Immediate Advantage review – a cloned SCAM

This Immediate Advantage review exposes a dirty investment scam, which is presented by Edwin James.

What Immediate Edge is about

Immediate Advantage reviewImmediate Advantage is presented as an automated trading software for cryptocurrencies. It will seek good opportunities for entries and trade for you so that you earn money.

James says that his software will earn you between $950 and $2200 per day, because it is the world’s most intelligent crypto software. And it costs nothing. Does it make sense?

Immediate Advantage scam

Immediate Advantage scamJames wants you to believe that he will be making you up to $60,000 monthly for free. Do you see how ridiculous his proposition is? Why would anybody do that?

The reality is that Immediate Advantage is a scam, a cloned one. It first appeared as Immediate Edge and it caused a lot of damage, people lost a lot of money with it. On the picture on the right you will see that these two scams are the same.

Fake quotes

Fake quotesOne really funny thing is that people who created this scam really have no clue about cryptocurrencies and probably finance in general.

Not only they completely made up quotes that they attribute to Richard Branson and Mike Tyson, but they also used the picture of Warren Buffett to portray Richard Branson!

Immediate Advantage testimonials

Immediate Advantage testimonialsImmediate Advantage’s web is full of positive reviews and testimonials. People tell stories about how they make money with this trading system. But everything is fake.

We provide a proof on our picture, the testimonials were made with stock photos and fake stories, nothing is real. There are no real satisfied Immediate Advantage users, only people who lost money with it.

How it works

Finally, let us lay down the facts about Immediate Advantage. It was designed to steal your money and here is how they want to proceed.

Should you sign up for Immediate Advantage, they will immediately ask you to deposit money with an unregulated broker of their choice. They are affiliated with some shady brokers that help them steal money from people.

They will tell you that you have to make your deposit, so that they can start earning you money. But if you send them anything, you will never get it back. You will get just calls for more deposits, that is all.

Immediate Advantage review conclusion

Immediate Advantage is a known scam with a new name, it wants your money, stay away from it!

For trading you should always use regulated brokers and start on a demo account to learn safely without risking your money.

Only when you have a good strategy and an understanding of the risks you can start trading for real.

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