Mining Tower review – an ordinary scam with no mining

In this review we prove that MiningTower is not a cryptocurrency mining program.

What is Mining Tower about

Miningtower websiteThe website of Mining Tower is confusing, because the title speaks about cryptocurrency mining, but the text mentions Forex and Bitcoin trading. Presumably they want you to believe that they do both.

The offer is about three investment plans, you can get up to 33% daily returns on your investments. Really?

MiningTower is a scam

Mining or investment plansIf we speak about cryptocurrency mining, there is absolutely no way to make 33% daily, or even 1% daily, that’s just the reality of today’s crypto prices and mining costs.

33% daily certainly is not possible in Forex or Bitcoin trading either, no trading system in this world can do that.

So, what is left? Only one possibility, namely that Mining Tower is a scam. Really, you don’t even need to look for reviews when you see an investment program with such ridiculously high returns.

Fake company

Company dataMiningtower is a company registered in the UK, but it is not even two months old. These fresh companies are often used for scams, they disappear within the first year of their existence.

Since the offer is about investment plans allegedly backed by financial trading, Mining Tower needs a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority in order to operate legally.

But it is not registered with the FCA, therefore it is an illegal investment offer.

The truth

Scams like Miningtower collect deposits and sometimes use some of this money to pay our first withdrawal requests. The goal is to attract more money and people into the system.

Once the scammers have enough, they close the doors and disappear with all the money. This is how it ends.


Mining Tower is a scam, there is no real crypto mining or financial trading. Stay away from it.

If you want to try crypto trading, start with a free demo account and practice.

You can make money in trading, but not 33% daily. Also, be careful, because money can be lost in trading too.


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