Libra Markets review – a SCAM broker

This Libra Markets review explains why you have to stay away from this dirty broker.

What Libra Markets is about

Libra MarketsLibra Markets looks like a typical Forex broker with a wide offering of trading assets. You can trade currencies, stock and indexes with it. In total there allegedly is more than 250 different assets available.

And that’s about it, the broker doesn’t provide more information about minimum deposits, withdrawals, fees or anything like that, which is very important.

Libra Markets scam

We decide to do this Libra Markets reviews mainly because we hear a lot of complaints about this broker from real users. They say that the broker is blocking their withdrawals, that their money is disappearing from their accounts without them trading etc.

All in all, it is clear that Libra Markets is a dirty broker that you should completely avoid. The fact that the broker doesn’t provide all the necessary basic information is already a huge red flag.

Illegal broker

Company contactLibra Markets doesn’t provide any real address, but since it provides a UK phone number, we assume that it is based in Great Britain, which makes it a British broker.

And here is the thing, all brokers based in Britain have to be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, this is the law. Without it they cannot operate legally.

However, Libra Markets is not licensed whatsoever, so it is an illegal broker that is breaking the law. Also, the Austrian financial regulator published a warning against Libra Markets.

So, there is plenty of warnings and reasons for not trade with this broker, it is a black hole where money gets quickly lost.

Libra Markets review conclusion

Libra Markets is a scam broker that you certainly should not deal with, if you don’t want to lose your money.

For trading you should always use regulated brokers only and start on a free demo to learn trading first.

Remember that in trading with real money you can have profits but also losses, so be careful.

Libra Markets









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  • Scam
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Comments 19

  • libra market is a scan ?

  • my man started sealing with libra markets and made an initial deposit of 10000 euro and his broker kept telling him theres a big event happening that he should deposit more. He later deposited 50000euro.once the deposit was made the broker “Wagner ” stopped picking calls .and his phone doesnt go through. Later a new broker called to say Wagner doesnt work with them. They had initially said that they partner with ING bank to secure any deposit over 50000euros. And only 10%of the deposit makes trading. But that is not true. They have put the account to almost zero by making consequetive negative trades just to put the account to zero. And they insist that one should invest more. Stay away from libra markets.they are unregulated brokers who scam people and you never get to withdraw your money. People dont invest at all with libra. Libra markets deposit the 60000euro you received from myman if you are genuine. We want nothing more to do with libra

  • Libra Markets do not process withdrawals!

    • Libra blatantly ignored me after I put in a request for withdrawal. I havent received my money as yet from them. They are thieves. Libramarkets is a scam. DO NOT INVEST WITH THEM.

  • Libra Market is a website of scam. Do not open send links of anydesk , for getting access to your computer. Do not believe their attempts to force you to pay insurancies for saving your dropping account, which is manipulated by themselves.
    They will steal as much they can! They operate from different countries for confusing authoroties! No license nowhere, but their organization is quite well investigated and researched by Fintelegram and Efri.Reach out to them for updates regarding their campaigne and lawsuits.

  • I tried to register in Bitcoin Revolution but the guy who talked to me sent me an email to register and put my investment there in Libramarkets. So before i deposit funds i just search about libramarkets and i have seen a lot of negative reviews about it.

  • Hi total scammers avoid like the plague. How is it that are allowed to trade in this country.

  • Hello poeples.

    I was also scamed from Libra markets.
    When i want to withdraw my money they startet that i lose every day a lot of money. They told me that i can get money in 16. December but till this day i came to – 95€. They not answer anymore to calls or emails. I hope that i can get my money back one day.
    Stay away from this layer scamers….

    Invested 1250€ and for 1 and a half months all was good, gaining till 1600€. Then I asked a widrawal of 300€ that was pending for 3 weeks. As I insisted in the widrawal, the account went to zero in a week with dubious tradings and swap comissions.

  • oh, sh*t. They sounded professional. I have made a deposit but I haven’t started the trading yet… What about the verification that has been processed? Does anyone know what they do with that?

    • aj ja som urobila vklad 250 euro, ale nezačala som obchodovať. A ani už nechcem. Tiež by ma zaujímalo, čo overenie, aj všetky doklady s tým spojené????
      Odpovie nám niekto na toto?

  • I invested €200 and I lost it in this Libra Markets SCAM
    Don’t even try this atall.

  • Libra Markets…….Biggest mistake you can make!

    This company will pull you in with false information and beautiful promises.

    Don’t fall for it, they are just going to steal your hard earned money!!!!!!!

  • don’t invest money!
    I invested $ 1250 and it has grown to $ 1700
    I demanded the payment but no one answers the phone and mail, these are thieves who steal money DO NOT invest money in LIBRA MARKETS if you want to not lose it these are thieves themselves

  • I know someone that trusted in this company (or whatheever it is) he invested 250 euros, he wasn’t satisfied with the services and he decided to take back his money but he couldn’t, and they never response. I’m really pissed, the are “good” selling it because they sounds like professional, but god… I hate this scammers companies.
    Is there a way to report this? I mean… i saw many people complaining about Libra Markets, so… Someone must closed that website!

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