Intelligence Prime Capital review – Stay away from this scam!

Intelligence Prime Capital review

In this review we prove that Intelligence Prime Capital is an investment scam that is pretending to be something it is not.

What is Intelligence Prime Capital

Intelligence Prime Capital aka Iprime Capital aka IPcapital is a broker that supposedly will let you trade with currencies and cryptocurrencies. You can use their proprietary AIA Bot system for trading and it allegedly is 97% accurate.

Intelligence Prime Capital also has its own blockchain project with IPchain and IPcloud. Its token is supposed to get listed on major exchanges and allow you to earn money thanks to staking.

But is Intelligence Prime Capital legit? Is any of its product real and worth investing and using?

Intelligence Prime Capital scam

Intelligence Prime Capital scam

Unfortunately Intelligence Prime Capital (Iprime Capital, IPcapital) is a scam that can only lose you money. You have to stay away from it. Here is why.

Not regulated, lying and illegal

The first thing we have to address with Intelligence Prime Capital is the legitimacy of the company. The first problem is that there is no real company behind this name. There is no contact information on its official website.

You will find only an e-mail address, that’s it. Which already is a huge red flag for a company that is offering financial/investment services. In fact, it is outright illegal in most countries.

Since IPC is providing investment services, it has to be regulated. But it is not. It has no authorization to be a broker in any country of the world. Therefore it is an illegal broker. Deposits are not protected in any way with this broker.

Intelligence Prime Capital is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But the Ontario Securities Commission published a warning against the company, because it is not authorized to provide services it is offering to the public. The British Columbia Securities Commission has warned against Intelligence Prime Capital too. And the Spanish regulator CNMV.

There is a financial license in Australia from the regulator ASIC for Intelligence Prime Capital, but it was granted to HLK Group and HLK Group does not have anything to do with Intelligence Prime Capital. In fact, they warn against it on their website, see the following picture.

HLK Group

We hear that the broker is telling to people that it is registered to sell securities in Canada. As we have proved in this review, it is not true.

And that is not all. Intelligence Prime Capital is clearly lying about its history. Because it says it has been on the market for 15 years and that it has more than 300,000 happy customers.

While in reality the website was registered in June 2021 only, see our picture below. So it certainly has not been around for 15 years and the broker certainly has not over 300 thousand customers, let alone happy.

This facts prove that Intelligence Prime Capital is an illegal broker and a scam that you have to avoid. But there is more.

The company

AIA Bot System

One of the flagship products of Iprime Capital seems to be its AIA Bot trading system. It allegedly has an average winning rate of 97%. Well, that does not mean anything.

If you aim for a profit of 1 and have a stop loss of 100 for every trade, you can win 97% of trades and still be losing money. This shows that IPcapital knows nothing about trading.

97% is just a number to impress people, while in reality Intelligence Prime Capital has not a profitable trading robot. No legit and serious investment service can advertise such a number in this way.

When you sign up and get access to the member’s dashboard, you will see that IPC robots are supposed to make you 15 to 45% per month. Which is another proof of scam.

Because no legit Forex trading robot can make 45% monthly, it is just impossible. World’s best trading firms will be lucky to make these returns in a year.

Robots are fake

IPchain and IPcloud scam

The amateurism of Intelligence Prime Capital is well demonstrated with its blockchain services too. They obviously don’t even know what they are talking about. They clearly do not have a working cryptocurrency project. Here is why.

Iprime Capital says on its website that it has a TRC-20 token that you can stake in their proof of stake new model to earn money. Well, a TRC-20 token means that it is a token in the Tron blockchain, that it has not a separate blockchain where a separate process of transactions confirmation would be happening.

In other words, IPchain token transactions are confirmed by the Tron network, there is no secondary IPchain staking to be done. Unless it is an artificial one to create a Ponzi scheme.

But the reality is not even that complicated. IPchain and IPcloud are not real projects. The real IPchain was a blockchain project back in 2017 and it is now dead. IPchain from Intelligence Prime Capital is just a shameless money grab, a tool to transfer money from hopeful people to scammers.

We see this a lot these days, fraudsters create pseudo blockchains like Zeniq just to show people something to invest in, to get their money. But they never deliver a real product that would have a real use case and that would get adopted at scale.

IPchain and IPcloud

Stolen content

Another proof of dishonesty of Intelligence Prime Capital is the fact that on its website it uses stolen content from another broker.

Take a look at our picture below and you will see that Intelligence Prime Capital simply copied huge portions of the texts that are on the website of another broker called AvaTrade.

This proves that IPC is lying, it is presenting facts and statistics that belong to another broker.

