Lion’s Share review – an automated scam [warning]

Lion's Share review

In this review of Lion’s Share we explain why you have to avoid this investment program, it is a pure scam.

What is Lion’s Share

Lion’s Share is an automated investment program. It is based on an Ethereum smart contract that is working on the blockchain.

It means that Lion’s Share is running on autopilot and allegedly cannot be changed.

There are two streams of income: L1 and L2. Both are pyramidal schemes and L1 requires you to refer new investors to Lion’s Share in order to earn money.

The minimum investment to participate in the Lion’s Share’s matrix is 0.04 ether.


Is Lion’s Share legit?

No, Lion’s Share is not legit. In fact, it is an illegal investment scheme that could put you in trouble. Here is why.

Lion’s Share is promising returns on investment, which makes it an investment service. Most countries in the world require all investment services to be regulated, to get a license.

But Lion’s Share proudly says that it is an anonymous service running on the blockchain. It is not licensed, it has not been authorized by any financial regulator in the world. Which means that it is an illegal service.

What is very important, is the fact that in order to make money with Lion’s Share, you have to actively promote it and recruit new members. This means that you have to promote an illegal service, which could make you face criminal charges.

We know it sounds harsh, but it is true, just look at our Forsage review, because it is basically the same investment service, while a financial regulator warned people not to promote it if they don’t want to go to jail.

The law is the law, when you promote illegal investment services, you are breaking the law and it can have consequences for you.

The Lion’s Share scam

Investment schemes like Lion’s Share that are running on the blockhain are just old scams running on new technology. It brings no guarantees, scams are scams and they always end badly.

Lion’s Share supposedly is running on the Ethereum blockchain, but there are no links that could help you verify the claim. What is even more important, is that the majority of people doesn’t have the knowledge to verify the code of an app running on the blockchain.

Because Lion’s Share can be a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, but are you able to verify that nobody can change it and steal all the money in the system? Very probably not. Which means that even the slightest improvement that blockchain could bring to this scam is unverifiable.

Lion's Share scam

Doomed to fail

No matter the technology that Lion’s Share is running on, it is a scam, a Ponzi scheme. It means that new members have to come and deposit money in order for the older members to earn profits.

Such a scheme is doomed to fail, because no real business is going on, no real profits are generated, only a dirty financial game with deposits is going on.

Ponzi schemes always fail in the end, it is only a matter of time. Some last only for hours or days, some last for years. But they always collapse in the end and a lot of people lose money. Because deposits don’t stay in the system, they are used to pay people in the upline.

In other words, while a scam like Lion’s Share is running, there is no money in it, every deposit is redistributed among other members. So, there is nothing that can be withdrawn from a common pool, it relies on fresh deposits coming in. And when they don’t, it all stalls and the newer members lose everything they put in.

Stay away from Lion’s Share

You have to stay away from Lion’s Share because it is a scam and participating in it could make you go to jail. It is an illegal investment service and if you join it, you will have to promote it, which is illegal.

Then, you also know that it is going to collapse anyway, because it is a Ponzi scheme. Lion’s Share is extremely risky in every sense of the word, the only sensible thing you can do is to stay away from it.

Lion’s Share review – the conclusion

Lion’s Share is a scam that is running on a new technology. So, it still is a Ponzi scam that is going to collapse, it is only a question of time. Furthermore, participating in it could make you face criminal charges. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit investing and trading, use only regulated companies and start on a free demo account so that you can see risk free how everything works.

Please be sure to understand that trading with real money is risky, so if you decide to switch from the demo to a real account, you have to know what you are doing and have a good strategy.

0.04 ETH





Investment product



  • Blockhain technology


  • Scam
  • Destined to fail
  • Illegal and risky
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Comments 87

  • What you doing is really bad
    Lion share is not a scam
    I earned 10eth in 6days on lion share..
    Lion share don’t force people to register
    It on free will

  • just because you dont like a business doesnt mean you should call it scam.other people are benefiting your just saying rubbish

    • It’s not about me liking it or not, it is about facts.

