HUGE SCAM: Immediate Profit App review [Nasty surprise]

Immediate Profit review

In this review we reveal why you should not invest money with Immediate Profit. It’s a scam that can’t earn you anything.

What is Immediate Profit

Immediate Profit is a trading app that will trade financial markets for you. Its official website says that the app eliminates learning because trading decisions will be made by algorithms based on machine learning that have been specially developed for this purpose.

Authors of Immediate Profit claim that the app will win 87% of trades on average. Which looks like an impressive number.

How much does the Immediate Profit App cost? Surprisingly, nothing. The authors claim that they will make money when you make money but they don’t give any details about how.

There you have it, a free app that supposedly will generate you profits on autopilot. Will you believe it?

Immediate Profit scam

Unfortunately, Immediate Profit is just one of many scams that are made to lose your money. And it is easy to see why.

No profits

Let’s start with the bold claim that Immediate Profit will win 87% of trades for you. In reality this number means nothing. Here is why.

If you risk 10 dollars per trade and aim for a 1 dollar profit, you will be losing money even if you win 87% of your trades. Now you can see why such a number means nothing, why you need more information to be able to asses the performance of a trading system.

Also, numbers thrown on an anonymous webpage certainly can’t be taken as proofs of trading performance. An honest provider would show you their trading results audited by a third party. A history of many trades over several years to prove the real performance.

Immediate App? They show no proofs at all. They just give you one number that does not mean much. As we have already explained, you can be losing money even with a high win rate.

And with Immediate App you will. Because at the bottom of their official webpage they say that 70% of people will lose money. Which does not make sense, does it?

Because they provide the same trading app to all their clients. The app is automated, therefore it will make the same trades for everybody. So all Immediate Profit App users should have the same results, presumably profits. But they don’t.

This proves that Immediate App is a scam, their app is losing and they are lying on their website.

Immediate Profit App scam

Anonymous and illegal service

In most countries in the world financial services are regulated – when you provide an app that will automatically trade for people on financial markets, you have to have an authorization from financial regulators.

This is because your app will deal with real money of other people, so regulators will make sure that you will really provide what you promise.

So, does the Immediate Profit app have the necessary authorizations from regulators? No. It has no license whatsoever.

In fact, it is completely anonymous, you won’t be able to find who runs it, who is providing it. Will you let an anonymous app trade with your money? You should not.

It means that Immediate Profit is illegal in most countries, since it has not been authorized by regulators. Which also means that people who run the app are breaking the laws in many countries.

Anonymous and illegal

How Immediate Profit really works

The concept of the Immediate Profit scam is very simple, we see it being used over and over again by thousands of different fraudulent apps.

People who created Immediate Profit cooperate with shady brokers that will pay them for referring new depositors. So they need you to deposit with a shady company to earn a commission.

And their app is just a tool to convince you to do just that, to send money to a dirty broker that will share it with these scammers.

This is why they are offering a free app and promising that it will generate you profits while you won’t have to lift a finger. It is a very appealing concept, a lot of people will fall in their trap.

But once you send them your money, it will be over, you won’t get anything back. You will just get calls for more deposits, you will hear all sorts of reasons why you should send more. Don’t do it!

Immediate Profit App review – conclusion

Immediate Profit is an illegal and losing app for automated trading. It can’t make you any money, because it was made by scammers to make you lose. Stay away from it!

If you want to try legit financial trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker. Use virtual money to learn and see how you can do.

Should you later decide to invest real money, please be sure to understand the risk and to have a good strategy.

Immediate Profit

250 USD



Trading experience


Investment license





  • Nothing


  • Scam
  • Will lose your money
  • Illegal app
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Comments 4

  • Not saying they aren’t scammers, in fact they most likely are.
    But there are a few points in almost all of your posts that don’t make sense and aren’t right.

    1. You don’t have to be regulated if the service uses an API, since they don’t hold your money.
    2. An AI does not have to be the same for everyone, most machine learning AI’s have many different generations, which means each generation can make a different move.

    Other then that, yes, it is most likely a scam made to get the money from refferals (most of the time they get x amount of money per trade, so they try to blow up your balance as soon as possible to get the maximum amount of money out of you).

    Keep up the work, but please stick to facts as these small things makes your review less believable.

    • 1. You are wrong. Ask your national financial regulator. When you provide software that will make financial decisions on behalf of its users, it is a service that is regulated.
      2. That can be the case in other applications, but not in financial trading. How could you promise any results if the software was tradining differently for each user? Also, admiting that 70% of people will lose money isn’t exactly in line with the sales pitch about a product that will earn you money, is it?

      Immediate Profit is BS.

      • 1. You are really wrong here, sorry (for the EU at least).
        As long as the consumer has control over he’s own wallet (like in this case where they will most likely run the bot through an API key that has withdrawing disabled) a special license is not needed.

        2. It’s still the case for most AI trading software.

        Again i’m not saying they aren’t scammers, because i’m with you that they most likely are scammers.
        Them saying “earn profit” and later on in small letters saying 70% loses money is absolutely not what they advertise, and you are 100% right on that.

        Not trying to attack you at all, just stating some things you say in multiple posts of you aren’t right, and with the work you do you should ALWAYS be right, and always stick to the facts and not assumptions.

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