Lion’s Share review – an automated scam [warning]

Lion's Share review

In this review of Lion’s Share we explain why you have to avoid this investment program, it is a pure scam.

What is Lion’s Share

Lion’s Share is an automated investment program. It is based on an Ethereum smart contract that is working on the blockchain.

It means that Lion’s Share is running on autopilot and allegedly cannot be changed.

There are two streams of income: L1 and L2. Both are pyramidal schemes and L1 requires you to refer new investors to Lion’s Share in order to earn money.

The minimum investment to participate in the Lion’s Share’s matrix is 0.04 ether.


Is Lion’s Share legit?

No, Lion’s Share is not legit. In fact, it is an illegal investment scheme that could put you in trouble. Here is why.

Lion’s Share is promising returns on investment, which makes it an investment service. Most countries in the world require all investment services to be regulated, to get a license.

But Lion’s Share proudly says that it is an anonymous service running on the blockchain. It is not licensed, it has not been authorized by any financial regulator in the world. Which means that it is an illegal service.

What is very important, is the fact that in order to make money with Lion’s Share, you have to actively promote it and recruit new members. This means that you have to promote an illegal service, which could make you face criminal charges.

We know it sounds harsh, but it is true, just look at our Forsage review, because it is basically the same investment service, while a financial regulator warned people not to promote it if they don’t want to go to jail.

The law is the law, when you promote illegal investment services, you are breaking the law and it can have consequences for you.

The Lion’s Share scam

Investment schemes like Lion’s Share that are running on the blockhain are just old scams running on new technology. It brings no guarantees, scams are scams and they always end badly.

Lion’s Share supposedly is running on the Ethereum blockchain, but there are no links that could help you verify the claim. What is even more important, is that the majority of people doesn’t have the knowledge to verify the code of an app running on the blockchain.

Because Lion’s Share can be a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, but are you able to verify that nobody can change it and steal all the money in the system? Very probably not. Which means that even the slightest improvement that blockchain could bring to this scam is unverifiable.

Lion's Share scam

Doomed to fail

No matter the technology that Lion’s Share is running on, it is a scam, a Ponzi scheme. It means that new members have to come and deposit money in order for the older members to earn profits.

Such a scheme is doomed to fail, because no real business is going on, no real profits are generated, only a dirty financial game with deposits is going on.

Ponzi schemes always fail in the end, it is only a matter of time. Some last only for hours or days, some last for years. But they always collapse in the end and a lot of people lose money. Because deposits don’t stay in the system, they are used to pay people in the upline.

In other words, while a scam like Lion’s Share is running, there is no money in it, every deposit is redistributed among other members. So, there is nothing that can be withdrawn from a common pool, it relies on fresh deposits coming in. And when they don’t, it all stalls and the newer members lose everything they put in.

Stay away from Lion’s Share

You have to stay away from Lion’s Share because it is a scam and participating in it could make you go to jail. It is an illegal investment service and if you join it, you will have to promote it, which is illegal.

Then, you also know that it is going to collapse anyway, because it is a Ponzi scheme. Lion’s Share is extremely risky in every sense of the word, the only sensible thing you can do is to stay away from it.

Lion’s Share review – the conclusion

Lion’s Share is a scam that is running on a new technology. So, it still is a Ponzi scam that is going to collapse, it is only a question of time. Furthermore, participating in it could make you face criminal charges. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit investing and trading, use only regulated companies and start on a free demo account so that you can see risk free how everything works.

Please be sure to understand that trading with real money is risky, so if you decide to switch from the demo to a real account, you have to know what you are doing and have a good strategy.

0.04 ETH





Investment product



  • Blockhain technology


  • Scam
  • Destined to fail
  • Illegal and risky
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