myBitcoinTube review – a SCAM that is full of ads

This My Bitcoin Tube review is a warning against this fraudulent system that wants to cheat you.

What myBitcoinTube is about

My Bitcoin Tube reviewThis service claims that you can make money by watching videos. You allegedly need to watch only the first 20 seconds to earn up to $210 per watched video. This sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Also, My Bitcoin Tube says that you can turn your every $1 to $1.50, which is a 50% return. But after how long?

myBitcoinTube scam

My Bitcoin Tube scamWe needed to read just one sentence on MyBitcoinTube’s website to see that it is a scam. Because earning $210 per watched video is a total nonsense. Youtubers need hundreds of thousands of views to earn that kind of money with their videos.

Nobody will pay $210 for one single view that lasts only 20 seconds. This is just a fact which leads to an inevitable conclusion: myBitcoinTube is a scam, there is no other possibility.

We did not find any details about the investment part of the program that promises to turn your every $1 to $1.50, but it obviously is a nonsense to. 50% returns are very rare in one year in real investing, so forget about an anonymous website doing this in a shorter period of time.

How it works

Information about myBitcoinTube is rather confusing, but there seem to be two aspects to this scam. The first is that the website is full of ads, you even have to watch static ads before you can watch any video. It is clear that scammers who run the website earn money from this.

So, you will watch videos, they will show you ads, they will earn money and you will earn nothing. You won’t be able to complain anywhere, because you didn’t lose anything, except for your time.

The second aspect of the scam is this bizarre investment program, which probably runs as a Ponzi scheme. People deposit money and scammers use these deposits to pay out profits. But because no real profits are generated, only an illegal financial game is played, it is doomed to collapse.

My Bitcoin Tube review conlcusion

myBitcoinTube is an obvious scam, there is no way to earn entire dollars per watch video, let alone hundreds of dollars. And the investment program with 50% returns is a Ponzi scam. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legitimate investing, try a free demo account with a regulated broker to see how it works.

You have to learn trading, build a solid strategy and understand the risks, if you want to invest real money.










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