Loantech review – a SCAM conspiracy [stay away!]

Loantech review

This review exposes the Loantech scam that pretends to be about legitimate lending. See why you should not put any money into it.

What is Loantech

Loantech is presented as a lending platform that will pay you daily returns if you lend money through it.

It means that if you have free capital, you can deposit your money into the Loantech platform for somebody to borrow it. And you will be paid 3% daily returns. But there is a caveat, you won’t be able to withdraw your deposit for some time.

After 22 days you can withdraw only 34% of your principal, which together with the 3% daily returns would make you break even. The minimum investment is 10 USD.

There is also an affiliate program that will let you earn up to 15% on deposits from your first level and 2% from your second level. But can you trust Loantech?

Is Loantech legit?

Unfortunately, no, Loantech is not legit. In reality it is an illegal investment program, there is no real lending or borrowing going on.

It saddens us that we have to explain this again and again, but any time you see any program offering stable 3% daily returns, you can be sure that it is a scam. You really don’t need to investigate more about Loantech, just look at this one number, and you know it is a scam.

Loantech is claiming that its legitimacy derives from its registration in the UK. It is true that a company named Bright Future Loans is registered in the UK. But it only has a tax registration that says absolutely nothing about the legitimacy of a company. In fact, we have seen dozens of scams with such a registration.

The important thing is that Loantech is offering financial services. It pretends to be a lending platform, while in reality it an investment platform. But it does not matter, because in any case it needs an authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority in order to be able to operate legally.

But Loantech is not registered with the FCA, it has no license whatsoever. Which makes it an illegal service. And let us remind you that if you promote such an illegal service, you are punishable by the law.

It is not legit

The Loantech scam

So, how does Loantech work? It is a Ponzi scheme, which means a scam that is playing an illegal game with money of its members.

There is no lending going on, deposits are used for profits payouts. Such a system can always run only for a limited time, because withdrawal requests will sooner or later exceed new deposits. Then the whole thing will collapse and people will realize there is nothing left in it.

We often hear the argument that if it is paying, it can’t be a scam. But that is not true, because Ponzi schemes like Loantech start by paying its users, which make the userbase grow and new deposits can make the game last for some time. But it will collapse, it is inevitable.

You probably won’t like it, but as a matter of fact no legitimate business can generate 3% daily returns.

Even if Loantech was really about lending, combine the 3% daily returns and the affiliate program, and the borrower would have to pay more than 100% monthly! Would you borrow any money if you had to pay the double in just one month? There certainly will never be enough people to make such a scheme sustainable. And in most countries it would be illegal anyway.

But that does not matter too much, because as we have explained, Loantech is not a real lending program, it is a scam.

Loantech scam

Why not to participate

You might think that you can still try Loantech while it is still paying (if it still is). But there are several reasons not to do that.

The first one being that Loantech can collapse any time, it might happen right after you make your deposit, you never now.

The second reason is that even if you manage to pull out some money out of Loantech before it crumbles, you will be stealing money from somebody else. A Ponzi scheme can’t make everybody happy, some people have to lose if somebody has to be profitable.

Will you be happy with profits knowing that somebody else had to be scammed for you? We hope not.

Last but not least, being a member of Loantech could get in trouble with the law, because even just recommending an illegal investment scheme to a few friends is punishable.

So, these are the reasons for staying away from Loantech, either you get sammed or somebody else get scammed for you, there is no other possibility.

Loantech review conclusion

Loantech is an illegal investment scheme and a scam, it has nothing to do with real lending. Stay away from it!

If you want to try legit investing, do it with a regulated company. You can get a free demo account and try everything with virtual money.

If decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and to have a strategy.


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  • Transparent scam


  • Scam
  • Not real lending platform
  • Illegal financial game
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  • Thanks so much for your analysis. I was just informed and i came online to read reviews about it. God bless you. I hope you have given your life to Christ the saviour. If not, give him your life, you are blessed. Please continue this good work.

  • Mmm wctually I start a loan with loantech 3 month ago and I and I earn 3k actually is paying everybldy.

  • Well, I read something like this from you guys some months back concerning pennywise wealth management but I never really took it serious not until pennywise got crashed last two weeks and took away our hard earned money. It will definitely pay for a while but be rest assured that sooner or later it will definitely crashed. STAY AWAY…..