      • What appears to be facts are not facts. It’s merely someone’s opinion.

        • You are getting too specific, I did not ask you to elaborate that much. /s

        • Some people are blinded by greed, sad to say. Crypto MLM’s are Ponzi schemes. unless you can show me how I can buy LST crypto and use it to buy Nike products, or anything from online stores or offline stores for that matter, your product is worth nothing! Pure Fact!

          And YES, LST is trying to be a legal MLM yet in fact it’s a Ponzi. Another Fact!

          • It’s not greed they’re trying to help families that are struggling financially because of this damn pandemic stop being so damn inconsiderate. Struggling families all over the world needs this and all it takes is a small capital to earn life changing income.

    • It is not about the pay, they do pay. MMM came and paid. Just give these platform time they would crash due to the intake of people. These are facts not personal Opinions

    • Facts Remains
      They Pay
      But it is still a scam
      It is not a legitimate business approved by any organization of any sort

    • I totally agree Michael , banks are the biggest scammers.

  • you are resentful nowhere says this: “**Lion’s Share is promising returns on investment, which makes it an investment service. Most countries in the world require all investment services to be regulated, to get a license.”**

    Everyone who enters “lions Share” knows that they have to promote, nobody enters with promises of investment returns, you know absolutely nothing of what you are talking about

    • So you don’t have to deposit any money? Yeah, I don’t think so…

      • You dont pay a deposit lol, you pay an investment cost that you get back 100% Stopped feeding false information lionshare is a crowd funding platform for everyone to make the same amount of ethereum no one looses anything and you join at your own free will.

      • Lion’s is not an investment program, it’s simply a peer to peer matrics business model that earns you money when you invite others to join you. One good thing about this program is that, you don’t need to invite people to join you, you can also earn by just being under a team leader….

  • Whats the penalty

  • As far as i am consine lions share is not a scam,its legal and does not need. Life is all about choice bro lions share is a compensation and an agreement stuff its not fraud like people do this willing

  • Lion Share is not a scam.. BUT the system is flawed and at least 80% of members WILL NEVER EARN any profit.. These matrix style systems NEVER work for the vast majority of people..

    • It is not a scam crowd finding is legal, there is no one getting paid any higher unless you started before someone else or you haven’t been able to invite. It is at everyones free will, it is a one off low investment cost that makes you thousands, your losing nothing and gaining thousands , and you get paid with Ethereum currency. You’s need to stop spreading fake news

    • Wonder what you have to say about Tron Probably the same as Lionshares lol fake news, its launching soon and we are here to make thousands of it. 100% legit in my country.

  • Amigo deje la envidia y deje de pensar como pobre, en todos lados toca trabajar, aquí toca es trabajar inteligentemente, si no le gusta pues no lo haga, pero no difame cosas que al parecer solo son opiniones suyas, hay muchas personas ya ganando lo que nunca en sus vidas, habían pasado en su mente ganar, más bien relajate y únete. O sino sigue como obrero trabajando por los sueños de tu jefe.

  • So I try and click on all your free demo stuff to which it keeps bringing me to the same page with no demo. If this is so illegal – present all the legal documents to state all of your facts and attach it all here so we can see it view it to make that opinion for ourselves! People are putting a deposit/paying for certain parts of the platforms in Lions Share, but what business is it of yours? The old saying goes, if it’s not your problem don’t worry about it. Sometimes people have to learn on their own accord but it’s not up to you to validate or dictate anyone’s decisions in what they choose to do.

    • Your old saying is stupid and the facts are in the review.

      • Lion’s share is not a pyramide or the poncy scheem. Any one can be checked the whole details an to go to critisize. All the amount of earned by downliner not colleting one upliner that is the wrongest word of this writer. Invite to you to join first this smart contract and study the inside of the methode and the system..

    • “…it’s not up to you to validate or dictate anyone’s decisions in what they choose to do.”

      Provided “what they choose to do” does not harm others…I agree with your point.