Stolen content

How Intelligence Prime Capital works

Intelligence Prime Capital will try to make you send them money by promising you returns on investment in Forex, AIA BOT System, IPchain or IPcloud.

But the only real thing that the broker is doing is taking money from people and delivering nothing. IPC might be trying to run a Ponzi scheme, or they are just stealing money and laughing. But it does not matter, what it is important is not to send them anything because it is a scam.

Intelligence Prime Capital review – Conclusion

Intelligence Prime Capital is an illegal broker and a scam, we proved that in this review. You have to stay away from this company.

If you are interested in legit investing, you can always try a free demo with a regulated company. You will get virtual money to try everything out.

Before investing real money you have to be sure that you fully understand the risks and that you have a strategy.

Please share this review to help inform other people.

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  • Is there not any agency of any country who could stop such type of scammers ,? I any one knows such agency complaint can be launched . Thanks

  • I registered with the Company Intelligence Prime capital since January because they allegedly trade forex with a robot. Having a previous experience with a genuine crypto trading robot before, I felt IPC was genuine as made people to believe.
    I have 5110 usdt in IPC at the moment. In March they announced that they have a new robot stating that interested people can change to the one(Master C bot) but uninterested people should continue with the old one (Genius bot). I personally did not want to change because I had in mind to withdraw all my money including the money they fixed as bot security which they said will only be withdrawable after 3 month because I have started seeing some red flags with withdrawal of my weekly profits and money missing from my capital ( reduction of my capital to complete my weekly profits). For that reason I did not change, surprisingly they automatically changed me to the new robot without my consent, locked both my capital and profits and stopped me from withdrawing my money. On the 23rd of April they unanimously changed the forex trading to crypto trading, converting my USDT to their newly coin IUSD and at the same time locked my money and I am unable to withdraw it.
    Also because I felt they were trading forex, I introduced my mom who have about 4900 usdt seized in IPC at the moment.
    Also a friend who have 7450 usdt seized by IPC.
    My brother who have about 500 usdt in his IPC.
    Now IPC seized our money and still asking for deposit of more money to be able to do their so called staking and mining programs which is also a scam.
    IPC have caused great hardship to my family, we gathered the money we use for our businesses and invested in IPC because we felt that our money was save trading forex using a robot because we thought IPC is real.
    Now we don’t even have money to eat, pay our house rents, children‘s school fees and take care of our families daily needs.
    We are looking for assistance on the recovery of our money with IPC to at least alleviate our present hardships.
    IPC and IPCloud is a pure scam, stay away.

  • Can I get a reference code, I want to register.

  • Thanks sir for this.i am reposting your review to safe others

  • You are the fool. This company has scammed thousands if people in Africa already. Stealing from the poor.

  • I signed up in February 2022 with their Genius Bot.
    They took 20% every Saturday and 80 % of the weekly earnings went to your wallet.
    I let the earnings compound to USD20 and put the money from my wallet to the Metatrader Account
    Then they changed your deposit address.
    Then they offered an upgrade to Master C Bot.
    Then no more money was coming to me. They are using my Mt4 account to trade and taking the money earned every Saturday for themselves.
    I’ve written several times asking where is my earnings.
    Not a single reply.
    They only send announcements saying IP Cloud is coming and the IP Token.
    Today is Thursday 21 April 2022. Not a penny in my IP Wallet.
    Thought they were genuine but they don’t realize some people put their last bit of earnings to try and help their situations.
    We are really living in an unconscionable world full of greed.
    Things will catch up with them and as they will be 10 times worst for them.

    Another one is being introduced call Novatech. Beware.

  • Yes, it’s a scam! Haven’t been able to withdraw funds for over a month. Stay away! Tried emailing customer support, no response!


  • i bought the bot for 99.00 and two days later it said they stopped serving usa and i have 209.00 in wallet i cant get out what can i do ?


  • Its too late when they head is off.
    IPC is gone just like JAMES PINIOUN said earlier. Seeing this review very late

  • Finally, these AIA scam has finished. People who invested in this ponzi scheme. Jow market?

  • “Intelligence Prime Capital is an illegal broker and a scam, we proved that in this review. You have to stay away from this company. If you are interested in legit investing, you can always try a free demo with a regulated company. You will get virtual money to try everything out” JAMES PINIOUN.

  • Thank you very much to the author who warned everyone about the truth about this site, if only I had seen your article before… I made a very bad decision about it, but it was my first investment in trading bot in February, for the future I will no longer invest in these sh*t sites.


  • Hello James, you took your time to investigate and lay out the facts and findings to everyone about this scam nature of this company (IPC) but many still didn’t believe you even with the plethora of evidence provided. Now it happened as predicted. All I’d say is thank you for still keeping it real in the face of insult and saving the finances of those that cared to listen.

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