Infinity App review 2020 – a mad SCAM exposed, beware!

Our new review of the Infinity App of Mark Stevenson reminds the truth about this old scam.

What Infinity App is about

Infinity App reviewA certain Mark Stevenson claims to be a former NASA engineer who programmed an automated trading software that can make you money. It allegedly generates thousands of dollars in profits per day.

He also says that you can get access to his InfinityApp for free, because he is looking for beta testers to prove that it really is profitable.

Infinity App is a scam

Infinity App is in reality an old scam that has been around since 2017. It can only destroy your deposits, it will lose everything you let it trade with. You cannot expect anything more from it.

Mark Stevenson is a scammer

Mark Stevenson is a scammerThe Infinity App’s video is old, back then scammers used to produce relatively sophisticated videos with paid actors.

On our picture you can see that the alleged creator of the app Mark Stevenson is in fact an infamous scammer who played different roles in different fraudulent programs. He also used different names, like David Campbell for example. This guy is a professional scammer, nothing else.

Trading results

Unreal trading resultsOne thing that really is not sophisticated is the way scammers faked the Infinity App trading results. First of all, as you can notice thanks to our picture, trades were open in 2017 and closed in 2016, which of course is impossible.

Secondly, in the left part on our picture you will see that the fraudsters were editing the source code of their webpage when they were showing these results. So, a piece of doctored crap.

Infinity App testimonials

In the video of the program you will see various people talking about how they have been making money with Infinity App.

But these people are paid actors, so it is all fake. Nobody has ever made any money with the Infinity App, this is a true testimonial.

Trading software

Infinity App testimonialsAnother proof that the Infinity App is a scam is in the trading software they will give you access to. As you can see on our picture, it is the same software as used by other scams.

Small changes are made to the looks, but a lot of of fraudulent programs are using this exact same losing trading software.

How it really works

The final explanation of this Infinity App review is about how they plan to take your money. If they manage to persuade you that they can make you money, they will make you sign up for their program.

During the registration process you will be told that you have to deposit money with a chosen broker, otherwise you won’t get access to the software. If you send any money to their unregulated and shady broker, you will lose it. That’s all, so never ever send them any money.

Infinity App review conclusion

Infinity App is a scam, this is a fact known for years. If you don’t want to be another one of its victims, don’t send them any money.

If you want to try legitimate financial trading, begin on a free demo account with a regulated broker and use virtual money to learn.

If you manage to learn to trade profitably, understand the risks of real trading and only then you can use real money.

Infinity App

250 USD

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  • Fraudulent system
  • Losing program
  • Everything is fake
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