UGLY SCAM: Lion Group Corporation review [stay away]

Review of Lion Group Corp

This review should convince you to stay away from the Lion Group Corporation scam investment scheme.

What is Lion Group Corporation

Lion Group Corporation at is an investment platform. The corporation claims to be investing money in cryptocurrencies with great success.

This alleged success translates to investment plans that are supposed to earn you 1 – 1.3% daily returns.

  • If you invest between 50 a 500 USD, the plan is to get 1% daily for one year.
  • If you invest between 1000 and 2000 USD, the plan is to get you 1.3% daily for one year.

Which means that the investment plans promise 30 to 39% monthly returns. But there is more.

Lion Group Corporation also has a big referral program. You can get 15% of your referrals’ deposits across 6 levels under you.

And there is also a global pool that can earn you an additional 1% of the deposits made by your downline, depending on their investment amount.

And finally, there are one time awards that you can earn when reaching a certain turnover with your downline, the biggest one is 3 million US dollars.

Now let’s answer the question whether Lion Group Corp is legit, if you should invest any money in it.

Lion Group Corporation is a scam, here is why

The truth is that Lion Group Corporation is a fraudulent investment scheme, it is not legit. The corporation is not making money in cryptocurrency investing, it is just playing an illegal financial game that is sure to collapse.

Illegal investment platform

First let’s check Lion Group Corporation’s background. It supposedly is a company based in Estonia.

However, according to the register of companies in Estonia there is no Lion Corporation Group registered in the country. So it obviously is a fake company.

Which makes it a scam, because the corporation claims to be registered, but in reality it is not.

The company does not exist

Not authorized

What about regulation? The corporation tries to escape investment laws by stating on its official website that it is not a collective investment scheme. It defines itself as a platform for investors who want to use the most advanced opportunities and technology.

But that is just talk from fraudsters. The reality is that the corporation is collecting money from people and promising them returns thanks to investments. Which by definition is an investment service.

As such it is subject to regulation. Estonia regulates financial and investment services like most countries in the world do. So because Lion Corporation Group is not registered, it is not authorized to provide the services it provides. It is breaking the laws and it is an illegal investment service.

This alone is a big reason for staying away from it. You don’t want to invest your money with an illegal platform that offers you no protection whatsoever.

Lion Group Corp scam investment plans

Lion Group Corporation claims that it is making money in cryptocurrency investing. The basic returns are 30 – 39% monthly, but the company would have to be making much more than this because there is the generous referral program we mentioned earlier.

Add to this the fact that the company would not be doing all this for free and you come to a minimum 50% monthly return that Lion Group Corp would have to be generating in order to be able to pay everybody as advertised.

Which is ridiculous. In reality no legitimate business can generate 50% monthly returns, it just is not is possible. What is even less possible, is to generate steady daily returns of 1% or more.

You can be sure that you are facing a scam when you see returns like these, especially steady daily returns that are impossible in the real financial world.

Investment fraud

Use some logic

But let’s imagine for a second that somebody is really capable of making 50% per month. Why on earth would they share these profits with everybody who cares to sign up?

Scammers often say that these miraculously successful companies need capital to operate, that is why thay let people in with their deposits. But that does not make any sense either.

Let’s say you can make 50% monthly and you offer around 40% to people, leaving you with a net 10%. Why would you do that when you can go to a bank, get a loan for 2% per month and get to keep 48% instead of 10%?

Do you see the absurdity of these scam offers? They claim they will happily pay multiple times more money to people to acquire capital than they have to.

How Lion Group Corporation really works

Lion Group Corp is an obvious Ponzi scheme. They might use some of the money in crypto investing, but that certainly does not generate them 1% or more daily. Because it is not possible.

What they really do is they take money from new members and give it to older members. A typical pyramid. In other words, money deposited in the system is just redistributed among other members.

There is no real profitable activity going on, no real profits are generated, money is just being recirculated in an illegal way.

These modern Ponzi scheme like Lion Group Corporation often add cryptocurrencies in the mix because it helps them in several ways. For one crypto transactions are irreversible, so when the house of cards collapses, people can’t get their money back thanks to chargebacks.

Also, these fraudulent platforms like to invest part of the money from the collective pool in cryptocurrencies. If they are lucky, they get in when crypto prices are going up, which helps them to run the Ponzi scheme for a little bit longer.

But crypto markets evolve in cycles, they go up and down. And when the bear market arrives, these Ponzis start to collapse one by one, like recently happened with COTP, Intelligence Prime Capital or Metafi Yielders.

Then you will hear all sorts of excuses, like there are problems with payments verification or that they got hacked. They will never tell you the truth, which is that the Ponzi scam ran out of money so it is shutting down and owners are running away with what was left in the system.

So don’t get fooled, if Lion Group Corp is paying now, it does not make it a legit project. It just means that the scam scheme has not collapsed yet, but it is only a matter of time before it happens.

People often ask how long a Ponzi scheme can run? But there is no clear answer to that because it depends on many circumstances, like the rewards, markets’ phase, marketing efforts, willingness of the owners etc.

Some Ponzis run for years, some last only for a few days. But it does not really matter, you should never get in in the first place. Because even if you manage to get some profits, somebody else has to get scammed for you to get your money. You don’t want that.

Not to mention that if you choose to refer people to frauds like Lion Group Corporation, you are promoting a scam, which is punishable by law.

Lion Group Corp scam

Lion Group Corporation review – Conclusion

Lion Group Corporation is an illegal investment scheme and a scam. There is no legitimate company behind it, just a shady structure. Its collapse is inevitable, you have to avoid it.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, use regulated brokers or proven exchanges. You can start on a free demo to learn with virtual money.

Should you decide to invest real money, make sure that you understand the risks and that you have a tested strategy.

Lion Group Corporation

50 USD

Company background


Investment plans


Real returns



  • Can you thing of any?


  • Fake company
  • Illegal investment scheme
  • Scam
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