  • It is been 3 months i am receiving with LT. I start investing $20 and now i am receiving 45$ per week no misses cashout. Hope the business still continues!

  • You make this article when Loantech have 177 days now have more then 220 days maybe you should explain us why people are earn a lot of money right now. Ops you will never publish this comment because is different from your eh;/).

  • I need a legit investment site
    Please any info

  • So please give us the legit investment site

  • So if it is illegal why is not blocked? Perhaps has benefits for lawmakers!!!

    • Because it is a very lenghty process to shut down such websites, sometimes it is not even possible because of different jurisdictions. Meanwhile these scams crash by themselves sooner than authorities can do anything about them.

  • loan tech is the best i am still gating paid i love loan

  • U have to prove before making lose interest loan tech plays it’s part of the deal so if don’t have the mind to risk don’t spoil for others trying to.

    • A scam is not a risk, it is a sure failure.

      • Don’t not ways Lisen to What People Say Don’t worry I am able to Prove that you are wrong about loan tech just gave me some time. and I am only Speaking for my self because loan tech always approve my Transactions and send all my transaction s with out any issue. So I don’t no what is james Problem why is it that every body who in on loan tech. messenger team does not have a issue with there finance only mr.james the only one that is complaining here is you. even if it is not legit why is it that they Still Pay me with out any issue. also on Top of That loan tech are very supportive in to reaching out to there Customers With a good response also in good Time if you all want to listen to Some one Please make sure Listen to the right Person who have experience. have a bless night every one

        • Hi Kayla I’m having some issues trying to withdraw money back to my account could you please help me? I deposited money to loantech but now my withdrawals are just pending and not coming out to my swissborg account!???

  • I don’t no about you but I was able to by my Self a new Car because of loan tech I am bless because of loan tech

  • Loan tech help me to go back to College financially I have nothing bad to say it is a good company

  • Why is it that we have so much People saying so much good things about loan tech than then the other s that must mean something the last time I checked in loan tech group every body seems to be happy. So I don’t no what is your problem loan tech is the best ok the best

    • “So much people”? You posted under 4 different names here, so it only counts for one.
      Kayla, Kazz, Chazzy and Brooklyn posting from the same IP address and telling success stories about Loantech. Yeah, sure…

      • Sure sign of scam , same IP address means one device hence same person. Talk about comex trades in UK and Axelery. Also give us some genuine investment platforms.

  • James you are right with one word. soon or later . but the truth is now… Loan tech now is paying . Of-course soon or later. this website will shut down.. nobody know when it will end time start but there are always have the risk in the online website earning. so if you can’t take risk in your life. you can’t learn anything without taking any risk. some how loan tech are paying for now. i also invested 3K USD. and they are paying me everyday and everyday i got withdraw into my account. so now this company is better then others. but of-course it will shut down one day.. but now its best option to take benefits from this web.. this is my opinion for those . whom are looking handsome income for this pandemic time.Just don’t think so much. ITS NEW COMPANY N THEY ARE PAYING TO EVERYONE. Thanks

    • Your profits will be the loss of somebody else who got scammed. You will have to live with that.

    • The world we live in is also a risk because it will crash one day(end of the world!)…like Loantech… Agreed(According to Mr Pinion the prophet of old!)

      But,does that make God a scam?

      Or are we suppose to stop living on earth because we feel God is a scammer as His world will end one day? Perhaps we run to the moon & look for another God there!

      Well, this is not the first time world is ending,even in the time of Noah & Lot’s wife! …Yet,today we are still here,hail & hearthy, Glory to God!

      Long Live Loantech!!!

      Vickey,i must confess, I like your anology & analysis,it made me think! It’s the inspiration behind my comment!

      Loantech forever! My $15 daily return assured! Glory!!!

    • it is no longer paying… it keeps you pending till you give up

  • Life is all about chances. I learn that long time ago.
    Society wants you invest in your education and get stuck with huge amounts of student loans; while someone with basic knowledge is making millions…I will continue to take chances until I find a way out.

    If you REALLY CARE about those who are trying to put extra food on their, how about you come up with some better investment options.

    • Participating in a scam is not taking a chance.

      • Mr James…is tellerforex a scam??

        • Anything with 20% daily returns is a scam.

          • Says who?

