Money Back recovery service review – beware of this obvious scam

See in this review that is not an honest service that you could trust.

What is Money Back about

Money-Back reviewMoney Back is supposed to be a service that will help you recover money if you got scammed by a broker. For example, if you were denied withdrawals or if the broker lost your money in trading that you did not agree with.

Money Back also say they will show you where you should invest and where you shouldn’t. It is obvious that they won’t do all this for free, but they don’t disclose the price of their service.

Money Back is a scam

Faked testimonialsA quick look at the Money Back website revealed that it is showing fake testimonials. Look at our picture and you will see that stock photos have been used to portray alleged satisfied customers.

Using fake testimonials is a scam tactic, there is no way around this. Also, Money Back is a completely anonymous service that provides no contact information, but they want yours!

This means that you cannot trust Money back and you should stay away from it.

Recovery scams

Now let’s talk about recovery services in general. The sad truth is that the vast majority of these services are scams, see for example the FTC warning.

Over the years a lot of people have lost lots of money with bad brokers and investment scams. These people of course want their money back, and this unfortunately is a second opportunity for scammers.

They will promise the recovery of your lost funds, but first you will have to pay upfront fees. Then you will get nothing back and your loss will just be bigger than before.

You have to realize that recovering money from anonymous and unregulated brokers is impossible for private services like Money Back, only the police and courts can do the real work.

Private services can only try to ask your bank for a chargeback on your credit card payments, if you made your deposit with a credit card, but this is something you can do yourself, you don’t need anybody to do this for you.

So, beware of recovery services, most of them are here just to scam you a second time.


Money Back is an obvious recovery scam, you would just lose more money with them, avoid this service!

If you lost money with investment scams, contact authorities in your country, ask your national financial regulator for advice. If you made your deposit(s) with a credit / debit card, ask your bank for a chargeback on those payments.


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