Market Master review – a program you don’t want to sign up for

This article is about the Market Master program that promises to make you money in financial trading.

About Market Master

Market Master reviewMarket Master is a bit mysterious, because its website doesn’t exactly explain what it is. Whether it is a software, trading signals service or anything else.

The message given is that you can easily make money in financial trading, especially in stock trading, which Market Master will allegedly help you with for free. Doesn’t it look suspicious?

Market Master is a scam

We examined Market Master in details and found out that it is an empty black box. They won’t provide you with anything of value, no app, no signals, no advice, no teaching, nothing.

It in fact is just a marketing website that is made to make money to those who run it, but more on that later.

Copied scam

TestAs you can see on our picture, Market Master is nothing unique, its website is a copy of other scams that we have already reviewed and warned against.

It is clear that it is run by the same people, these programs are worthless, they just lose money to people.

The reality

Terms and conditionsWhile the website of Market Master says that it is easy to make money in trading and that you should sign up to start earning, terms and conditions that you will find at the bottom tell a different story.

They basically admit that all that is said about making money by Market Master is false, see our picture.

How you lose

LiesWhy did someone bother to create a website full of lies, while not selling you anything?  Well, in fact they are selling you the idea that you can easily make money with them.

The reason is that they are paid by unregulated brokers such as 60OP to refer new depositing customers, which is precisely what they are trying to do here. If they manage to make you deposit money with one of their shady brokers, they will get an affiliate commission for that.

This is how it works, this is their only reason for doing all this.

Market Master review conclusion

Market Master is scam that just wants to get your money, don’t send them anything! Making money in financial trading is not easy.

It is possible, but you have to learn a lot, which you can start on a demo account and see how it goes.

If you decide to later invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and have a sound strategy.

Market Master









  • Gives you nothing


  • Just wants your money
  • Cannot earn you anything
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