HUGE SCAMMER: BLW Online Trading and Cristian Argueta warning

In this BLW Online Trading review we warn against all products that Cristian Argueta is promoting.

What BLW Online Trading is about

BLW Online Trading reviewBLW Online Trading is an online project of a man called Cristian Argueta who is posting videos about trading systems that allegedly will make you money.

He is selling his own trading systems such as 2 Minutes Strategy, BLW Signal Alert and BLW Signals Group, while he is also promoting third party systems like BinBot Pro, Btrade Signals Pro, FX Coin Bot, Calloway Crypto System or Crypto Master Bot.

According to him, all these systems are profitable and will make you a lot of money. But not so fast…

BLW Online Trading scam

TestimonialsWe have been reviewing investment scams for seven years and during that time we learned that there is a huge network of websites and Youtube channels that promotes scams. You see, scammers don’t just put out scams, they also run a lot of websites and publish a lot of fake reviews of their systems.

Cristian Argueta is one of these huge scammers who promote scams for money. We really did not have to research him a lot, we just needed to see that he is publishing faked videos to promote infamous scams like Crypto MasterBot, FX Coin Bot or Bin Bot Pro.

Cristian Argueta scammerA lot of people lost huge money in these scams, we know it from their comments under our reviews, first hand. This automatically means that Argueta’s own products like 2 Minutes Strategy and BLW Turbo Signal Alert are scams.

To make it crystal clear, Cristian Argueta is professional scammer, so everything that comes from him is a scam, there is absolutely no doubt about it.

In fact, when anybody says that you can double your account within one hour thanks to their system, like Argueta says about his 2 Minutes Strategy, you know you are dealing with a scammer.

Use common sense

After all those years of reviewing investment scams we still cannot get our heads around the fact that there still are people willing to trust these scammers.

Because you just need common sense to understand that they are full of crap. Just look at the BLW Online Trading channel, there are videos claiming that at least a dozen of free or very cheap trading systems can make you thousands of percent per month. This is an absolute nonsense.

First of all, should it be possible to multiply your capital every month for free, everybody would just be doing that, nobody would be working, Argueta would be rich and not be doing his videos, and the economy would collapse.

Secondly, even the best investment funds in the world are usually able to make only tens of percent per year in average. That’s how the real world works.

So yes, it is as simple as that, when anybody promises you free money, they are scammers.

BLW Online Trading review conclusion

Cristian Argueta is a professional scammer and through his BLW Online Trading project he is selling and promoting scams. Everything from this guy is fake, stay away from him!

For those of you who are interested in financial trading: there are no silver bullets, no thousands of percent per month, no free profitable robots. There is only hard work, learning and building your own profitable strategies, while the majority of people never succeeds in this. If you want to try it, start on a demo account with a regulated broker.

If you later decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks.

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  • I want to join facebook group

  • You can buy likes, you can buy members of social media groups, you can buy views, you can buy anything and make your project look like genuine. But BLW Online Trading is a huge scam, while Cristian Argueta is a professional scammer.

    • Haters will keep hating and BLW will keep more and more growing… get more jealous morons and we will reach more heights remember there is no one in the binary options industry who challenge BLW’s work… They are really changing the lives and i am example the same…. Our new BLW signals group is moving towards success day by day….

  • I have no idea who this site belongs to. I can see you’re passionate about the truth. Can you please show me the best way to go about binary options, I am willing to do the work. I come from a country where your American currency is 17 times as much as ours. Its very expensive for me, my friends and family to be able to trade, and we lose thousands of dollars. Every time I lose a $100 I lose a weeks value of food and transport. We are really tired of the scams..

  • It’s like you are being paid by the brokers that do not want people to make money on their platforms, because you fight and make bad comments about anything or anyone who is trying to help people to make money

    • Argueta and scams he is promoting have lost tons of money to a lot of people, we get regular feedback from real users. But again, if you think free software will make you rich, you can go and through your own money out of the window with it, it won’t change anything for us.

  • Blw is real ,if u not happy about it then let me tell u, u r loosing out , i made lots of profit so if hate it ,its your own baby Big up to the BLW teamhaters will always be there!!!

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