Mind Capital review – an ALARMING scam to be aware of

See in our review of Mind Capital that this cryptocurrency project is just a dirty scam.

What Mind Capital is about

Mind Capital reviewMind Capital claims to be the world’s first crypto-fiat platform with multiple functions. The main one is about investing in crypto assets, the platform will allegedly use advanced algorithms to trade profitably.

The whole project supposedly is led by Gonzalo García-Pelayo and the current daily average returns on investments are about 1.3% with a minimum deposit of 100 USD. Is it real, though?

Mind Capital scam

Historic performanceBefore getting into the nitty-gritty of the Mind Capital scam, let’s address some fundamentals about investing in trading.

1.3% per day means 39% monthly, which is a huge number. It obviously is a very tempting number, because with nearly 40 percent per month you would get rich pretty quickly. But in reality it is impossible, such returns are possible in one year, but not every month.

This is a fact, and based on this fact you can be sure that if any investment service offers you 39% monthly returns for free, it is a scam.

No Gonzalo García-Pelayo

The team is fakeFor those of you who don’t know Gonzalo García Pelayo, Mind Capital says a partial truth about him, he really is involved in gambling. But he has nothing to do with Mind Capital, he does not even know that it exists.

The same applies to the rest of the alleged team behind this project, these people have nothing in common with it!

Illegal service

Mind Capital clearly is an investment service because it wants you to deposit money and it promises returns on the deposit.

Such a service needs a valid license in every country it wants to have users in. But Mind Capital has no license whatsoever, it is an anonymous and illegal financial service.

The truth

Trading platformHow does Mind Capital really work? It is an obvious Ponzi scheme. It means that it collects money from people and it redistributes some of it on profits. This illegal scheme needs more money to be deposited than withdrawn.

There is no real trading going on, no real business activity, just a scam. As you can imagine, these schemes quickly run out of money, because the model is unsustainable. So, it is only a matter of time before Mind Capital closes down and money disappears, if it hasn’t already happened.

Mind Capital review conclusion

Mind Capital is a total scam, an illegal investment scheme that is doomed to fail, it is just a question of time. Stay away from it!

If you want to try real crypto trading to make money, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You have to learn to trade profitably and understand risks of real trading before investing real money.

Mind Capital

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  • Ponzi scheme
  • Scam
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  • Lies
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Comments 1

  • total scam. there’s great suspicion of where funds go and where they’re coming from.
    CoinTracking, who MC claims to be their auditor published information on their website stating the following:
    “MC is misusing Coin Tracking’s name and is publicly making false claims.
    Coin Tracking is NOT an operations auditor, we only offer a software to enter trades. This does NOT guarantee that these operations / funds are real.
    We have blocked all mind capital subscription accounts that we are aware of.
    We have requested that mind capital stops advertising coin tracking as their auditor immediately and have started legal steps.”

    It’s all kind of a shit show if you ask me. I feel bad for all the people who will lose everything they put into that platform.

    another noteworthy mention – mind.capital exchange is hosted on a public server…smart? I think not

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