Miny CC review – a subtle SCAM [warning]

Review of Miny CC

Read our review to understand why Miny is a scam and not a cryptocurrency mining program as it pretends to be. You have to stay away from it.

What is Miny CC

Miny is a cryptocurrency mining service led by Thomas Norberg, the CEO of the company. The company supposedly is based in Hong Kong and it is promising a passive income thanks to mining of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and miny.

You are supposed to invest money with Miny into mining and get rewards, up to 19% monthly returns on your investment, which are paid in the Miny token. You also get bonuses when you invest for longer periods of time. The minimum investment amount is 50 USD.

Miny will take care of everything, they say they have the hardware, software and people to run a big crypto mining operation. All you have to do is to give them your money and expect 10% to 19% monthly returns. Is this really a great source of passive income?

Miny scam

Unfortunately, Miny is just a scam, it is not a real crypto mining service. It is an illegal financial scheme that is going to crash, it’s just a matter of time.

Impossible mining rewards

Crypto mining is not simple to understand, because there many factors to take into account. You have costs associated with the hardware and electricity needed to run those computers. Then you have to have somebody who can run the mining software. Last but not least, your profits are also dictated but the current prices of tokens you mine.

But there is a simple fact, currently it is absolutely impossible to make 19% monthly in crypto mining.

It’s just physics. When you combine the prices of hardware, electricity, cryptocurrencies and the mining difficulty, you just can’t achieve profits that Miny CC promises. For a more detailed look at crypto mining profitability you can read this article.

Even if you manage to be profitable in crypto mining, you won’t be profitable since day one, because you first have to cover what you invested into the hardware. And when you later break even, you then can’t expect the same profits day in day out.

Mining is in a way unpredictable, you don’t know when and how many blocks you will be able to mine, so you can’t have the same profits every month like Miny CC offers.

Miny also claim that they use special AI algorithms to improve their mining efficiency, which is a nonsense. Because mining software and algorithms are given by the cryptocurrency network (ie Bitcoin), you can’t use anything else, because you would not be able to connect to the network and be accepted as a validator of transactions.

To sum up this section, Miny is promising mining rewards that are impossible in the real world and it tells lies about its mining equipment.

Miny scam

Even more impossible rewards

Miny offers a way to boost your income, they say you can earn even more by referring people to the system. They pay 132% of your referral’s mining rewards across 20 levels.

Which means that their mining would have to generate more than 44% monthly returns, which is absolutely ridiculous. And that is discounting the fact that Miny would not run the company without profits, so if they pay their clients 44% monthly, they would have to generate even more, which is total utopia.

All these numbers show and prove that Miny is a scam. There just is no other way, because they claim they can generate all those profits in crypto mining, which we have proved to be impossible.

The referral system

Phony Miny token

To add shadiness to the entire operation, Miny have their own cryptocurrency called Miny. They will pay your profits with this token.

First you should ask why a mining company needs its own special cryptocurrency. Why they just don’t accept payments in normal currencies and why they don’t pay you back in normal currencies?

The reason is simple, Miny is a scam and their token is a fictitious cryptocurrency that is not exchanged anywhere. Miny claim their token is listed on big exchanges, but it is not. It is not listed on a single exchange anywhere in the world.

No listing

It means that you can’t trade the Miny token anywhere, it is absolutely worthless. Miny CC is the only entity that accepts and works with the token and they make up all sort of things about it, about its price etc. But it is worth nothing.

Also, Miny claim that their token is 100% backed by real assets. But again, it is a lie, it is not backed by anything, because the whole operation is a big scam, not a real business.

Miny token

Dubious company

And finally, who is Miny? The company claims to be located in Hong Kong, but they give no address, so it is impossible to verify. There is not even a phone number that you could call and speak to a real person.

It’s the final confirmation that it is a scam. You can’t go anywhere to verify their claims, to see their mining farm. Because the company is not real, it does not exist, it does no real crypto mining. For their video, they obviously went to a farm the belong to some other company.

Should Miny CC be real, they would give the public the address of their mining farm so people could visit them.

Fake reviews

We also have to address the fact that Miny proudly links articles about the company that appeared on Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance (there is nothing on Forbes and CCN).

Because articles in those media are just paid press releases. Anybody can buy a press release in those and many other media, it is not real press coverage. These articles were written by Miny and published as paid press releases.

How Miny really works

At this stage, it is not clear if Miny is paying anything at all. If they don’t pay anything, it is a simple scam.

