Live Trade Options (LiveOptionsFX) review – An Extreme Scam

LiveOptionsFX review

This review proves that LiveOptionsFX is a fake broker that is not regulated in any way. It is a scam made to take your money.

What is Live Trade Options

Live Trade Options aka LiveOptionsFX aka LiveTradeOptionsFX is presented as broker that will allow you to trade with more than 1000 assets in 8 different classes, including cryptocurrencies.

The broker claims to have won numerous awards and to be regulated all across the world.

The minimum deposit to open a live account with Live Trade Options is 500 USD (or units of your base currency). For trading with this brokerage company, you can use the Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 platform.

Is Live Trade Options (LiveOptionsFX) legit?

LiveOptionsFX (Live Trade Options) scam

LiveOptionsFX with all the other names it’s using is a scam broker, you should stay away from it. In this review we provide you with proofs.

Not regulated at all

The biggest and most dangerous lie of LiveOptionsFX is that it is a regulated broker in several countries. Because it is not.

Live Trade Options supposedly is a trading name of LiveOptions FX Group that is regulated in Cyprus, Vanuatu, Germany, United Kingdom and France. But it is not true.

LiveOptionsFX is providing fake information about its regulation on its website. In reality, it is not regulated anywhere.

Take the example from our picture below. LiveOptionsFX claims to have a license issued by the FCA in the UK, number 580193. But in reality this number belongs to another company that has nothing to do with LiveOptionsFX and Live Trade Options.

The Financial Conduct Authority knows nothing about LiveOptionsFX. The same applies to all other regulators.

This means not only that Live Trade Options is not regulated, but also that deposits with this broker are not protected nor insured in any way, despite the company claiming the opposite on its website.

Only a few scam brokers dare to lie about their regulatory status, but we have not seen any lying so much and claiming to be regulated all over the world like Live Trade Options. This really is an extreme.

LiveOptionsFX scam

No awards

At this point, it should not be a surprise to you that LiveOptionsFX (Live Trade Options) has not won any awards.

The broker displays on its website awards that it allegedly won since 2013, but they all are fake. As you can see in our picture, Live Trade Options FX was created only in March 2021, so it could not have won any awards in the previous years.

Really, Live Trade Options is just a scam that has taken pictures of awards from other websites and placed it on its website without authorization. This is another proof that this broker is fraudulent.

No awards

How LiveOptionsFX works

LiveOptionsFX / Live Trade Options is a typical scam broker. No real trading is happening on the platform of this broker. It just pretends to be broker with the purpose of attracting money from people.

They will let you deposit, yes, they might even let you trade, but it will all be artificial and the only allowed results will be losses. If they show you any profits on your account, they will be fake.

All they want is your money, so they will give you plenty of false reasons to deposit more and more money into their platform. And you will never get anything back from them.

This is why you have to avoid Live Trade Options (LiveOptionsFX) and not deposit anything with this company. If you already made your deposit, try to withdraw everything back before it is too late.

LiveTradeOptions / LiveOptionsFX review – the Conclusion

Live Trade Options by LiveOptionsFX is a scam broker. It claims to be regulated by numerous regulators, but it is not. And it has not won any awards, it is a new fraud that has been created last month. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in financial trading, start on a free demo with a truly regulated company. Use virtual money to familiarize yourself with everything.

If you choose to invest real money, be careful and sure that you understand the risks. Use the demo to prepare for real trading and have a solid strategy.

LiveOptionsFX / Live Trade Options

500 USD





Trading platform



  • Metatrader


  • Lying about regulation
  • Lying about awards
  • Scam
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