Meteor Trades review – Dirty SCAM [Warning]

Meteor Trades review

In this review we show that the Meteor Trades investment program is a scam that is meant to steal money from your account. See why you have to stay away from it.

What is Meteor Trades

Meteor Trades presents itself as an investment company that is very successful in revenue maximization and reduction of financial risks.

It says it brings investing to everyone thanks to its plans called Starter, Premium and Gold.

All have a 7 day duration and weekly returns are from 5 to 18%. Minimum deposits start at 1,000 USD.

Meteor Trades supposedly is a US company. Can you trust it, is it legit?

Meteor Trades scam

In all honesty, you can’t trust Meteor Trades, it is not a legitimate investment opportunity. In fact, it is an outright scam that is sure to crash and lose money to people.

Here is a detailed explanation.

Illegal investment program

The first thing you should know about Meteor Trades is that it is an illegal investment program. The reason is that it has not been authorized by any regulator.

The company claims to be based in the United States, so it has the obligation to be regulated in the US. But it is not, as you can verify here.

It means that Meteor Trades is breaking the laws and it is an illegal investment service. According to our research, it has not been authorized by any regulator in any country in the world.

So Meteor Trades cannot legally offer its investment plans in any country.

Illegal company

Fake testimonials

One very tangible proof that Meteor Trades is a scam is in the testimonials. Because they are absolutely fake.

They were made with stock photos and fictitious stories. We prove that in the picture below. As you can see, the woman in the photo is not a real client/user. It is a stock photo that anybody can buy and use.

Fake testimonials are often used by fraudulent platforms, they can’t be excused, it is a proof that you are dealing with a scam.

Fake testimonials

Poor investment plans

And finally, the easiest way to see that Meteor Trades is a scam, is to look at the investment plans. The reason is that no legit company in the world can offer 5 to 18% weekly ROI, it’s just impossible.

Because nobody is able to predict financial markets to a point where 20 to 72% monthly returns would be possible.

We know a lot of people don’t want to hear it, but that’s reality. The sooner you accept this fact, the better you will be equipped to avoid investment scams.

Legit investment funds will celebrate a very lucky year, if they can make 72% in a year. So forget about an unlicensed company making that in one month.

Meteor Trades scam investment plans

How Meteor Trades works in reality

The reason why scams Meteor Trades are created over and over again, is that they can seemingly thrive for a moment.

What do we mean by that? They start as Ponzi schemes, so they take money on deposits and transfer it to older members on payouts. This creates the illusion of a legit project that is paying its members.

So people invest more and more money, but no Ponzi scheme can last forever, that’s just pure physics. There will always be the day where payouts demands exceed deposits, and that’s when the Ponzi crashes.

We don’t know whether Meteor Trades is currently paying its members, but it does not matter. Because we know for sure that it is a scam which will end in a collapse. So you have to stay away from it, no matter the current circumstances.

You have to realize that even when a scam is paying, it is not legit, it is taking money under a false promise. So any profits people manage to withdraw will mean that somebody else had to get scammed.

Not to mention that if you decide to promote a scheme like Meteor Trades to increase your revenue, you can be held responsible for helping a fraudulent platform to scam people.

Meteor Trades review – Conclusion

Meteor Trades is a fraudulent investment platform, an illegal financial scheme that is sure to collapse. It is going to lose money of everyone who is involved. That is why you have to stay away from it.

If you want to try legit investing, start with a free demo on a regulated platform and use virtual money to learn.

Before investing real money you have to make sure that you understand the risks and that you have a sound strategy.


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