Hyper One review – A Ponzi Scam in the making [WARNING]

HyperOne review

In this review we explain that HyperOne is a scam based on a Ponzi scheme that is designed to crash and lose money.

What is HyperOne

Hyper One is a new cryptocurrency project – a decentralized and open-source cross-platform cryptocurrency. The platform is supposedly designed to facilitate the exchange of information between blockchains and non-blockchain networks.

There are four tokens in the platform: HU, H1, HC and HOT. All are involved in a structure that is promising to make you money.

Currently you can buy six different levels of membership with prices starting at 100 USD and going up to 12,700 USD.

All membership are are valid for 400 days, so more than a year. Daily returns on investments range between 0.5 and 0.68% which means 15 to 20% monthly.

But is Hyper One legit, should you buy a membership, can it make you money?

Why Hyper One is a scam

The truth is that HyperOne is not legit, it is a fraudulent scheme that is going to lose money to the majority of people who join it. See our detailed explanation below, our research exposed important facts.

Recycled failed Hcash project

Hyper One makes no secret of the fact that it is building on the Hyper Cash (Hcash) project. So what is Hcash? Well, everything points to the conclusion that it is a failed cryptocurrency project that is just being recycled.

Crashing Hcash token

First let’s have a look at the Hcash (HC) token that they invite you to buy to join the Hyper One ecosystem. As you can see in our picture below, the token was launched in the middle of the crypto boom era in 2017.

The first price of Hcash registered by Coinmarketcap was 15.3 USD. Its price today is 0.1472 USD, which represents a loss of 99% of value during the last five years.

The price chart shows that since 2018 the price kept falling, it was more or less ignoring bullish phases that other cryptocurrencies went through during that time.

All these data indicate a worthless token.

Hcash token crashing

Not developed

What’s happening with Hcash price is not surprising given the lack of development of the project. Its official Github repository shows that for at least two years there has not been any significant work done on the code.

Yet Hyper One is using the exact same wording as Hcash. Five years ago Hcash declared they wanted to build a sidechain for blockchains and non-blockchain systems. Today Hyper One declares the same mission.

In five years they were not able to develop what they announced. What does it tell you about the project? HyperOne is obviously recycling the failed Hcash project and trying to make it look like something new. But it is not, it’s just something that has not worked for the past 5 years.

The same failed mission

HOT – a new token to be dumped on you

As we have demonstrated, Hyper One is just recycling the never materialized ideas of Hcash from five years ago. We have also shown that the Hcash crypto token lost 99% of its value and nobody is interested in it.

So HyperOne decided to add a new token in the mix to have something fresh to dump on the public, it is called Hyperone Token (HOT). See in our picture below how they just copied the text from the old Hcash whitepaper and replaced Hcash with HOT.

The funny thing thing is that they want you to buy both, HOT and Hcash, although as per their materials, the currency of their blockchain is either one or the other.

HOT token

Another thing worth mentioning is that HOT token is a BEP-20 token, which means that it is a secondary token issued in the Binance Smart Chain.

In other words, HOT does not have its own blockchain, it just run in the Binance blockchain. Which proves that the HyperOne project is not finished, the product is not ready, yet they are selling it to you!

HOT is a BEP-20 token

H1 and HU tokens

As if two worthless tokens (Hcash and HOT) were not enough, Hyper One is throwing additional two at you: H1 and HU.

H1 serves as a reward in the HyperNFT pyramid, while Hyper Unites (HU) serves as a reward in the mining pyramid.

Don’t think that this is about real NFT trading or real cryptocurrency mining. These are just artificial constructs meant to give the pyramid a face. We are not saying they won’t create any NFT, we are saying that all the tokens circulating within HyperOne won’t be based on any real market value.

At this time the platform says that the price of HU, H1 and HOT is 1 USD. But these are arbitrary values because the tokens are not traded on any public exchange, these prices are not determined by the real market.

Unsustainable rewards

We have shown that in Hyper One we have a crypto project that has been promising something for five years but has not delivered. Since the final product does not exist, you would think that it can’t offer any rewards. Wrong. The rewards are big.

At the time of writing this review, there are six different Hyper One NFT membership levels costing between 100 and 12,700 USD. They are priced in HU.

And daily returns on investment range between 0.5 and 0.68%. It means 15 to 20% monthly. And this says all you need to know about the nature of HyperOne.

A project that is still in development is promising you 20% monthly returns right now. Steady daily returns, 0.5 – 0.68% day in, day out. Only a scam can offer something like that.

We have reviewed thousands of investment scams and usually the debate is about the question whether you can make for example 20% monthly in Forex or crypto trading, which you can’t. It is impossible to repeat that every month.

But with Hyper One there is not even a debate about the potential of a real activity or product because they admit their product (blockchain) is not even finished. So how can it generate 20% monthly? It of course can’t, because it all is a giant fraud. Now let’s see in details how it works.

H1 platform with unsustainable rewards

How HyperOne really works – a Ponzi par excellence

In this review we explained that HyperOne is basically recycling a failed project and just promising something that had five years to be built but never succeeded.

Normally you would still expect the majority of their presentation to be focused on the development of their blockchain, its use cases, how they plan to bring it to the market etc.

But that is not what is happening, the majority of HyperOne’s presentation is focused on how you can make money promoting the project. There is a huge multi-level structure of awards, basically a typical financial pyramid.

The more people you bring in, the more you make money. The more people your referrals bring in, the more you make money. They want you to sell a failed idea to the masses. To buy crypto tokens that have no use except to serve as a mean for transfer value in a Ponzi scheme.

Because that is what Hyper One is, a Ponzi scheme. Which means that it is destined to collapse.

HyperOne will just take money from people and redistribute it among its members. Put simply, it will take money from new members and give it to old members.

Which, of course, requires an increasing stream of deposits coming in. Which always lasts only for so long. Ponzi schemes always collapse because they are unsustainable.

And this is what is going to happen with Hyper One, it will be massively promoted by scam gurus on social medias, so in the early phases a lot of money will be flowing in, which will keep the Ponzi scheme running for some time. Then the flows will slow down, the scheme will stall, there will be delays in payments, excuses made up, and then the inevitable collapse will stop everything.

Unfortunately, there still is a lot of people who don’t mind such scam schemes as long as they can pull some money out of them. Don’t be like them. What you have to realize is that for a few to profit in these schemes, a lot of people have to lose.

A lot of unsuspecting people will invest based on the false promise of a real project not knowing they were trapped in a giant scam.

Ponzi structure

Hyper One review – Conclusion

Hyper One is a Ponzi scam based on the failed Hcash project. It probably will run for some time, but it is a fraudulent scheme that is doomed to collapse. You have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency investing, use legitimate platforms and invest in established and proven projects.

Before investing real money you have to make sure that you understand the risks and that you are using only money that you can afford to lose.

Hyper One

100 USD





Real use case



  • Platform design


  • Ponzi scam
  • Based on a failed project
  • Selling worthless tokens
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