My Passive Trades review – a screaming SCAM

Explore this My Passive Trades review to understand why this system is a scam that you should avoid.

What My Passive Trades is about

My Passive Trades reviewMy Passive Trades supposedly is about making you money. The program should provide its members with a passive income stream thanks to financial trades that are mirrored on your account.

There is also an advertisement and referral program with commissions spread across two levels.

My Passive Trades supposedly will make you up to 1.25% daily returns on your investment.

My Passive Trades scam

The main thing you need to look at is the offered returns. 1.25% x 30 = 37.5% per month. And this is a very high number.

In fact, this is a number that can bee seen with scams only. No legit business can make you 30 or more percent monthly, it the real world it is simply impossible.

So, when you see such an offer, it is a big red flag and you have to be very skeptical.

Illegal investment service

Polaris UniversalMy Passive Trades is clearly an investment service, because it promises to grow your capital thanks to financial trading with no effort from your part. So, it needs a license from a financial regulator.

My Passive Trades supposedly is run by a company called Polaris Universal that is registered in the UK. We could not verify the link between those two names, but it does not matter.

Because what counts is that Polaris Universal is not authorized by the financial regulator FCA, so it cannot offer investment services.

Therefore, My Passive Trades is an illegal investment service in any case.

My Passive Trades review conclusion

Not only My Passive Trades is an illegal investment service, it also is a scam that probably works as a Ponzi scheme. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in financial trading, start on a free demo account to see how it works and what the possibilities are.

You have to learn trading and understand the risks before potentially investing real money.

My Passive Trades









  • Easy to expose


  • Scam
  • Not regulated
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  • MPT sucks you in, promising up to 1.25% daily interest. Then they say it’s usually 1%
    So your brain calculates. If I buy $1000.00 in adpacks. I’ll earn $10. That’s $300 a month. Nope. In 4 months you will earn $250 in net interest. Divide that into the 125 days
    Your $1000 is frozen. That’s only a $2.00 true daily interest,
    NOT $10.00 !
    They give you the daily impression that you’re being paid 1% interest . That’s because they’re slowly paying you back. The $1000.00 you invested. Cause you adpacks expire after 124 days. So yes, you can double your $1000.00 in 12 months. Better than getting $10 interest in a babj at 1%. But no guarantees they will be around forever.

    • I think you have to calculate also that you can compound.
      In your example of 1000$, it means that you can compound every day 2 packages.
      They also make money!

      Of course you don’t have a netto income of 10$ a day.
      You need to build up and then you can calculate how much packages do you need and how many do you have to compound every day to have a stable income.

      • Don’t fall victim to My Passive Trades. It’s all a huge SCAM! Darren Bradbury and his team of misfits pulled an Exit Scam as soon as the news with Covid-19 hit breaking news. They changed everything from platinum packs to forever packs which earned slow as crap. Then those only lasted a month before they ended that program an expired everyone’s packs once again. After all that they gave everyone their funds in Eureka coins which are pretty much worthless! They have the audacity to tell everyone to hold on to them for I don’t know how long before we can sell them to get our BTC back! His whole team of scammers should be sued and locked up!

    • It’s good to bring traffic by making negative blog post but reality is quite different, it’s not what you think it changing people’s life across the globe

      • Bitconnect had also been changing people lives, until it collapsed, then lawsuits followed and lives started to change again…

  • The product MPT offers is advertising. You buy advertising. There is no ‘investment’ as investments are defined. The ad packs purchases have value in the traffic that is derived from using the advertising.

    What a member does with the packs purchases is entirely up to them. They can sell the advertising at a retail level to other companies or use them to promote other businesses that they have. So in effect there is a retail aspect, but it is up to each member to realize it.

    The returns they offer are not insignificant. And they could be clearer about actual interest earned. It is mentioned but there are lots of questions from members as to where their ‘funds’ go when they expire.

    There are a few improvements to this side of the business model than could be incorporated. One would be teaching how a retail aspect is not only necessary, but highly profitable.

    Another is a better explanation of how the returns work. There is some confusion with members about this.

    As far as the ‘Trade School’s they offer… This ought to be offered at retail level as well. The information taught is valuable and useful. It could be made available to non members as well. The income generation in the plan does have the look of a Ponzi, but has a product attached to it so there is value for the money that is being spent to purchase it.

    As far as licensing… They work with Bitcoin and Perfect Money. They would do well by eliminating the PM option to stay out of the regulated side of things. Although getting signed up with a regulating authority might be a good idea.

    All in all it is a good business model. With the potential to be a great one. Given some small changes in the presentation of it.

    Meantime.. if one gets involved… Don’t spend what cannot be afforded. Second would be the retrieve the initial purchase as soon as possible. I will give the same advice for stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

    My $0.04 cents on the matter. (It’s a long post so $0.02 doesn’t quite cut it.)

    • 1.25% daily is unsustainable for any legit business, it clearly is running a Ponzi scheme, so it is better to stay away from it.

  • This program is very similar to Bitconnect and USI Tech they were Ponzi scams please stay from My passive trades you have been warned

  • Never seen such a bullshit review. What they offer is a 25% profit in 125 days. Thats 6% a month not 37,5%. If you had educated yourself better you would have know this

    • I like how scammers come ranting about our reviews and don’t even read them. Hint: look at the first picture in our review, My Passive Trades offers up to 1.25% per day, which is… 37.5% per month.

      • My Passive Trades states that these so-called AdPacks *EXPIRE VALUELESS* at 125 days. The 1.25% daily payment is a percentage of your original “purchase”.
        Example: invest $100 – receive $1.25 per day for 125 days = $156.25 (a total of 56.25% “profit”).
        Divide 56.25% profit by 125 days and you get 0.45% per day.
        Multiply 0.45% per day by 30 days to arrive at a monthly “profit” of 13.5%.
        And yes, anyone promising you 13.5% per month “profit” (162% per year) is running a PONZI SCAM.

        • It doesn’t matter how they try to redefine what 1.25% daily means, as you said, it is a Ponzi scam.

          • 25% profit in 125 days is for each adpack :
            * a daily profit of 0.2%
            * a monthly profit of 6% *
            * a yearly profit of 73% *

          • Fortunately we take screenshots when we make our reviews. The first screenshot/picture in our review shows My Passive Trades saying 1.25% daily.

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