            Philips Emeagwale earns more than 20% !

            What do you have to say about my Brother Aliko Dangote?

            If u called Loantech CEO a scam because Loantech will end one day,…

            What do you call the Amighty Jah? Because,the world that our God created will also end one day! How far?!

            Or should we run away to Pluto because we feel God is a scam for creating a world that will end one day?

            Nothing lasts forever my brother,not even ur life or the universe!

            How about our jobless graduates from colleges & universities? They went to school hoping to get employed one day,some died jobless! Is our schools also a scam? Because with the hope that they’ll get employed one day,they lost their school fees to the school authorities/managements while the school gained their money(Losing & Gaining),… Perhaps we should call universities, colleges & polytechnics Registerd Scam Organisations because these ones are registered!

            Atleast,the Unregistered Loantech(according to you) has enough Dollars to pay its teeming members unlike the Registered Scam Organisations (RSO) we know.

            My dear,opportunities don’t blow horns!

            If u don’t have the one to recommend to the people, why critisize the one they have at hand?…the bird at hand worths more than ten thousand in the bush.

          • God has nothing to do with this.


  • It is not the sooner or later collapsing that scares me, no, it’s the words illegal and scam you used on this site. I hate being part of anything illegal or scam

  • Loan tech never said they are a load company, the loan tech is just the name , they never said anywhere in there site that they give out loans,
    Do you know that there are hyip monitors , monitoring them? Do you also know that there is SSL in their site?

  • Loantech forlife

  • Loantech is legit i hope and pray continue pay inand pay out

  • . People love lies than truth. Truth hurts. A lie may travel a thousand miles and truth catches up in a sec. Give a thief a long rope and soon he’ll hang himself. Great article James! Keep it up!!

  • In life, nothing lasts forever. Not even your life. Does it mean you are a scam? If people stop putting money in to banks, it will close up too. And why do you say they don’t lend money to borrowers? You want them to come to your rooftop and announce it to you? Move on!

    • You have to diferentiate between a real product that people need and pay for and a pyramidal game that does nothing real.

  • Dont belive this BS… Probably written by one of their competitors

  • James, why do you continue to respond to all of these people? You tried to warn them, if they choose not to listen… let them learn from their mistakes. Great article btw. I try to research every “business opportunity” that sound too good to be true before throwing away my money.

  • When I go into Loantech, I understand it’s risky and anything can happen at anytime, nothing in life is not risky, even you staying without taking risks is also risky. Bye I make 60$ daily. I know anything can happen , but I can’t loose again because I already got my capital back. Good luck to everyone

  • When I said I was scammed of $3000 Tron, I was meant definwallet.

  • dont this guy have any thing batter to do then hating on loan tech loan tech is the best i made a lot of money of of it

  • Reality! Your prophecy has come to pass. Loantech ended up with over 92 million dollars in their vault. Some made so much at the detriment of others as you rightly said. Those who criticized you will not come here again.

  • Has loan tech ended?

  • I invested $50 in affirmative investment management also known as AIM.

    They promised to pay %25 every 24hrs. Two days later I requested for withdrawal and I got booted out of their telegram channel, and admin blocked me from further communication with him without any provocation.

    I am yet to receive any money from them.

  • Thank you so much Mr James..
    Pls, I want to ask if any company/companies registered/incorporated with Companies House, does that make such companies a legitimate companies.. thanks

    • Hi, unfortunately I have seen a lot of scams that had a valid registration with the Companies House. Such a registration is in fact just a tax registration based on what you fill into a form, anybody can get it. For a company providing financial/investment services, only a registration with the Financial Conduct Authority says something about its legitimacy. Or with any other reputable financial regulator in any other country.

  • Loantech is indeed a scam.
    I joined on 2nd October, 2020.
    I made my initial withdrawal request on the 24th October 2020 and the request processed on the 26th October, 2020. Surprisingly, the money is yet to drop in my Roqqu Bitcoin wallet despite showing on my loantech dashboard as withdrawn.

  • all the online investment is a scam,you went start again now.419

  • Hi James
    Well done and thanks for what you do – keep up the good work on providing advise
    Unfortunately people like the get rich quick scheme and do not listen ! However some do and hence you continue to save people from losing their hard earned money .

  • Message loantech have make me to be a begger

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