Basic SCAM: Mido Chain Trade review

Mido Chain Trade review

This review reveals that the Mido Chain Trade investment platform is in reality a scam where deposits get lost. We explain why you have to avoid it.

What is Mido Chaintrade

Mido Chaintrade is an investment platform that promises returns on your deposits. The company behind the platform claims to be active in the world of cryptocurrencies, namely in crypto trading, DeFi, NFTs and staking.

There are several investment plans starting with daily returns at 1.5% and going up to 5%. The minimum deposit is 200 USD for the lowest plan and 20,000 USD for the highest plan.

Mido Chaintrade supposedly is a real company registered in New Zealand. But is it true, is this a legit investment platform? This review provides you with the answers.

Mido Chaintrade scam

Our research and analysis have shown that Mido Chain Trade is an investment scam that you certainly should not invest your money in. Here are all the details about this fraudulent platform.

Fake history

The first thing we notice on Mido Chaintrade’s official website, is that it is lying about its own history. The company claims that the platform started in 2019, which obviously is not true.

As you can see in our picture, the domain was first registered in April 2022, so it certainly did not exist back in 2019. This platform is a pretty recent scam.

Fake company's history

Not a real company

Mido Chaintrade claims on its website that the platform is run by a legitimate company that is registered in New Zealand. But it is not true and it is easy to prove.

You can see on the website of the New Zealand Companies Office that there is not Mido Chaintrade company registered in the country.

The conclusion is simple here, Mido is lying about its own status, which is another proof of scam.

Company not registered in New Zealand

No Mido token

In the road map published on Mido’s official website, you will find a point that says that their own Mido token was listed on a major exchange in July 2022. But this is just another lie.

The Mido token is not listed on any exchange, let alone any major cryptocurrency exchange. In fact, it seems that the Mido token does not even exist. There used to be a token of this name run by a different platform, but it is no longer active.

At press time, we could not find a single exchange that would be trading with a token named Mido.

So, if Mido Chain Trade wants to buy the Mido token, they will be selling something worthless that can’t be traded outside of this fraudulent platform.

The Mido crypto token is fake

Stupid investment plans

The easiest way to see that Mido Chain Trade is a scam, is to look at the investment plans. Because 1.5 to 5% daily returns tell the whole story you need to know.

Such returns are impossible in any business, cryptocurrencies are not an exception. In fact, you can be sure that you are facing a scam any time you see an offer with similar daily returns.

Nobody is able to predict the markets in a way that would allow such returns. And DeFi platforms, NFTs and staking don’t offer these kind of profits either.

If you accept this fact, it will help you avoid many online investment scams in the future.

The highest investment plan

How Mido Chain Trade really works

Mido Chaintrade obviously started as a typical Ponzi scheme. It means that behind the scenes there was never any real trading or investing going on. The only thing that fraudulent schemes like this one do, is to take money via deposits and give it to other members via profit payouts.

It’s just an illegal scheme that redistributes money among its members and it of course is unsustainable, it always end up in a crash.

So it is not important if Mido Chaintrade is now paying or not. We proved that it is a scam, so you know that a collapse is inevitable. That is why you have to stay away from it, there is no good ending to it.

Mido Chain Trade review – Conclusion

Mido Chaintrade is not a registered/legit company, it is a scam investment platform that is sure to collapse. Its website is full of lies. You have to avoid it!

If you are interested in legitimate crypto investing, you can try it on a free demo on a regulated platform.

Don’t invest real money until you understand the risks and until you are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing.


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  • I put the minimum amount into Mido Chain. $200. capital return at the end of 7 days. NO NO NO. I have to put more money in to the Account then they will process my request for a withdrawl. The company is a scam . No doubt about it,.

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