, stupid

We keep repeating ourselves in almost every scam review – often the quickest way to spot a scam is to look at the numbers. Because everybody should know that 20% daily ROI is something absolutely impossible in the real world.

No legitimate business in the world can make 20% daily for its customers. So when you see an offer with 2 or 20% daily returns, you have to know that it’s something fishy that you have to be very cautious with.

A quick look at other facts, as we mentioned them in this review, confirms that Helex is a scam. Without the shadow of a doubt. In fact, one of our readers confirmed to us that they can’t withdraw any money from this fraud.

Investment plans

How Helex Investments works

Helex is such an absurd scam that it is unsustainable even as a Ponzi scheme that would just redistribute money that it gets on deposits. There is no hope to make any money in this scam whatsoever.

Helex Investments will just collect money from people and never give anything back. Since deposits have to be made in cryptocurrencies, they are irreversible and no payment provider can get your money back.

The only thing you can do when you get scammed by programs like Helex Investment, is to file a complaint with the police.

Helex Investment review – Conclusion

Helex Investment is a fake company, an illegal investment service and a scam. You have to stay away from it in order not to lose money.

If you are into legit investing, you can try a free demo with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to be able to practice.

If one day you decide to invest real money, please make sure you understand the risks.

Helex Investment

200 USD








  • Laughable


  • Scam
  • Not authorized
  • Stealing money
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