However, there is a possibility that they are still paying rewards. But don’t get mistaken, it does not mean that it is a legit business. It just means that Miny CC operates as a Ponzi scheme. They take money from people and use this very money to pay out profits.

As you can guess, it requires more money coming in on deposits than money requested on withdrawals. This is why Ponzi schemes like Miny always collapse in the end, it is just a question of time.

You cannot know when it will crash, you just know for sure it will. This is one of the reasons why you have to stay away from Miny, it can go down anytime.

Also, you have to realize that even if you manage to withdraw some profits, it will be somebody else’s loss. With Miny, there will always be more losers than winners, many scammed people, and you don’t want to be part of that.

Miny revew – conclusion

Miny CC is not a cryptocurrency mining service, it’s a scam. It’s an unsustainable Ponzi scheme that is going to crash. Stay away from it!

To make money in crypto mining is very difficult. You can try investing in cryptocurrencies instead. See on a free demo with a regulated company how it works.

If you decide to invest real money, please be sure to understand the risks and the have a solid strategy.

Please share our Miny review to help warn other people against this terrible scam.

Miny CC

50 USD

Real crypto mining


Investment offer


Real profits



  • Nice fake factory


  • Scam
  • No real mining
  • Ponzi scheme
Please share this review to help warn other people

Comments 18

  • YES!!! I hope we can make it known sooner rather than later miny.cc is a big ole fat SCAM PONZI

  • I guess you never even loged in into Miny, their token is burned once you exchange it for BTC inside the Miny account!

    Where did you read that they claim about Miny token on Big exchanges?

    It seems that you are just a paid liar lol…

  • Is there any proof

  • Check their reviews on Trustpilot, uk.trustpilot.com/review/miny.cc. Most of them are from people that have joined Miny, and are just trying to get referrals by leaving their referral code in the review.

  • There is Bloomberg news about Minny. bloomberg.com/press-releases/2020-06-05/miny-makes-crypto-mining-affordable-for-everyone
    I recently saw miny.cc in a large mining pool as a reference for his company. f2pool. But not now. maybe they changed the pool.
    I wondered what he would say for that.
    As you said, most of the sites are ponzi schemes. But I would say that some firms do business to avoid government control, avoid paying taxes, and avoid giving people responsibility at the end of bankruptcy. They naturally use ponzi logic to convert money for accounting, but they also profit from the actual work they do. This ensures the longevity of some companies. I think ..!

    • That’s not a Bloomberg article about Miny, that is a paid press release from Miny signed by the Miny’s PR Team. Anybody can write a press release, put anything into it and pay Bloomberg or other media to publish it.

  • You are talking real fact

  • I thought so to at first.

    I already made my ROI back over a month ago. I profit every day now. They always let me withdraw my money. I even released my investment and withdrew it. They processed it. And because of that i reinvested and continue to re invest.

    I thought they would exit by now but they didnt. If they were going to exit it would be now because of the price of crypto.

    A couple weeks ago they changed how rewards are calculated. Before we were paid in MNY. Now we are paid and $ so if MNY value increase and crypto stays the same you earn less MNY. Much more sustainable.

    Also, the 100% first line referral isny necessarily something everyone has pr will have. If you read their terms of service it says it is subject to change.

    • Typical scammer’s argument: If it was a scam, it would already be gone.

      But that’s not how it works, scams run as long as they can to get as much money as they can.

  • it is scam, i can not withdraw

  • Meh ride the wave and dont place all your hope in one spot. Ponzi scheme or not. I still cash out fiat currency that I can use in the real world. Since my interest payments are practically repaying the amount I’ve put in, my loss is 0. Just sayin, what if this happens to be legit despite your fears? Know the risk and mitigate loss. Investing isn’t always about wins its about minimizing loss as well. So again in my case I’ve made my money back on the interest now I use the interest paid out to increase the amount I place in mining pools. Basically making money now without putting anything more in but actively moving money where it needs to go. Ponzi or not I’ve already made 100% of my money back.

  • Also if you look at most affiliate systems. Most of them pay out commissions in the 60 and 70 percentage range. There are even some products that pay 125% commissions. But its for one product in the business. Besides banks have been the biggest ponzi scheme ever in existence and we still trust them. These guys are just paying better and the commissions they pay is on one product. There are a variety more. The investment is used for the mining equipment. All the info is in the FAQs portion.

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