Immediate Bitcoin review: A not so small scam

Read our review of Immediate Bitcoin to understand that this trading system is fraudulent.

About Immediate Bitcoin

Immediate Bitcoin real reviewIts website says that Immediate Bitcoin is the most intelligent crypto software in the world. It allegedly is capable of making you between $950 and $2200 daily thanks to very precise trading signals that it will execute on your account.

A system that can earn thousands of dollars per day most cost a fortune, right? Well, they say you can get Immediate Bitcoin for free. Is it credible?

Immediate Bitcoin is a scam

The unfortunate truth is that Immediate Bitcoin is a scam that is designed to steal your money, so it will do the opposite of what it promises.

We have already reviewed plenty of fraudulent crypto systems of this kind, like Easy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Storm or Bitcoin System. They all are basically the same, they copy each other and just change names.

Immediate Bitcoin testimonials

Testimonials about Immediate BitcoinThere is a very tangible proof of scam that we want to show you in our Immediate Bitcoin review – the testimonials which are fake.

The website of the program is full of stories of people who allegedly made money with it, but they are not true. Take the example from our picture, scammers used the photo of a dead person to create their fictitious customer with a fake story.

The truth

Inovestments required depositIn every review we explain to our readers how each particular scam wants to get their money, so that they can stay safe. With Immediate Bitcoin we will do the same.

The reality is that the program is a losing system that has no edge in the markets. But it does not matter to scammers, because they use it just as a lure.

If you sign up for Immediate Bitcoin, you will quickly realize that it is not free. They won’t let you use the software until you deposit your own money with a broker they will chose for you.

That broker will be unlicensed and shady as hell, like Inovestments. They all cooperate to get your money and then they will share it, that’s how it works. They will pressure you to send them as much money as you possibly can, then they will keep it and stop communicating with you.

Immediate Bitcoin review conclusion

Immediate Bitcoin is a really dirty scam that cannot do anything good for you, you have to stay away from it.

If you want to try cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker, you will be able to practice with virtual money.

Only when you know what you are doing in terms of strategy and when you understand the risks, you can invest real money.


BrokerRegulatedFree demoLink

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Comments 4

  • I  been frauded by Alex Parker of inovestments 18000$ canadian. The 15 January 2020 he suposed refund me 1759.07$ usd, he said is difficult to explain on phone to add Anydesk on my computer and he do it for me. I let him do it, he goes on jubiter (a other scamer), he said he refund me all the fees from my credit card too, he putt 1811$ euro, he make the transaction and he said my money will be back on my credit card in a few minutes. he close the phone. I go directly see my credit card, he not refund me he take 2700$ more on my credit card, I call visa right the way and explain what happend. At the same time I text him on WhatsApp and he told me to do nothing until he fix the situation. My credit card said waiting a week he fix the situation and not worries I protected. The 16 January, I text Alex again to have my money back, he said he take care of it, he asked to add Anydesk againt cause he know now how to do it. He goes on a other plateforme (pay biss simplex) he said I need to open a other account. He said the other one he using the 15 is not the good one to make refund. He send me back my identity card in my email cause he have them all ready and he open the account for me and take a other 5000 euro on my credit card and try a other 5500 euro. I doing customers order at that time but when I am be back I saw that I text him and he said not worries if pay biss not refund me he not let it this situation going like that, anydesk are not close, he came back in my computer and he try a other 3990 usd cause that the total of my refund, but he not refund me he stole a other 3990 usd on my credit card. he said he have a meating, he talk to me after. I saw something going wrong, I saw the live chat for simplex, I texted the person in charge, I explain Alex from inovestments try to refund me but they just take off my money from my credit card. Helen said that plateforme is just to buy bitcoin, not refund money, all the transaction are irreversible to be carefull of what I am doing. I told her is not me, he take control of my computer and he did that. She cancel the 5500 euro and refund the 3990 usd and give me excuse for my lost of 5000 euro. I take picture of that conversation and send to him on whatsapp, he answering if I am serius to told her that, I put him in a huge problem, my money will be refund is just a mistake. I call my credit card immediatly to advise them, (alex never answering me until the 17 january). My credit card said I am involved of that and my chance to have my money back is small. They asking me to  made a letter for the defraud departement. I put my laywer, my computer guy, and more on the case. We finale found whit gigadata (provider on $$ he receive) the email he using to transfert my money in bitcoin denzel.mann2012@ and the adress where he send all the bitcoin (my money) he send that to 10 others wallets on Blockchain Hachage
    2020-01-16 10:30
    11 901,64 $US
    2 643,84 $US
    4 978,26 $US
    2 056,77 $US
    246,14 $US
    160,95 $US
    2 109,93 $US
    400,05 $US
    38,76 $US
    1 039,11 $US
    861,35 $US
    38,03 $US
    100,75 $US
    2 514,01 $US
    that the guy open the website frzvpn@ Organisation
    Domus Partners Ltd Owner Nikolay Kunev Kolev
    I send him what we found, at 6 am he answering to me, he said is just a mistake, I accting like a child, stop to be like that othewise he will block me and reporting me to the cops, my money are not lost I need to wait a week, he know how much hard I work for my money, he know I am a good person and he never hurting me. I said ok if you not frauded me why he send my money in to 10 differents bitcoin wallets ? He said he just want to help and stop to be like that. Until the 17 january he block me and block my account, I could see the total sometime none, and I can’t open the active 8 (this morning yes , he playing whit me, he block from every where. I have all the screenshot of the conversation of everything. Yesterday I repport him at the police, I saw 1 of the adress (bitcoin wallets) send over 50 000$ of bitcoin the 18 january, I send this to the coops to. Today I will sending all the infos I had on them to the GRC and Interpol, they need to be stop and pay for that. I am not stopping there, I will advise all the tv news facebook all the gouvernement until the whit house. I saw they have so many website like this. All the trading website is a scam, NEVER TRUST THEM, when they have our ID they retail it on the black market, I start to receive scam phone call. If you have money whit them you lost it, report that to the cops immediatly block you credit card, if they said the return the money, they could do a refund on your credit card but not taking more on it, after send that to Interpol and gouvernement QUICK. Call you ID departement to change your number on your identification card. We need to found does bad person and they need to paid of what they doing (some person killed them self for that cause they lost a lot) They destroy our life. Over 15 million are frauding by them. Do not ask to mychargeback or a other place like this to helping you cause they are in the game like xchangepro and jubiter, You are not alone and is possible to do something NEVER DO WIRE TRANSFERT CREDIT CARD ONLY like this you having a chance to have your money back. I never stop to running after them. NEVER TRUST THEM… We could report all does website directly abuse@  abuse@ and more  look on whois.domaintools .com/
    if you are not sure of the website look and write the name of the domain and report abuse they will close it. If I could helping someone let me know. They come from Cyprus and Bulgarie.

  • Do not invest with this company, they will scam you off all your hard earned money. I was only lucky to be able to recover my funds. i almost lost 27K in 2 weeks to these scammers.

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