Immediate Edge Bot review – yes, it is a disgusting scam

In this review you will learn that the Immediate Edge Bot scam was designed to illegally get your money.

What Immediate Edge Bot is about

Immediate Edge Bot reviewImmediate Edge Bot is a trading software that is fully automated. It was designed to trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Since it will work an autopilot, it will follow its own trading signals and make trades on your behalf. In this process it allegedly will be making you at lest 1,500 USD per day.

How much does this piece of software cost? Zero dollars. Can you believe it? We certainly can’t.

Immediate Edge Bot is a scam

It is a scamWe have been reviewing investment scams for years and when we first saw the Immediate Edge Bot, it was strangely familiar to us. We made a research in our reviews and indeed, it is a copy of scams like Elite Edge and Immediate Advantage.

On our picture you will see that these programs use the same website design and the same video. They are clones, only the name is different each time.

Immediate Edge Bot testimonials

Immediate Edge testimonials are not realYou might be tempted to try this software because there are people saying it is profitable. At least according to the Immediate Edge Bot testimonials you will find on its website.

But these reviews are fake, they are used across all versions of this scam and they are based on stock photos that anybody can get. Check our picture and you will understand what we are talking about.

How it really works

You might still be thinking that you have nothing to lose, since the Immediate Edge bot is free. But you would be terribly wrong.

Because they won’t let you use the program until you deposit at least 250 USD with a broker they will chose for you. This broker will be unregulated and a scam. All your deposits with them will be lost.

This Immediate Edge is just a tool full of lies, it was designed to persuade you to send money to crooks, that’s all it is.


Immediate Edge Bot is a scam, it is part of a family of fraudulent programs that have been losing money for years. You absolutely have to avoid them.

If you want to try legitimate cryptocurrency trading, get a free demo with a regulated broker and start practicing with virtual money.

It will allow you to understand trading and see if you can be profitable. Don’t forget that if you decide to trade with real money, you have to understand the risks.

Immediate Edge Bot

250 USD








  • Recognizable clone


  • Cloned scam
  • Stealing money
  • Illegal
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