Joint Pro Exchange review – That’s a scam!

Joint Pro review

In this review we analyze the JointPro Global cryptocurrency exchange and we provide you with proofs that it is a scam that you have to avoid.

What is Joint Pro Global

JointPro is a digital asset trading platform that will let you exchange cryptocurrencies. The exchange has plans to offer its users multiple ways of earning money.

First, there is the Joint Pro Pass token which will be the primary cryptocurrency of the exchange. Something like BNB for Binance.

They allegedly also plan to build a revenue aggregator that will allow users to earn money with DeFi products.

Is Joint Pro Global a legit exchange that you can trust, should you invest your money with it?

Joint Pro scam

A detailed researched about the Joint Pro exchange revealed that it is a scam. You should stay away from it. Here are the proofs.

Fake numbers

On its official website, Joint Pro Global claims that the exchange is three years old and that it is a well-known brand with more than five million users. But that is not true and it is easy to prove.

As you can see in our picture below, the domain was created in July 2021, so it is only two months old. The exchange for sure has not been around for three years and it certainly is not a well-known brand. In fact, you will have troubles finding any review about it.

Already this lie about the age of the exchange proves that it is a scam.

Joint Pro scam

Not certified

Another lie that you will find on the JointPro website is about its CoinMarketCap rank. is the biggest crypto monitoring website that lists thousands of cryptocurrencies and hundreds of exchanges from all over the world.

And guess what, there is not a single word about Joint Pro on Coinmarketcap, you won’t find it anywhere. So the claim about a certified rank is completely false, it is another lie that proves that Joint Pro is a scam.

Generally speaking, you should always be wary of crypto exchanges that are not listed on any monitoring website like Coinmarketcap. It means they are not established in any way.


Joint Pro Pass token

In the JointPro’s whitepaper there is a section dedicated the to Joint Pro token. But it is not clear what its purpose is supposed to be. We assume that the exchange will promise substantial returns on investment to tokens holders.

But there is nothing that would confirm the existence of the Joint Pro Pass token. It is not listed on Coinmarketcap, it is not traded on any real exchange. So if you see an offer to purchase it, you should decline it.

The JointPro’s whitepaper is very confusing, it looks like texts from different sources stitched together. Sometimes it looks like a product of a bad translation. It certainly does not provide any trustworthy information.

Beware of the JointPro mobile app

The official Joint Pro Global’s website does not provide a link to the exchange itself. It only points you to mobile apps for Android and iPhone for you to download. So we have to assume that the only way to interact with the exchange is through the mobile app.

But here comes a problem. The app is not available in the official Apple and Google app stores. The link forwards you to a place that we did not even wanted to explore, because it could lead to some malware that would cause harm.

So we strongly recommend not to download the JointPro App, don’t install it. It could be dangerous for your devices, it could be a malicious piece of software made to steal you data and/or money.

Any mobile app that is not in the respective official app store for your device is highly suspicious. You have to be absolutely sure of its authenticity and security before installing it, which in the case of Joint Pro Global you just can’t because we know it is a scam.

Joint Pro mobile app

How Joint Pro works

In this review we have proved that Joint Pro is a scam. We can only speculate about how they will try to separate you from your money. It can be through sales of their fake token. It can be through their malicious mobile app. It could be anything.

We are not going down this rabbit hole, because we don’t want to get hurt by this scam. We have provided enough proofs that Joint Pro Global is a scam, so there is no need for anybody to go to the end and lose money with it, no matter the way.

Fake stats

Joint Pro Global review – Conclusion

The Joint Pro Global exchange is a scam because its official website is full of lies. Stay away from it, don’t buy the Joint Pro Pass token, don’t trade on the exchange, just avoid it.

If you want to try legit crypto trading, do it on a free demo with a reputable exchange or a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to test everything out.

If you later decide to invest real money, please make sure you understand the risks of cryptocurrency trading.


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