Merlin Invest review – Beware, it’s a scam

Merlin Invest review

Thanks to this review you will understand that Merlin Invest is a scam that you have to avoid in order not to lose money.

What is Merlin Invest

On its official website, Merlin Invest is described as a property company from Netherlands. The company allegedly connects crypto miners, traders and investors to generate profits.

Currently it is offering three investment plans with daily returns up to 10%. On top of that you can earn 10% from deposits made by people you refer to the system.

Merlin Invest claims to be registered in New Zealand and to be a legitimate company you can trust. Can you, though?

Merlin Invest scam

Let’s get straight to the point, Merlin Invest is a total scam. A dirty one. It will steal your money and you won’t get it back. Here are the proofs.

Not registered nor authorized

The first red flag we saw when analyzing Merlin Invest is that the company claims to be based in Netherlands but registered in New Zealand. That doesn’t make any sense. Companies have to be registered in the country they are located in.

A more detailed search revealed that Merlin Invest is in fact abusing the identity of another company called Merlin Group Limited that really is registered in New Zealand but has nothing to do with Merlin Invest.

In other terms, Merlin Invest is an illegal clone of another company. A complete scam that is showing the registration information of another company that has nothing in common with it.

No surprise that Merlin Invest is not registered nor licensed in any country. It has no authorization to provide investment services whatsoever, therefore it is acting illegally by doing what it is doing.

There is no country in the world that Merlin Invest can offer its investment services without breaking the laws.

Illegal company

Ridiculous investment plans

We know that this disappoints a lot of people every time we say it, but returns like 10% daily are impossible to achieve for any legit investment company. Financial markets just don’t offer this kind of returns, that’s a fact you have to accept.

When you accept this fact, you will be able to spot a lot of scams. Because most of the time online investment scams can be recognized by their promised returns that are way too high to be legit.

Even if you see something like 1% daily returns, there is a 99.9% likelihood that it is a scam that you should avoid. It really is that simple.

Investment offer

How Merlin Invest works

Merlin Invest might have started as a Ponzi scheme that uses newer deposits to pay out older profits. But with the unsustainable 10% day it has failed quickly and it is not paying anything.

So, if you deposit money with Merlin Invest, not only you won’t earn any profits, you will also lose your deposit.

If you already made a deposit, we suggest putting pressure on Merlin Invest to give you a refund. If they refuse, see with your payment provider if the transaction can be reversed.

Merlin Invest review – Conclusion

Merlin Invest is a terrible scam that is abusing the identity of another company. All investments made with Merlin Invest will be lost, stay away from it!

If you want to try legit investing, start on a free demo with a regulated broker. Try it to see what results you are able to get.

If you decide to invest money, please make sure you understand the risks and use only money you can afford to lose.

Merlin Invest

100 USD



Investment plans





  • None


  • Illegal clone
  • Scam
  • Not paying
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  • Merci à vous de vraiment nous éclairer sur la stratégie de ces arnaqueurs qui abusent de notre naïveté et de notre situation de précarité ici en Afrique. Merci aussi de nous orienter sur comment réussir le trading pour atteindre la vraie liberté financière.

  • I am a director of Merlin Group Limited in New Zealand and I can confirm this website has nothing to do with Merlin Group. I have been trying unsuccessfully to get its website closed down,

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