Molexgrowth review – Beware of this lying scam!

MolexGrowth review

This review explains why the investment program MolexGrowth is a scam that is made to lose your money.

What is Molexgrowth

Molexgrowth is an investment platform that promises to make you money. It is run by a private company from the United Kingdom. The investments are taking place on cryptocurrency markets.

At press time Molexgrowth offers four investment plans with daily returns up to 2.5%. The minimum deposit is 100 USD.

The fourth highest plan (VIP) seemingly brings even higher returns, but you have to have an active downline of at least 150 people in order to activate it. In other words, you have to refer people to the system who will be active and depositing money.

The general referral commission is 10% on deposits made by your downline.

Is Molexgrowth a legit platform that you can trust with your money?

Molexgrowth scam

The short answer is that Molexgrowth is not legit because it is an investment scam. In this review we go over the most important facts about this fraudulent investment platform.

No real company

Molexgrowth claims to be a legally registered company in the United Kingdom, you will even find its registration number on its website. But it is not true.

The registration number belongs to another company with a similar name that has nothing in common with Molexgrowth.

To put it simply, Molexgrowth is not a real company, it is not registered in the UK nor any other country in the world.

Illegal investment service

Molexgrowth is an investment service, it couldn’t be more obvious. It accepts deposits from the public and promises returns on investments. So, as such it needs authorizations in every country that it is seeking customers in.

But as we have already established, MolexGrowth is not registered as a company, let alone authorized to provide any kind of financial services.

In simple terms, this means that MolexGrowth is an illegal investment service that is breaking laws in every country it is being promoted an offered.

Not licensed

Returns say it all

Most of the time the quickest way to assess an investment offer is to look at the investment plans. It is very helpful with Molexgrowth too.

Because 2.5% daily returns are a clear red flag, a clear sign of a scam. Because 75% returns per month are not possible in legit investing. The vast majority of the best hedge funds in the world won’t make these returns in one year and none will make it monthly.

So forget about an anonymous internet program that would beat the world’s best investment firms, it just pure fiction.

The investment plans

How Molexgrowth really works

Molexgrowth is a scam, we provided proofs in this review. However, it is possible that it had been or even is still paying profits. This because these scams very often operate as Ponzi schemes.

This means that they just take money on deposits and use this very money for payouts. In other words, money is just redistributed from newer to older members.

No real economic activity is going on within these scams, they don’t generate any real profits, they just play an illegal financial game that is doomed to crash.

There can’t be an infinitely growing amount of money coming through deposits into the system, that this why Ponzi scheme always fail in the end. Whether Molexgrowth is now paying or not is irrelevant because it is a fraud that is going to collapse.

Molexgrowth review – Conclusion

Molexgrowth is a fake company that is not registered anywhere. It is a scam that is going to lose a lot of money, you have to stay away from it!

If you are interested in legitimate investing, try it on a free demo with a regulated company. Use virtual money to learn risk-free.

Should you decide to invest real money, please understand the risks and use only money that you can afford to lose.


100 USD





Business model



  • Absolutely none


  • Fake company
  • Scam
  • Not a real company
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Comments 9

  • Guy you be big Bastard, fool like you…how you take know say molexgrowth na scam, animal this your webpage na real vagabond

  • Molexgrowth have been the best ever and there is nothing like scam …please be aware of people trying to scare you away

  • I have been trading with this company for 4 good months and all my withdrawal has been super cool.

  • Thank goodness I had molexgrowth as my platform I’m happy and I’m enjoying my profit

  • I did my investments with Molex Growth and today (March 28, 2021) the platform is suspended. Tis company is a big scam and I lost a lot of money. The worst thing is, I represented this platform to friends of mine who are now very unhappy to say the least. Stay away from this MOLEX GROWTH and save your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Team,
    I have invested in the company 2 days ago and their websites was suspended. what is this? Is the statement above true or false. Even the person who shared the business with me run away too.

  • Anyone who says that this is no scam and has been trading for 4 months is a proben liar. When you look up you see that the website has been registered on Jan1st… fools who do not do their diligence

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