  • Pity we cant post up our wallets where over 2million has been paid out by this “SCAM” in less then 2mths…..dr smart contract my friend we love you. To all the lions out there roaring for you & your families they do wat they do we do wat we do & continue to Rooooaaarrr!!!


    • Pues explícame como se puede ganar sin traer referidos, porque la idea inicial del L2 no es como la presentaron al principio, el flujo no es hacia todos los lados y la linia ascendente no produce para los de mas abajo. No es un sistema que se retroalimente como se describio al iniciar! Decepción, pudo ser una revolucion sostenible…

    • Me parece que los que no se informan de lo que es un ponzi sois vosotros ya que esto es un ponzi encima exageradamente a la vista, yo he estado en lion’s share y e ganado 70$ como coprendereis cuando me di cuenta de que no funcionaba como lo explicaban retire todo lo que tenia lo que gane y le dije a mi gente que entraron con migo que sacara su dinero de hay y que asumiria con la culpa de esto ya que vinieron detras mia. Cuando decis que esto no es un ponzi seguro que ni siquiera sabeis lo que es ya que en una estafa piramidal los de arriba se llevan el dinero y segun cae la piramide cada vez la gente gana menos, si os informais los creadores del contrato, a los que conoci, crearon 3 contratos fantasma, los numeros 2,3,4 y el suyo el 1 son los contratos con mas dinero de toda esta estafa y los 5 contratos son de los creadores, ellos decian que te caian derrames de arriba y eso es mentira solo una llamada de atencion para todos los ignorantes que ven sus zoom y presentaciones guarras y sin profesionalidad ni datos contrastados de todo lo que explican, en conclusion esto es una estafa en toda regla con sistema ponzi que resalta a la vista. Y si no todos los que lo defienden aqui que saquen los testimonios de la gente que tienen abajo y que me digan como les va.

  • You didn’t verify the smart contract, thats your #1 job here, nobody gives fu*k about the law.

  • Lion share has no pool he takes money to pay his members, it depends on the new investor.
    Therefore this is a scam and is ponzi very soon it will collapse. I have seen many ponzi collapse and ran away with peoples money in my country (nig)

  • What you are saying is really bad AND NONSENSES… this means that you dont know more about this LIONNSHARE plan… go and learn sir… just a friendly advice

  • Firstly MLM is a SCAM, this is a pyramid structure and it is 100% SCAM, I know positive talking guys here never accepts this, bcoz you invested and making others to invest, this is called MLM SCAM. One thing positive guys never answer is with hard work plp are dying to earn money, how simply you will get here by just adding plp.

    • Hi James Pinion! I love what You’re saying in this blog, I think, GOD is using you to save those who have an ear… But you see the problem with some of us in Nigeria is that we have been scammed a lot, we kept on looking for a better investment opportunity to better our life’s, the future of our children,our society and generation, but we couldn’t find any…. Taking for instance, I’ve been scammed in the one they tagged cryptomining. biz ,I invested #10,000.i.e Ten thousand Naira and all is gone, adding the that they are having technical issue. Nigeria is restricted severely and badly on the internet in such a way that I can’t successfully sign up on PayPal and not only that, I wanted to sign up for digistore24 and they told me that Nigerians are not allowed in the platform etc. They should consider sincere and honest Nigerians because not everybody is bad.but thanks a lot, and if it’s not because of you I would have jumped into “Lion share” and I will not have any R. O. I, but the year is running out and I need where or w business I can invest into, inorder to make money or residual income.. please do you know any way or any platform? if you know any kindly send through my email

  • Wow, a piece of artwork alright! They should look at arresting yourself for defimation to lion shares!. Where are you getting your nonsense from? Because I can tell you, Im not at the top of lion shares, I havent recruited anyone and I have had 6 payments. Stop using them to premote your demo account. Your a bad person. Wake up!

    • People who are running and promoting Lion’s Share can face criminal charges, that’s the reality.

      • Why with facts please? because I have researched all the laws in my country and its 100% legit. Crypto currency is legit, smart contracts are legit, its 100% transparency, its a crowd funding platform so everyone including your communities are benefiting from it.

