DIRTY SCAM: MethodFX EA review

MethodFX EA review

In this review we show that MethodFX EA is a scam that you should not buy in any case.

What is MethodFX EA

MethodFX EA is an expert advisor for Forex trading. In other words, it is an automated trading robot that will trade financial markets for you and supposedly make you money.

The robot allegedly has been developed by a team of professionals that have been working in the industry for fifteen years.

MethodFX EA will allegedly earn you up to 500% returns per month, which sounds pretty incredible.

And how much will the robot cost you? 200 USD. That looks very cheap for a robot that is supposed to multiply your money every month.

But is MethodFX EA legit, should you buy it?


MethodFX EA scam

It was very easy to uncover the truth behind MethodFX EA, it is a scam and in this review we explain why.

Fake results

Every time we see an investment system that is promising returns in the magnitude of hundreds of percent per month, we know something is fishy.

It really should be a big red flag when you see MethodFX EA claiming that it can make you up to 500% per month and showing you an incredibly linear rising equity curve for the pas few years.

Because financial markets are very hard to predict and such results are really impossible in the long term. History has never seen any trader making hundreds of percent per month for several years in a row on Forex.

So, what is truth? Well, results that are shown on the MethodFX EA official website are simply fake. They are supposed to be verified by MyFXBook, but when you click on “View Results”, it won’t take you to the MyFXBook website.

Instead, you will be taken to a fake MyFXBook website that is looking like the original but is hosted on the same domain as MethodFX EA. See our picture below, you can check it in your own web browser.

This is a very dirty trick which proves beyond any doubt that MyFXBook is a total scam that you have to avoid.

Since payments for the robot are accepted in basically non-refundable methods, if you buy the robot, your money will be lost.

MethodFX EA scam

How MethodFX EA really works

As we have just explained, MethodFX EA is displaying fake results. In reality, the robot is losing money in trading.

So if you buy it and run it on your account, you will see your money disappearing. In the end anybody using the robot will soon realize that it is not working as advertised.

Then you can ask for a refund of your MethodFX EA purchase, but the seller will ignore you. Because this is how this scammer makes money, selling a losing robot and keeping the money.

Faking MyFXBook results if unfortunately very common in this field, scammers use various methods to do it. Sometimes they will even run a lot of robots and when one of them reaches a decent amount of time in profits, they will stop it to preserve the nice equity curve and sell it as the real deal.

The often use dangerous methods like Martingale to make their systems look profitable. But in the end these scam robots always lose.

Always beware of seemingly free or cheap robots that promise to make you tens of percent per month or more on a regular basis. It is extremely probable that all these offers are scams.

MethodFX EA review – Conclusion

MethodFX EA is a scam, its official website is displaying fake MyFXbook trading stats. Stay away from this losing robot.

Making money in trading is not easy and no cheap and anonymous robot will make you rich. If you want to learn to trade, you can start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

If you can’t learn to trade profitably on the demo, don’t even think about switching to real trading. If you manage to build a profitable system, you have to truly understand the risks before trading with real money.


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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 76-81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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