Megma World review – Poor scam [warning!]

Megma World review

This review reveals that the Megma World investment program is a scam that is not doing what is advertised. We explain why you have to avoid it.

What is Megma World

Megma World is an investment platform with its own digital token GDS. Its main offer is passive income thanks to financial trading.

The platform allegedly has skilled traders who will take your money and put it into trading on your behalf. This way they will generate you returns.

The minimum investment with Megma is 100 USD, which allegedly will generate you at least 14% monthly.

If you do not touch your deposit for two, four or six months, your monthly return can grow up to 18%.

When you deposit more, you can get up to 22% monthly ROI thanks to the “staking bonus”.

But is Megma World legit, can you trust it and safely invest your money?

Megma scam

Megma World scam

Our investigation shows that Megma World is an investment scam built on a Ponzi scheme. There are no skilled traders within the organization, just people who run an illegal financial scheme that is destined to collapse. Here is how it works.

Fake testimonials

One very obvious proof that Megma is a scam, is the testimonials it is displaying on its official website. Because they are clearly fake.

Just take a look at our picture below. They show you a stock photo and say that it is a real user of the platform. The whole story is obviously bogus.

Fake testimonials are a big red flag and a clear trait of scam.

Fake testimonials

GDS Coin

Megma World has its own cryptocurrency called the GDS Coin. They claim that you can use it for paying bills, exchange it for other crypto tokens, buy NFTS and earn via staking.

The problem is that they don’t prove the existence of the GDS Coin. If it is a cryptocurrency, it has to have a blockchain to run on. And blockchains are public, so anybody can verify everything.

What blockchain does the GDS Coin run on? Does it have its own blockchain or does it run as a secondary token in an established blockchain?

From what we have seen in different Megma videos, it seems that it using the Tron blockchain.

But Megma is not being transparent about it, they don’t publicly explain how the token works, what is its contract, etc.

But the main problem with the GDS Coin is that it is not traded on any public cryptocurrency exchange. It means that it has no real value.

Its value is artificially set by Megma World, and when this scam collapses, you won’t be able to sell the token anywhere.

This is a typical trick of modern Ponzi scams, they issue their own token and they claim it has value. They use it to pay their users, but when the house of card collapses, people realize that they hold a worthless token that can’t be traded outside of the collapsed system.

GDS Coin

The investment plans, again

The thing that most definitely shows that Megma World is a scam, is the investment/staking plans with monthly ROI up to 22%. Because such returns are impossible in the real world.

Just remember that Terra or Celsius were not able to sustain about 20% ROI per year, they collapsed monumentally despite managing billions of dollars and took a part of the entire crypto industry with them.

No investment/trading company can generate 22% monthly for its clients, that’s just the way it is. Only Ponzi scams advertise such returns. Which brings us to…

Investment plans

How Megma World really works

Megma World is a Ponzi scheme, it couldn’t be more obvious:

  • The first sign is the impossible returns that go up to 22% monthly.
  • The second sign is that the longer you lock your deposit, the higher the promised rewards.
  • The third sign is a big referral structure that will reward you for bringing in new people that will deposit.

Ponzi scams need a growing inflow of new deposit to keep the scheme running. In their early stages, as lots of people are coming in and depositing money, they are paying their members.

But they use money from the deposits for that purpose, they just redistribute money that was deposited in the system. They don’t do any trading or investing.

As soon as the deposits slow down, scams like Megma World start to be unable to pay their members. At that point the scheme will stall and people will find out that it was a scam all along.

Although for some time users might be kept in the hope by all sorts of lies about why payouts are not working. Fraudsters who run these schemes are very creative, they will make up problems about payment processors, security, identity verification, etc.

But they will never admit that it is a Ponzi scheme that just ran out of steam.

That is why you have to stay away from Megma World, it is sure to collapse and make all the money disappear. You just don’t know when that’s going to happen.

Megma World review – Conclusion

Megma World is a fraudulent platform built on a Ponzi scheme. Its GDS coin is not traded on any real exchange. This scam is going to collapse, and that is why you have to stay away from it.

If you want to invest in legit cryptocurrencies, you can try it first on a free demo account on a regulated platform.

You can invest real money only when you are sure that you understand the risks and when you have a proper strategy and money you can afford to lose.


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