        • It is not crowd funding anything, it’s a Ponzi scheme that is going to crash, it is illegal in every country. Tell me what is your country and I will provide you with a statement from your national financial regulator that will prove me right.

  • This is an eye opener,but the question now is where else can I possibly invest in and get a decent ROI? Not all should be scam. I can’t solely rely on my salary.


  • Lion share does offer services alot of people who come into these crypto donation platforms have no idea about crypto. Doing transaction exercises and gaining knowledge from more experienced crypto currency users is educational. Now if everyone gets in while it’s still low the crypto they accumulate has great potential to from in value in the future. Watch out for Lions Share TRON.

  • Lion Share coming up with yet another scam. Now with Tron.

    All those at the top make money and the rest lose all they have.
    Do not fall for this ponzi.

    Rather save your tron and Hodling will make you more profits.

  • Who cares whether it’s a scam or not?
    I think the reason as to why you’re blogging is that u need google to pay you so money is what matter and without risking u will never earn, stop posting rubbish, i earned 4eth in just 6 days and i have it.

    • What, how can Google pay me? I want that!

    • You didn’t “earn” it.

      It’s simply money being passed up to you from later “investors” in the pyramid scheme. Lions share make no bones that they are adding zero value. All the money being paid out comes from gullible new people who are chasing the dream of “easy money”. The scheme will inevitably collapse at some point with at least 90% of people losing their money. That’s how all pyramid schemes finish.

  • Just one thing… Where is the .25c transfer fee going? Whoever gets that fee is the one making the money.

  • to mr. right:

    That self-righteous guy who doesn’t know above all else except the legalities and commandments, seems to me is the most perfect person. While helping people change their lives and by so doing in joining this “ideal” of helping others becomes our world imperfect rather than being “self-righteous”. What is true today will not be true tomorrow (We have to live today by what truth we can get today and be ready tomorrow to call it falsehood. “William James”) I tell you JAMES PINION, you continue to being self-righteous or a philosopher with no philosophy, and us imperfect but united. Anyway, you just want to earn money with your most perfect ideas or get paid by someone with an ulterior motive. We don’t know. We know but we do not know. Possibly in the future your ideas might be invalid logically and your existence will be denied and the only thing that remains, our being imperfect but united in helping people. We remain humble with your righteousness. So long my friend.

  • The simple fact that you have to ‘promote’ means that this IS a PONZI scheme. get yourself educated!.

  • You know what instead of looking from the outside how bout you look from the inside out.
    This has changed so many lives and yes u can pay for what u want and on line using your earnings. And may be you will have an idea on how it works. Or even better keep your opinions to yourself

  • This is not an mlm ponzi scheme it’s an affiliate program where affiliates can earn.

  • But it’s ok for the worldwide banks to fuck us hard working people over?

    • So, if someone is doing something wrong, you think you are entitled to do something wrong too? That’s not how it works.

  • Been told by a friend that does it start from scratch this one put money in and bam double or more back.He told me big scam doesn’t be put in with yah tax etc.Can actually go to jail because of fraud..Might take years soon or later things that sound so good don’t last long..Im a struggling single mum lost work I won’t even go there..Rather work hard not go jail or go court in the end when it all blows up..

  • Ill rather Risk my $10 in Lionsshares to earn a decent payout then risk handing my money to a stock broker who will defitnitly and purposely lose my money for his own greed.Thats forreal. I love lion shares earning so much already, you have no idea.»
    Never will i deal with a human stockbroker.
    Im very happy dealing with a Legit Blockchain. & well wouldnt have to work for anyone else ever. 🙂

  • Thanks for this James. NZ Maori and PI communities are getting hit hard by this scam. They don’t understand crypto, they don’t understand ponzi schemes or have any basic investment literacy and they can easily recruit their whānau. Sad really.

    • Agreed shane….I’ve noticed the same things regarding geographic targeting

      I actively trade crypto and have for a while now.

      Wether this is called a scam or not.

      It will fail and fall hard in the end…these things always do

  • Thts exactly what scammers say in the end, “They gave it to me willingly I didn’t steal it”

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